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Found 79 results

  1. Hi guys, looking for a pair of pleco for the right price. The pleco I am looking for are L002 pleco, Peppermint Catfish, L333 pleco or anything else that doesn't get over 15cm. If anyone has any could you please give me a pm cheers
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a pair of L46's(Zebra Catfish). If anyone has a pair or knows where I could get one, I am open to offers. PM me cheers
  3. hey guys bought them cheap whilst grabbing other stuff cause misses liked them. Can anyone Id them for me at all? Can kinda see demosoni but not sure.. Any opinions appreciated.
  4. After laying a few times in the community tank my leopard snakeskin and turq heckle cross have just moved into their new "lurve cave" complete with bubbles and mood lighting lol cue soft romantic music and seafood dinners ..........
  5. I dont have time to look after my peppermints any more they need a good home They are a true breeding pair they are huge Bought from a breeder for $500 a few years ago when really rare I want $300 for the pair no offers May seem like a lot but the female has over 100 babies at a time and they can be sold for $10 each at around 4 weeks old Pick up from Beenleigh Call 0458943480 No pix sorry cos they hide during the day
  6. Hi all, new to this site. Was referred to by a mate. I'm after a large male green terror and a pair of eb jack Dempsey or a couple of smaller ones to pair off eventually.
  7. .Decided to take a couple of pics of my Desert goby pair, they have bred twice. Ate the eggs the first time, I removed the eggs the second time but lost most of the eggs to fungus (didn't have any anti-fungus meds left and by the time it came in the mail they were infected) and they should be ready to breed again soon so I have another tank already set-up for the eggs and plenty of air and meth blue
  8. .Want to buy any breeding pair of fish not to difficult to bread. Need fry to prove they are a pair
  9. Took the rescued from LFS pair out of the community tank & into there new penthouse lol They laid in the community tank but my plecco ate the eggs. So here is hoping they will produce a couple of young for us
  10. Okay My red terror girl and red devil boy have hooked up, lovey dovey Okay, what kind of babies will they have? Any chance of an interesting hybrid? Couldn't find any real answers on google. Pics would help if you've done it before Any info would help She's flashing, shaking, he's biting wood and they keep rubbing against each other. Omg he is pissed at everyone else... Gotta know if its worth keeping them or feeding them :-)
  11. Hello there These beauties were sold to me for $600 Due to personal reasons we must sell them for $300 Were sold as a 3 year old (a year ago) pair not breed Most beautiful fish I have ever seen but due to personal reasons I do not have the time to breed them Located Toowoomba Qld (1 hr from Brisbane)
  12. These little guys are as common as mud in local waters where the salinity remains constant with temps above 18c with low to weak swell actions, and that doesn’t happen much this side of Moreton bay. In the past say from 15 to 20 years back, the open ocean temps out off here usually bottomed out at 16c at Flinders and flat rock reefs and thermo clines below 80 feet could get as low as 12c and with in shore reefs and estuaries and some times got down to 14c and lower. So back then, near nothing of any quality regarding reef aquarium fish and mobile inverts made it all the way through winter! In SEQ these days constant salinity let alone clear water is not all that common because of rain events, especially the last three warmer parts of each of the last 3 years, excluding this year of course, so far lol. For most inverts to survive, salinity from 1.022 to 1.026 is required all year round to build quite substantial numbers of these to choose yours from, so these days they are only common in some areas! Rain falls greater then 100 mill in a 24 hour time span for any particular area will kill near all marine life. Then onto dirty waters from up north which harms a great deal of life down here that comes from heavy rain from anywhere above us in Q will make contact as it goes out to sea with the east auzy current and arrive here as dirty waters while the phytoplankton works hard to process much of this organic matter, that is dirty water. What the phyto works on also includes many toxins like oil spills,etc, etc and most of earths carbon dioxide. But these little guys don’t do overly well till the waters get further south to cooler temps, then the real work by marine algae/phytoplankton and cyano gets into it and then that water now purified of crap, circulates out from way down south and up it goes, still in the pacific and heats and then back down here again. Some of this mix heads off to Mexico at times, but over all that’s the cycle The sunshine coast dirty water from heavy rain takes some days to a week or so to get here and soup up our waters and massive rains from up Cairns way usually takes from several weeks, “depending on the east auzy currents activities at the time”, up to two months to get here as dirty water but not so dirty the further it comes from, because it gets a little processing done along the way. Each year now for three years, what comes to us as planktonic life, as do near all marine life forms, even marlin and of course all corals, suffered severe losses. Also most blends in with the plankton as a transparent planktonic sized life forms. At some stage of their planktonic life they will have to head down and find a home when they are attaining colours and are at risk of being seen now or sense the sounds of reefs or smell/sense an anemone and then they hit the deck where ever that may be, usually over sand, deep water, cold water or to warm of water or to far up estuaries and they die. A small percentage of these trillions and trillions, “to many to count in any way”, finds a home to grow and show them selves, more so from late Feb into April at the largest amounts, then less then one percent make it to adult hood. But so far no massive rains kill off this year? The rains in recent years have wiped out quite a lot of what lives and breeds close to shore and completely wipes out what starts their lives in the estuaries from 100 mill and up of rain with in a 24 hour time frame, so a sports diver with out much knowledge of pretty much anything oceanic which is fair enough, will see just the usual brackish species and the more hardy chaetodons like Guentheri, flavirostris, vagabundus and some crapy wrasse, etc,etc that can with stand quite a lot of what many others will just croak from and become masses of food for heaps of line fish waiting near the bar/entrance to the open ocean of each estuary or from bays. The estuaries are sometimes completely wiped out to just bare rocks, or left only with the more hardy and brackish species, to nothing at all. So some less knowledgeable marine biologists and some conned new divers and the regular no nothing divers that know everything,lol,will now most likely think, bloody collectors took it all!
  13. For the past month I've thought this dragon was a boy, but after seeing it next to my pearly boy it seems to be acting like a girl recently. Still not sure but it's twitching like mad, cleaning and rubbing its bits on the rocks.. I don't see a tube yet but I think they're too young. The pearly male is doing a little rock cleaning, they stay very close to each other next to the divider. I could have a pair for the first time in 3 years!! Fingers crossed. Middle picture is them being very defensive of my fingers. I adjusted the filter today and the pearly male sunk his teeth into my finger Do you guys think the dragon/zz is being homosexual or is just a young female?
  14. Chasing after a pair of Ocellaris clownfish Cheers, LimpBizkit
  15. Hey guys I havnt bred bettas before but I have been reading through so many old threads on how to do it... Now I really want to try it does anyone sell pairs 1st preference is half moons but will settle for anything easy:) the seller must be able to ship as I live up in mackay Thanks Lachie
  16. Thought I'd share a pic of new festae pair I got their becoming one of my favourites
  17. Hi guys, Just thought I would post this as they are a nice looking pair if Devils and you don't often see proven breeders up for Sale. Proven breeding pair for devils | Fish | Gumtree Australia Ipswich South - Beaudesert | 1028608135 Thanks, Beau.
  18. A pair I got from rod
  19. Hi all , i`m new around here ... an old friend gave me a pair of Betta Macrostoma (from London) /(i am from Romania) here people don`t have this fish , i hope i can get some hints with them ...i read all i could find on the internet
  20. Im 100% sure this RD is female now Just need her to fatten up with some eggs - shes always been thin.... he is such a casanova, so gentle and charasmatic with the ladies
  21. Hey anyone know if it is logistically possible to run two 2ft tanks on the one cannister, ie two intakes two outlets ?
  22. hey guys was interested in some peppermints, marble bn and orange spot pairs but first of all what is the cost of some of these as pairs thanks Anthony
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