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Found 133 results

  1. Hey everyone, just witnessed a bit of commotion between our two pleco's, first time we've had more than one in a tank together. Just wondering everyone's opinion whether fighting, playing or just the big guy telling the little guy he's annoying? Didn't seem too aggresive just a little push and shove. They've both now retreated back to their usual hiding spots but would hate to keep them together if they're not happy. Got plenty of tanks to move the little guy to if needed.https://vimeo.com/116400898
  2. hey guys never owned a pleco, recently moved my tank and gets hit by sunshine now and algae has started to grow. What sort of pleco am i after to control this issue? + its a flowerhorn tank so a larger species would be best
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Just curious to see how much and what you guys feed your common or sailfin plecos? Is a stable diet of algae wafers acceptable?? How much do you feed and how often?? Commercial food experience is preferred! Just looking to order some bulk food and calculate the costs of my fishkeeping (: I know it's unlikely but amount of food in grams would be extra helpful Cheers, Richard
  5. Hey all, managed to borrow a camera to try and get some photos. Obviously had no clue what I was doing, just clicked a few buttons and swirled a few dials to find out what worked the best. The camera is a Pentax ___ with Pentax ___ lenses. I got lucky on a few of the hundred I took, and would like some advice to help improve my luck. I am an absolute novice with cameras. Anyway the photos:
  6. His name is Jerry and I believe he is a common pleco? Please correct me if I am wrong. He hides mostly, but today he made a rare front and center appearance after a water change. I noticed his tail was red at the tip. Is he getting chewed on? Or is he somehow rubbing it against a mostly smooth piece of driftwood? He's easily 7cm bigger than anything else in the tank. Any help is greatly appreciated, Richard.
  7. I recently bought a couple of buckets of New Era discus pellets and Plec pellets. I normally feed New life Spectrum Thera A, Surface feeder, cichlid pellets, and H2O wafers, but as my bucket of wafers was almost empty, I thought I'd try something else. I'd heard a lot of great stuff about New Era, so I jumped right in, buying the buckets :-/ Is it normal for this food to disintegrate and foul the water? It's already a very moist food (the discus pellets are kind of stuck together in a huge clump in the bucket) but the sales pitch was that it is LESS messy than other foods, so ideal for messy eaters like discus. My plecos don't like the plec pellets at all. My shrimp don't mind them :-/ My cichlids are unimpressed and insisted I give them their nls pellets. After large water changes last night I was admiring the crystal clear water in my tanks. (I like the water to still be as clear as glass when looking through the end of the tank as when looking through the front) Then I fed New Era :'( The water is cloudy and there is fine particulate matter on the driftwood. Yuk. Is this normal for this food? Have I got a bad batch? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. HI I Have three Pleco's for sale $50 each if interested. One Albino the other is Goldspot not sure what the other is. That's it take care Bye Bye
  10. Are there any small (less than 15 cm) plecos which are as active as bristlenoses + won't cost an arm and a leg? I like the look of peppermints but apparently they are extremely shy compared to bristlenoses. Anyway, thanks for you time!
  11. I currently have my 3 plecos up for sale, a 33cm Albino Gibb, 32cm Goldspot and 20cm common Sailfin. I've been offered $35 each for them by people and one of my lfs but to me if I sold them for that I'd basically be giving them away. So is this a reasonable offer or would I be getting ripped off? I was looking for 70 each for the big 2 and 50 for the Common. Am I pushing my luck? Let me know please because I need the space. Cheers
  12. Hi guys, Just wondering if it would be a good idea to keep two BN Plecos in the one tank? They are both pretty small (one is 7cm the other is about 3cm) The smaller one can't stay in the other tank anymore he is attacking our HM Betta and giving him pretty badly torn fins, but we are a little hesitant about putting him in the big tank because we are unsure on how they act together.
  13. Gday guys, Im after a royal pleco (L190/L191). Specifically a female to try and pair with my male. Small to medium but may contemplate an adult if its age is known. I have already been around looking and it seems no ones got them at the moment. I know they are hard to find so just looking at the moment and i should be ready to buy in about a month or so, but if one pops up now i will take it. Any help appreciated Thanks Ted.
  14. I've had this guy for a while, just wondering if it has a L# or is just a common plec it's around 12"
  15. I'm looking at dividing a 6 foot tank and using the same water in all sections what ph is suited to each species are they all the same Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  16. Hi people I have a 4ft tank and am looking at wanting to place a pleco in with my african cichlids. The pleco I have fallen in love with since seeing is the sailfin pleco. Is my tank going to be too small for this pleco? If I have too small a tank can someone please recommend some plecos that would be compatible with african cichlids in my size tank? Thank you
  17. Good looking hey. Bit dark sorry
  18. I was in the gcoast and drop in to a petshop and saw this pleco. Seems to be not a regular pleco so i bought it. Price is a bit high as it was labeled as unidentified "l". Bought it as cleaner. Does anybody know what it is? Its about 8-10cm, hairy, stripe pattern.
  19. Has anyone ever had ever had clear looking bubbles on a pleco before? There small and look like pimples. We were given one @ 30cm to try and heal so seeing if anyone has seen that before. cheers
  20. Hey guys I'm a relative beginner with l number plecs, but I am very interested in owning a group in one of my tanks. Only problem is I have basically no clue as to the nature of any of these fish, so I wouldn't have a clue which fish will tolerate which. Has anyone got a suggestion as to which species of pleco I could keep together? As in like 5 different species in a group? Any suggestions are appreciated
  21. hi guys and gals just wondering if anyone has one or more of these awesome plecos, are they available in australia? qld atleast? its so annoying, you see them overseas and that for like 30$ for a juvie. [/img] if you have one, post some pics would love to see. And if you no of any for sale PM me cheers jack Google Image Result for http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v247/fusionbettas/DSC03548.jpg click out this photo ^ and have a look at these little ones.
  22. I've had this pleco hanging around for a while now (came with a tank i bought - was about 4 cm when i go it). It would be about 12cm now. I assumed it was only a common pleco, however a couple of people have questioned this. It's usually quite dark in colour, even nearly back at times. Sorry about the picture quality, but am interested to hear your opinions. ( i still think it is a common). Cheers,
  23. Hi all, what should I get for a 4 ft goldies tank, 2 borneo suckers or 2 L plecos? Need to look nice and working hard to clean the glass Cheers
  24. Gday guys. I have a 17 year old pleco that is starting to look very shabby. It is a common pleco. I was wondering if anyone knows how long plecos live for. I am looking at changing my set up (getting back into festae and salvinis) and only want to keep my gibby and royal pleco in with them. Not that i am going to get rid of my common pleco as it is a little sentimental to me. I know it sounds crude but i have actually been waiting for the old bugger to die for about two years now as i have been told that they only live for 15 years. So the the question is, how long can they live. Any feedback would be very appreciated. Thanks Ted.
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