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Found 130 results

  1. Free or if your generous i won't turn down bristle nose or a big hollow log for my tank or a few bucks im easy . Just pulled them out of my pond want gone asap. Bonsai pots with thick valsineria beds pot not included unless you want to buy it. Tall ones i forgotthe name. 0422 410 978 can mms pics
  2. Hey I just came down Moorak St, Taringa and there was a corner spa on the footpath for council collection. It would make a good pond if anyone is looking for one. I would hurry though. https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Moorak+St,+Taringa+QLD+4068/@-27.4905407,152.9791072,19z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b9150fa0f416fbf:0xd762fed16eab0b51?hl=en
  3. Will be (at some point soon) needing to shift fish and water (about 700 litres I'd like to save) out of a 2 metres pond, remove the pond, place a large tank and new sump in it's place (7x3x2) and then move the water and fish back into the new tank. Going to be a big project and I need something to hold the water and the fish while I do the move. Fish are: 3 large 7-spot archers 3 primitive archers 2 bass 1 large raphael catfish 2 snakehead gudgeons 2 lungfish + 600-700 litres of water (just to illustrate that something shallow like kiddy pools wont work) Only need the large container for one day (hopefully can get it all done in a 1/2 day) but not keen to go buy an IBC for one use. Welcome to any suggestions, happy to pay someone for their time and assistance.
  4. Do you guys think 10mm acrylic is thick enough for 2 x 1 window in a a 1200L Pond?
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this. I am going to set up three of those 240 litres plastic pots I bought at Masters as ponds, I have power heads on them to agitate the water, but I think I may have to set up some sort of filtration system. Anyone got any good Aquaponic or diy canister solutions that I can build ? Thanks, Phil By the way, after having some Moggil creek Crimsons that I caught on Saturday kamikaze on me I decided to cover the whole pond. It was set up with a shade cloth over 50% of the tub in a tent like fashion, but using gutter guard (the cheap bunnings one) and cable ties I have managed to jump/bird proof the whole pond and installed a removable section for maintenance .
  6. Has anyone tried using an ozone generator on their pond before? I have done quite a bit of research but the available info is limited, my 20,000 ltr + pond is still getting a lot of green water even though it is shaded by tarps and has a 36w so I have decide to try adding a corona discharge ozone generator which might also solve the problem of why no plants will grow in the pond. This is the same pond as seen here http://www.qldaf.com/forums/ponds-aquaponics-142/7-3-x-4m-pond-d-104699/ I have no noticeable problems with the fish, even have gouramis breeding and raising fry presently, but every time I add foxtail and elodea they die. I have tried just throwing them in and also tried planting them in pots with ferts, but they keep dieing so I think there may be something from the pool liner which is inhibiting the plant growth, however it has not stopped the green algae growing. Basically I am buying the Ozonator seen here - 1250mg H Industrial Ozone Generator Water Purifier Corona Discharge Cleaner Tank | eBay Then going to add it to the water via a air stone (maximise exposure to water) at the start of a 20m pipe (maximum exposure to water) which will exit through a spray fountain (remove extra ozone before returning to pond with fish). Has anyone done something similar? Any problems anyone can see with this?
  7. Was at the new Masters at Richlands yesterday getting some DIY stuff and noticed these little beauties. 300 litre plastic garden pots reduced from $69 to $30. I got mine for $25 bucks as the rim was scuffed. Just need to plug up the bottom and she is good to go as a breeding pond for natives. 90 cm dia by 64 cm deep. They have plenty of them, just a pity they are closed today if you are chasing one. Great thing is they will hold there shape unlike the 200 litre black Bunnings bins that I currently use.
  8. Guys just curious as to if anyone here uses pond filters as a "canister" filter on there tanks? Is there any reason you shouldn't? Also, Internal powerheads seem to max out at 2000l/hr (the ones I can find anyway). Can you use a marine wavemaker in a freshwater tank if you desire more flow? Any Input/advice appreciated! Cheers
  9. ..We received an offer for some of the Aquael Pond Filters and Pond Systems and we just had to jump on these. Due to the price we got them for, we are taking 30% off and you still get your QLDAF discount off that again! To give you an idea just how good these prices are do a google search on the Aquael Klarjet 15000 and compare the prices. The Klarjet 15000 is designed for ponds up to 15000 liters - it comes with a Aquael PFN 7500 pump (we normally sell this for $219 by itself) and a massive filter box 52x100x75cm with media and also includes a 11 watt UV and comes with a 2 Year Warranty. By the time you take off all the discounts - the QLDAF Member Price ends up a bargain price of $472.50 With a bit of thought you might find these useful with IBC's too. Anyway - here is the link to all the specials so check them out... Aquael Pond Filters
  10. Hi I have a 3 ft tank with a lot of plants and drift wood in it. Seams like I can never keep the ph down. It is constantly around 7.6- 78 and I do understand that it is not that bad but would like to lower it for my apisto. I have almond leaves in the tank as well as using peat moss. I changed the fine gravel to a ph neutral one and also put a layer of shrimp nanno soil in that is set to 6.5-70 ph under the gravel. My question is ... I also have a fair few pond pebbles from bunnings in the tank is it possible that they may be raising the ph? They are black and white as well as a few brown ones. I am totally stuff as to why it stays high. Even before I changed the gravel it would stay around 8. My only other thought is that it may be the pebbles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. .Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on how to keep the algae down in my outdoor pond as at the moment it is covering the bottom and looks like it is strangling the plants. I have pulled a lot of the algae out of the pond that accumulated over the cooler months and also recently used a block that I purchased to control/destroy algae I used the same last year and seemed to help with no loss of fish but this time it has not worked and the stuff is getting worse. I have also had a few of my fish suddenly die over the past week (6 in total) so unsure if this was due to the block I used or something unrelated. Can anyone give me any alternatives to minimising the algae build up in outside ponds. Thanks for your help.
  12. Exactly the awesomeness you think its going to be… Arapaima Pond - Arowana, Peacock Bass, Redtail catfish amazon pond | My tropical pond with the monster fish of the amazon. Arowana, Stingray, Catfish, Arapaima, Peacock bass pond
  13. http://www.naturalbuildingblog.com/sand-bag-fish-pond/ Not a bad effort at all. Why dig, when you can go high.
  14. Hi. I have been using Resun pond pumps for a number of years, first the 5F and more recently the 6F. On the whole I've found them to be quite reliable work horses, though with some peculiarities. Over the life of these pumps they've had at least 1 impeller replacement but all have shown the same oddity. Unlike other impellers i've come across, the magnet at the base of these impellers has a fitted metal jacket. Not a bad idea at first glance, until you take into account metal wear. Compare my original 5F impeller base to a much newer, thought being replaced for unrelated reasons 6F impeller base. Over time the rounded metal jackets sheers through with both models litering the impeller chamber with metal shards. I had hoped the 6F impellers may have resolved the issue as they come with 2 extra thick hard plastic washers however I have still found metal shards. I presume both these washers are suppose to sit under the impeller? I just received a new 6F impeller today where they are both above the impeller so I'd appreciate if anyone can confirm the correct location? As for the metal sheering, am I missing something or is that a design issue? If I where cynical I might be tempted to wonder if it where to encourage periodic replacement... 5F impeller 6F impeller
  15. Need some help! Here's the situation. I can't have a big pond like Robbo's (little does she know of the future MWAHAHA), so I've succumbed to getting something a little smaller... Now I saw this one particular pond on Gumtree a few months back but haven't been able to locate it since. It was a triangular shaped so as to fit into a corner. The external material was painted corrugated iron, with a bit of plexiglass (about 1/3 the length) on the front part of the pond so that you could have a look in. About 1.8m's each side and 40cm's high from what I remember. I have looked everywhere but can't find anything of the sort. If you could please point me in the right direction, I would be much indebted. Thanks
  16. Hi just thought I'd share another video of the koi pond in the hilton village Waikiki. I noticed they have thrown in some Africans which have just about taken over the pond. Also saw a different section with red Devils as well but on my short visit they didn't seem overly happy to be there.
  17. Ok a few weeks ago I went to the Feburary ANGFA meeting and heard a superb presentation by Peter Johnson and Leo O'Reilly about culturing live food. Both talks were great and I learned an enormous amount. Taking nothing away from Pete's excellent talk, it was Leo's talk really caught my imagination, it was on culturing your own brine shrimp as live food. Seeing as you can't buy adults anymore, I thought I would give it a go. I started with a 120 litre black bin from bunnings, to which I filled with water and added 10 kg of pool salt to, some epsom salts, a half a bag of coral rubble and some rooster booster. And left to mature for a month. Now I have been feeding my Salvini fry on BBS all last week and tipping the tailings and unhatched eggs into the tub, which is now aerated with a sponge filter and feeding the shrimp on Spirulina powder and yeast. I have glass covering the tub and all is going well. I cannot get over the growth rate of these guys in just over a week. They reckon it will take three weeks to get some adults. I have tried raising Daphnia in the past and always seem to have issues, they crash in the high temperatures of summer and you have to contend with Mozzie larvae which sends the wife spare and threatening to baygon the tub. I don't have this hassle now with BBS. Give it a go. ps I haven't told about saltwater mosquitos, but I doubt we get them in Forest Lake. Photos to follow this afternoon.
  18. Am on holiday in Hawaii and thought I'd share some footage of their koi pond.
  19. Has anyone tried to pond breed corys and do you think they would breed over spring summer everyone says a drop in temp will set them off but have been unable to get a spawn in tanks so considering putting some into a natural pond as experiment love your thoughts guys kevin 0409995612
  20. My outdoor fish tank pond. This fish tank was under a patio cover until about 2 and a half months ago. The patio cover was taken off to replace the old leaky gutters. The fish tank was the only item that i didnt remove and the old patio cover is also getting replaced hence why it wasnt put back up. The fish tank (5x2x2) has been an outside tank for probably 4-5 years now maybe a little longer and is stocked with about 6-7 adult peppermints, 14 clown plecos and about 40 swordyz. Anyways this tank has always been a little abused. No regular water changes, the fish didnt get daily feedings, just generally not really looked after well, but still the fish have been generally healthy. No diseases ever and only one peppermint death in the whole time its been running. Now since the tank has been getting direct sunlight for about 5-6 hours a day the tank has been completely transformed. There is a thick green algae growing on and covering everything in the tank including the glass. I completely stopped feeding all the fish about a month ago and my last water change was about 2 months ago and my last filter clean was about a month ago and i cant beleive it.................The tank is absolutely THRIVING. The fish are the healthiest they have ever been and the water is clear as. I have only given the tank water top ups and what ever rain it could catch. Just thought i would share this as the tank is about to be pulled apart and moved and transformed into a cold water native tank. My outdoor fish tank pond LOL.
  21. Ok so we are trying to decide wether it would be best to have a concrete pond (we have the pipes all we need is to lay it down and put bottom in it and seal it) or are we better off having a ICB with top cut out. So what are we trying to do?? we want to have Mollies, Guppies, etc in there and be able to stock with ample fish and moss etc and leave them and only do a clean out every year or six months. The 2 options are: 1. Concrete pond with concrete base and sealed with proper pond paint in the back yard. 2. ICB under the house Any decent opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Karen & Mick
  22. Think you could do an amazing effort on a Nano Tank. Here is a chance to get a Aquael Shrimp Set 30 (we sell them for $149) just for entering and showing your talents. Only open to 30 entrants so be quick and make it awesome - and that is not the only prize going. Would love to see some QLDAF members have a go and if you do pop a pic back here would be great, I know we have some top scapers here - would like to see what you can do with one. This is what you will be working with - and taking home with you - Nice!! Aquael Shrimp Set 30 is a neat Nano tank designed for Shrimp or Planted and comes ready to go.
  23. So I'm looking at putting my peps outside over summer. The water temp is around 22C. I have heard they will take lower temps. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  24. Giving the pond a bit of a feed up today, they are all looking super healthy and there are even fry (unknown species). [MENTION=2649]goldenswimmers[/MENTION] these are your Goldies!
  25. Hi, found this and want to build the pond to put 3 6x2x2 upside down, how do you think? Just wonder what the roof for? Protecting from bird poo or sun UV?
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