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Found 130 results

  1. After a year or so of neglect, it is time to start cleaning up the yard. Today, my eyes turned to the old set of triple laundry tubs in the front yard that I have been using as a planter. I think they would make a ripper pond/growout for when I start breeding natives (blue eyes and 'bows) it gets 4 hours of full morning sun, then shade for the rest of the day. What do you think? Will I need filtration? Sealing? I plan to add some kind of aquatic plant to each section. Anything I need to be wary of?
  2. Hi all I currently work within the Pond Industry and thought you all might be interested in the laws relating to fencing of Pools and or Ponds Below is an extract from the Queensland Building Act 1975 that is still current today Q. What is the definition of a swimming pool? A. Schedule 2 of the Building Act 1975 defines a swimming pool as an excavation or structure that is: • capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more; • capable of being used for swimming, bathing, wading, paddling or other human aquatic activities; • used, designed, manufactured or adapted for the purposes mentioned above, despite its current use. Swimming pools include spa pools, spa tubs or similar (whether portable or fixed) and wading pools (other than a portable wading pool). It does not include: • a fish pond or pool (used, designed, manufactured or adapted for this purpose); • a dam or tank (used, designed, manufactured or adapted for aquaculture, marine research or water storage); • a watercourse; • a portable wading pool I should also add that at the end of it all Common Sense Prevails so if you do have little ones fence it to be safe.
  3. anyone on here have experience or knowledge of using "POND PRIME" in fishtanks ?? to my knowledge its the same stuff just a higher concentrate meaning use less of the product. grabbed myself 1L of the pond prime today, just looking for any personal experience before i kick it into motion
  4. Hey guys, Been asked by my aunty to help with her aquaponics system setup consisting of 4 IBC. Now I'm looking for a pond pump that can run 24/7, run externally and be rated at + 5000l/hr If anyone can recommend me a pump and where to source? I have no idea about this sort of stuff and have only been asked today and being pushed to buy it tomorrow. I was looking at the laguna max flo but fortunately they don't run externally :konk: Thanks.
  5. Sorry...wrong section...
  6. thought i'd put up my pond. this is the second go at it, original one had was full of goldfish, rainbows and livebearers i got from my next door neighbour. they all died when a near by plant flowered and the flowers dropped into the pond and poisoned them all. took me more than a year to redo and expand the original pond and am happy with it. pond is approximately 2000 L with ALOT of rainbows and gudgeons and a few bn's (only seen 1 at any 1 time). plants: water poppy, a lilly and the base is covered in val, watersprite, lucky bamboo. substrate: river washed sand few progress shots: feb 05 2012 feb 13 2012 sept 30 2013 Current july 2013: also got a 3ft tank outside with 9 white clouds 4 rainbow crimson spots 1 bn and 1 paradise. outside shot:
  7. Always wanted to try a Frontosa pond and have seen a bunch of guys on American and European Forums give it a go. Just wondering whether anyone on here has ever given it a go or put some thought into it. here's a couple links of guys who have tried it. My Frontosa Pond pond like this in your backyard with fronnies instead would be awesome Frontosa.com • View topic - Frontosa in pond
  8. Just found this Video of a big pond somewhere in Australia, anyone know who's it is?
  9. Hi. First post here I am going to attempt my first DIY background in the next few months. I have been reading lots on the subject. I am going to use styrofoam coated with concrete then sealed with (most likely) a pond sealer to avoid the pH spikes. The only problem I have encountered is the lack on info on the subject. Most DIY's just state to coat with a pond sealer but do not mention a brand. What brand of pond sealer is best? I have read some can turn white over time. Anyone experienced this? Any brands worse than others? If not pond sealer, what epoxy can you recommended? Would prefer stuff I can just pick up at bunnings or masters. I have seen mention of crommelin and pondtite. Anyone used these? This is all going in a frontosa tank so I don't want to take any chances. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys so I've got a big area in the backyard that is going to be bare soon and was thinking of doing a pond, only problem is I'm absolutely clueless about almost everything. I thought I'd post on here to get some ideas about materials and costs etc i want a fairly decent size maybe 10x5x2 feet but as I said I wouldn't even know where to start. Sorry I'm being very general but any info is appreciated thanks. I'd probably stock some natives in there but any suggestions about different stock would be nice too, just not goldfish lol thanks
  11. We are doing a pond in the yard and I want to eventually breed goldfish, most likely oranda. Is there a certain depth or size we should make the pond? I want to make sure we don't do it too deep or shallow. Any other good tips for a nice pond where they are also breeding? Don't know much about breeding goldfish but I love the look of them and my hubby has always wanted an outdoor pond!
  12. Just throwing this out there in case any of you have used a specific way/adhesive/patch that worked for you. I've gone round in circles trying to decide which way to go, so mucghh so that the missus says that I am disappearing up my own @rsehole! It's a butyl rubber liner with a 10cm leak of a clean rip (falling palm leaf must have punctured it). I found the leak by following the water level once the level stopped dropping. I've looked at pool liner splicing (joining) tape...........double sided seems easiest to acquire but I would have to stick a patch on the outer side of the tape. Looked at waterproof glues, most of which don't work on rubber and repair kits that mostly only work on PVC. Everything was so much simpler way back, when there was only pvc liners. have finally come up with this: Selleys Ultra Repair GlueSelleys Australia which I will use to stick a patch over it. The patch will consist of a piece from a bicycle inner tube. Do you know of another waterproof adhesive that will work with rubber or have you had similar problem and solved it another way? cheers
  13. Hi all. It was suggested that having a separate section for ponds would be a good idea and Webby suggested a poll so here it is (I hope, if I get the creation of it right). Do you want a pond section or not?
  14. HI Guys I have used regular canister filters for years and am wondering is there any real difference between regular canister filters and pond filters like the following one, other than not having a set of hoses and spray bars etc http://aquaholicsonline.com.au/?products=aquaone-claritec-pond-filter-10000 From what i can see they do the same job, have a larger capacity and higher flow rates and are a lot cheaper than a large canister filter made for aquariums. So does anybody use these as aquarium filters? Does anybody use these on there ponds and if so what is there quality like?? Thinking of getting one of the filters in the above link to use on my 6ft tank
  15. im looking into setting up a 2000 litre pond curiouse to see if any one has ideas for heating i know a large body of water holds heat pretty well and will be closed off in the night to keep inthe heat just wanting ideas cheers blade.
  16. any one ever had africans in an out door pond un heated?
  17. Hi all after some suggestions to stock the new pond it should hold 20 degree minimum all year round . Cheers Mick holds about 10 000 litres
  18. Hi, We have some pond lights we are clearing. they were reduced from 79 to $35. we are now clearing these for $24.00 Hurry these will not last. LED Pond Lights Submersible 2Pc Red/Yellow
  19. Picked up some kids plastic clam shells today for $12 each with the idea to maybe use them as a pond. They are about 900mm dia and I can get about 150mm of water in there leaving about 50mm to the top. So the volume is approx 130L. Its on the western side of the house under a covered area, so will only get the very late afternoon sun. It looks crap, not as big as Id like and not sure how the plastic will fair. So im left wondering a few things... Are my goldies better off in the slightly bigger volume tank in the garage with artificial light where they are now? I often struggle in summer keeping my tanks under 28/30 deg in the garage. This is pretty hot for goldies, would this outdoor pond maintain a lower temp maybe because of the greater surface area and get a chance to cool overnight? any other concerns or comments are surley welcome....
  20. Looking for plants that emerge from the water and plants that require wet feet where the pot sits in about 5cm of water. Any ideas on what is available locally? cheap or free cuttings etc? I have water lillies and rush plants that seem to do quite well.
  21. Hi, I've been looking at these on Ebay but I don't know if they are any good. Does anyone have an experience with these? solar powered air pump | eBay The pond is just one of those big cement pots. I think it holds 150-200 litres. It has 3 goldfish around 12 - 15cm and a heap of guppies. I've been running it all year as is, no filter or anything. Never had any deaths, and clean it out every few weeks. But thinking one of these pumps might keep it a little cleaner. It goes green very fast. Any ideas or experience?
  22. Hello, I have a problem with whitespot in my goldfish grow-out pond, the pond (above ground swimming pool - 4,000L-5,000L) has been set up for about 2 1/2 months running with 15 goldfish and some big clumps of pond plants. After checking the goldfish yesterday I noticed a single oranda with with white spot. Upon closer inspection today i found MINOR infections on 1 or 2 others. Catching the fish without stressing them out isn't really an option since the pond is SO big. What do you recommend i treat them with. I looked at treating with Potasium Permangenate or Malachite green but the huge size is pretty inhibitive. I read on google that salt treatment works well so i was thinking of going along this path but was wondering what you thought? Problem:- White spot Ph:- (Will Try and Test Water Parameters Soon) Ammonia:- Nitrate:- Nitrite:- Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:- 4,000-5,000 Litres (Old Above Ground Pool) Temperature °C:- Below 15 Been running for:- 2 Months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Fish in tank:- 15 Goldfish at 5cm Plants in Tank:- 3 Big Clumps of Reeds (Brought from Bunnings), Mini Waterlilly and Vallisneria Feeding:- Tetra Goldfish Flake Once a Day Recent Medication Treatments:- Last water change:- Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly
  23. HI ALL. On my day off this week I got bored so I started my first pond. I got started and didn't stop. It's 2 meters x 700 x 500 deep. So I'm wondering wat people would stock with, (fish n plants). Thanx in advance, and here's a pic for your time. Cheers jas.
  24. Hi all Can anyone recommend me some good plants for some unfiltered goldfish ponds. im going to have duckweed and frog bit any stem plants or ferns? could i possibly grow mosses in there on a raised platform or something? like fissidens? cheers:)
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