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Found 130 results

  1. Ken doesn't get out too much due to illness but he loves his garden and really loves his pond. A big thanks to Brent for making his day All the ranchu Gold fish came from Goldenswimmers stock They are great fish and he did me a great deal $$$ My pay it forward to him is that hes picking up fish from me and i hope he feels hes getting a good deal in return you all know im not the best at photo's Fish Junkie
  2. I noticed these the other day and was just wondering, can these be used on a fish tank?
  3. hi i live on the northside of brisbane and woke up this morning to find one of my yellows dead in my pond. i fear more will die due to the water temp. i'm asking for your help/knowledge about heating my outdoor pond. is it even possible? or am i going to have to relocate them to a tank inside. cheers for your help guys
  4. Hi all, Here are some photos of my front yard pond that has been running for 1 year and 3 months. Initial photos POND TODAY Water fall feature
  5. I would be keen to see pictures of peoples pond/tub setups if anyone is keen to share. In particular the filters. I have an idea for a plastic box with a few layers of different media, top fed by a pump/powerhead, which trickles down and drops back into the pond from a height. But im keen to see what people have been doing!
  6. Ok so a mate wants to chuck some fish in his outdoor kinda like a pond, its a posh house and its like got steps floating in water kinda look, have no idea how many litres but would be 10-12 m long 3m wide and 1m deep. It is part shaded and part in the sun. Advice on what kind of fish could be good in there and how much maintenance would need to be done and filtering ? etc cheers EDIT: he is not fussed on the fish just something cool
  7. I'm looking for some male and female molies of varing colours for an outside pond - i'm on the north side of brisbane. I had some until a diaster occurred - also as a side question - can anyone explain why they all seem to turn black - i had no black parents - silvers and orange but ended up with black young? Thanks
  8. Looks like my 315litre upright freezer looks like its no longer freezing anything, running still but no coldness, anyway If it turns out to be dead, i was wondering if it would be possible to turn it into an outdoor pond. I'd pull all the guts out of the inside and seal up and holes, take off the door. Would work? Any possible problems you could forsee?
  9. WHats it involve, Water changes? Removal of plant overgrowth? Anything else? Cheers Henzo
  10. Anyone heard of this guy? If not he's a Arowana trader that has a wide range at super low prices. His claim - 'We can ship Arowana fish to any part of Australia without any problems being encountered because all our fishes have all Documents and CITES so can be transported to any part of the Australia without any problems.' I got a price list emailed to me today. The prices are ridiculously low so forgive me if I'm a bit sus :confused: I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has dealt with Jimmy.
  11. Has anyone seen or used one before? Wanting to heat a 500l pond through winter as a growout tank. And don't want to give any more money to electrical companies. Cheers Shane PS. Have googled without much luck.
  12. Anyone had any experience with Hailea Pond Pumps? If so was it good or bad and what sort of warranty do they carry???
  13. I got a circulat bath tub from the kerb side collection that I am turning into a pond but my parents wont let me use electricity to filter it. My idea is to grow my plants in inert material to provide places for backteria to grow and so the plants have to use that for nutrients. I plan on having iris, cannas and other flowering marjinals and a water lilly and hornwort. Is my idea feesable and how heavily could I stock.
  14. dose anyone know a forum or web sight for pond fish/gold fish
  15. Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a limit of how many fish I'm allowed to keep in an outdoor pond? I found a link showing the allowance of goldfish/koi/and turtles, but don't know if I must go by that http://www.pondsupplies.com.au/pond-adv ... owance.php Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  16. I am soon going to be setting up a pond and I want to have some goldfish in it. I don't know how big it will be or what filter I will have if I have one but I want to know how to stock it like a rule or something. I have trid to research this and have found stuff from 1 square foot per goldfish to 180 gallons per gold fish. I will be getting sarasa comets becuse they look the most like koi. It will have loads of plants and a val bed. I know there is not set rule for stocking but some advice on surface area and depth would be good. I only have a limited space and I want at least 2 goldfish. Thanks matt
  17. does anyone know how to get rid of ticks they are everywhere all over the lillies and duckweed hundreds of baby ones
  18. Finally have finished aquascaping out the front for now....if you look carefully you'll see the black (next to path) portion which is the cement and waterproofing coat I recently did. Just need to wait for fernery to grow more to cover the sump What you can't see without zoom (stupid phone cam)....is the hairgrass, moss and lots of variety of plants/caves/timber in the pond. front_pond.jpg[/attachment:3bl6jdwi] front_left.jpg[/attachment:3bl6jdwi] front_right.jpg[/attachment:3bl6jdwi] pond_sump.jpg[/attachment:3bl6jdwi]
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. heres a few pics of the pond if anyone has pics of these post it
  21. My dad has a pond with these oxygenating plants. Just wondering if i can put them into my tropical tank? He says they grow like crazy. Im not sure of the exact type, but apparently there's only a coulpe of types? It would be going into a tank full of gourami...
  22. Hi Everyone, I was looking for some advice for building a pond. Can anyone tell me what I should look at getting for it and what i should stick clear of. The pond's probably going to need to be fairly robust as my male Dovii will be calling it home when its complete. Thanks for your help Chris C
  23. If anyone has nothing to do this weekend, ideally Saturday, I've assigned myself a project of doing a major clean of a large pond. Just moved into rental and have a green water, decaying plants, but tonnes of fish, 4m x 3m pond to re-setup. On advise, told best thing is to treat as tank relocation - drain, catch fish, clean, refill, add critters back. I'm happy to organise a BBQ and provide a slab of beer or some cash ($40) to anyone who can help me with this large task :cheers: Please just PM me if you are interested. PS. Why there you can check out my marine tank and maybe take some corals home I no longer need
  24. found a new swimming pool liner today in my erea on the road side kurb clean out goint to have 2 barras and to mangrove jacks and a couple of plecos to keep it clean oh and heap of musselspond 002.JPG[/attachment:3o9xn574]pond 001.JPG[/attachment:3o9xn574]also got 4 blue pond lights to go in it
  25. Ok the person who was going to make my monster display tank will not answer my phone calls so i am allocating my finances to a different project :hothead: The plan is to construct an above ground pond of the larger scale of things . Plans are 6-7m x 2-3m x 1m deep. The main questions i have are in regards to sealing and installation of see through front panels. Due to the sheer size i was thinking basic construction out of double besser block, core filled, on top of 200mm slab, reinforced with footings etc. What could i use to seal this basic "frame" to make it waterproof? The next question is in regards to the viewing panels, im thinking 3 of, with a gal steel frame to support and divide the panels, sealed on the water side of course to prevent leaching of chemicals, rust etc. What would be suitable, as it will be in the sun, perspex or glass. i have had no experience in perspex. This pond will have basic plants and be home to goldfish and livebearers Any advice would be great.
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