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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys, Just after some advice...again. I have a couple of things going on. Water parameters PH- 6.8 (ish) Temp 26 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrate about 10- 20 ppm (i know that's a bit high, water changes last night and tonight again if needed) 4ft 200ltr tank (25% water change weekly) Stock, 3 x BN, 10 Neons, 8 Danios, 1 guppy, 3 Mollies, 1 x Sailfin Pleco, 1 Angelfish Firstly i have lost 3 angel fish in the last week, a few weeks ago i had Angelfish eggs, then about a week after the female i found dead, i thought the male may have beaten it up, last Sunday the second Angelfish dead (that's the two females gone), and this morning a third swimming very slowly on its side and then would just fall to the bottom of the tank( i am sure it will be dead by the time i get home) , all were somewhat smaller than the dominant male that is left, although all started out the same size when i got them, i had put this down to bullying but i am not sure. During the same period (over a couple of weeks) i had three mollies die, might sound strange but i had 3 black and three white, only the black mollies have died. I make the point that there were no signs of disease on any of the fish, but the angel fish did have their fins quite chewed up bu the looks of things except for the one i found this morning. And last night i had my male BN who also has breed in the last couple of weeks (although it seems the babies all bare one have been eaten , or something) and once again i had put it down to the male angelfish probably having snacks when the babies came out of the BN cave, anyway the male BN has this strange excretion from it that doesn't look right. So now i am thinking that i may have a bigger problem, i have only been back in the hobby for a few months now and just cant seem to take a trick. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi all, Can anyone help me with this problem? I just bought a female FH from a LFS. I have noticed that she is not eating and discharged whitish poo, she seems fine swimming around and digging up gravel, her clour also hasn't faded at all, if anything she has gotten more red and brightened up. Is she just getting use to the new tank or is she sick? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a tank of Africans and a tank of Americans, The Africans I have been feeding NLS and the Americans I have been feeding Hikari. The Africans poop all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME... I no sooner do a gravel vacuum and there's crap everywhere. Anyway I ran out of NLS and fed them Hikari.... well I couldn't believe the difference, it's like they had a butt plug inserted and no longer need to poop.... so much cleaner!! So my question is, has anybody else experienced this? and is it ok for the fish? cheer Gary
  4. Bacteria From Human Feces is Behind Deadly Disease in Coral : 80beats
  5. hi guys just noticed that one of my brisilnoses has about a 20cm long poop hang'n of it. hes still eating and looks fine, whats go'n on. thanks tony
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