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Found 90 results

  1. Wow its been awhile since Ive posted on here and of course I return with a drama for all you problem solvers:frusty: So recently and fairly unexpectedly my lovely planted tank got turned into a turtle tank Anyway that's where the problems started, the fish and him actually get along really well, they don't even pay attention to each other to be honest which is good. Its my wonderful canister filter that is making be nearly postal! It just wont pump water! I mean its dropped from 1800lph to like 100lph.... Me thinks it has something to do with the fact the tank is now only 2 thirds full of water but Im just really not sure. The canister filter is a otto PF300g and it has always been good till now. Ive pressed the air release valve and after a couple presses no water comes out. Ive taken it apart and put it back together, reprimed it etc. Worked good for afew days then bleh, back to 100lph....I have no idea whats going on:frusty: For the love of christ help! Before the fish, the turtle and the tank find them self hitchhiking to a new home:smash:
  2. I decided to upsize my 2ft to a 3ft & bought one secondhand from a QLDAF member & was told it was 3ft. The cabinet I have to use is exactly 90cm long. Well it turns out the tank is 100cm long. My question is will the tank crack if it has an over hang of 5cms at each end? If so does anyone have a decent looking 90cm tank they would like to swap for a 100cm one??? Cheers Lisa
  3. Hey guys ... don't use the stuff myself but am in a discussion with a guy who has accidentally overdosed his tank with his API brand PH up chemical. I suspect this product uses Sodium Carbonate which I know has minimal toxicity to humans but how does it affect our little fishy friends? Given this may be a pretty large overdose ... what corrective action is needed? I'm thinking a decent sized water change (50%) but thought someone out there might have a more educated response than my "I guess that might work" answer
  4. Hi guys, I have an issue that I have tried fixing on good advice but it has come back - it's a long story so thanks for reading until the end. I have a 600L bay full of tetra, angelfish, catfish and gourami that is giving me strife. In the past two weeks there have been at least 20 neon deaths, roughly the same in baby bristlenose and I've lost about four angelfish and three larger bristlenose. The test results from today are below: pH - 7.7 kH - 1-2° gH - 13° Ammonia - 0.0 Nitrite - 0.0 Nitrate - 0.0 Normally the pH would be between 6.5 - 7 and the gH sitting no higher than 7° I was told that the initial problem causing my deaths was from a pH crash because the kH value was so low and the pH did drop down to 4.3 for a couple of hours. I dosed the tank slowly with Seachem's Alkaline buffer and it took my kH to 6-7° and the pH stayed around 7.6-7.8, then I tried to bring it down a bit using the same brand's Acid Buffer (very slowly) and I had the pH sitting at 6.5 again and I was happy. I came in today after my weekend to find at least another 5 deaths of both neons and baby bristlenose, two angelfish and a couple of other tetra. I tested the water straight away and the results are those listed above. I'm not sure what other steps to take, my kH keeps going down and the only thing I can attribute the deaths to would be pH fluctuations or the fact that the gH is now a little high... but for that many deaths it just makes me feel I might not be doing enough, I should be doing more - I hate it when fish die :-( Can anybody give me any advice? If you need any more info I'll gladly try to provide it. Thank-you EDIT: sorry, here is the rest of the template filled out Temperature is 27°C Been running for about 3 years. Filtration is through a sump with bio-noods, coarse & fine foam, pillow softeners & carbon. Fish in tank are mentioned above. Plants in tank are a couple of small anubias on driftwood. Feeding - a variety of foods, once every two days (frozen bloodworm, granules, micro pellets, cucumber..) Recent medication/treatments - no medications or treatments, only stressguard & stability added. Last water change & gravel vacc was on Monday (due again tomorrow)
  5. About 1 in 3 batches I do ends up with cloudy water and no eggs hatching. 500ml dechlored water 2 tea spoons salt 1/4 teaspoon of eggs 24-28 temp doesnt seem to matter. heaps of air, 24/36hrs later some batches will end up like this? whats the go? Iv read if you try and hatch too many eggs in a small volume of water this can happen, but 1/4 teaspoon is under the amount the manufacturer recomends. Can anyone help?
  6. Ok I've got a problem I've got a 4ft quad t5 light but I'm setting up a 2ft tank...what do I do ??? Sell it ? Use it ?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. This concerns the peacock I asked for ID on earlier. I had 5 peacocks in my tank as well as one Pseudotropheus socolofi (pindani). The problem arose a couple of days ago when I noticed the peacock mentioned earlier had a damaged pectoral fin and a few busted up scales. I noticed the pindani was giving him a hard time so yesterday donated the pindani to fellow member 028NVD to solve the issue but have now created an even bigger one. Amongst the peacocks is a female and yep you guessed it the more mature male mentioned earlier has taken a liking to her now the pindani is no longer inhabiting the large piece of driftwood and they've decided to make this their home. That in itself is not a big drama but the male is now chasing everything else all over the tank, the others are hiding anywhere they can to stay out of his way. So do I remove the other peacocks or just remove the female?
  9. Hello! I have had a marine tank set up with LR/Coral and reefsafe fish for several weeks now, All was bliss till i heard the telltale signs of having either a Pistol or Mantis shrimp. (Quite possibly both) Clicking noises in the dead of night quite periodic. And Clicking noises during the day/with the lights on in rapid succession. I have physically seen a pistol shrimp carapace floating in the tank. My problem is as follows: I have 60KG+ of LR and coral already cycled. I have misc Inverts such as Ghost and carrier crabs, Seastars/Starfish, urchins, sea cucumbers etc etc etc. I have heard people are able to cohabitate mantis and pistols in a community tank but also know first hand the destruction they can cause. Should I try to spot feed them, Remove them? If so how would i go about doing it. I have tried trapping them with the bottletrap trick however it seems like there is far too much food in the tank for these little buggers to warrant the trip inside the trap. I have also heard a freshwater bath will do the trick, However the amount of LR i have (with some sensitive soft corals and baby anemone throughout the tank) i dont see this as a plausible way to remove them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hey guys, Is anyone else having trouble with the forum loading properlly? I attached a picture below. I've been having the problem for like the last 2 hours where the page just doesnt load properly http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u440/CrayonBox2/problem.png
  11. Hi all i have got some CRSs and planning to house them in my 3 foot tank, but just checked the water parameter with API test kit today, seems its not suitable for them yet, the reading is PH:7.6 AMMONIA: 0-0.25 NITRITE: 0.25-0.5 NITRATE: 10 GH: 4 kh:3 the tank is been cycled for 2 weeks now, and there are 40 cherries in it, all eating well, filter is Eden 511, 50% old media, 50% new media Substrate is red sand from fishchick... What can i do to drop the PH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate?? Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us thanks Manho
  12. Problem:- Ammonia keeps spiking above 4ppm Ph:-8.2 Ammonia:-currently 4ppm, changed water 2 hrs ago...was 8 ppm, but on wednesday before water change it was 0ppm.am currently using "Super-chlor Ammonia remover" instead of Prime. Nitrate:-5 ppm Nitrite:-0 ppm Gh:-50-100 ppm Kh:-0-50ppm Size of tank:-8x2x2 800L Temperature °C:-27 to 28 Been running for:- 3 months Filtration:- sump ( 36w UV filter, filter wool, pre filter noodles, 2 ltrs of matrix, 150 bioballs, pumps aprox 5000L an hour, plus aqua 2200 internal. Fish in tank:- 2 x 30cm devils, 2 x 15cm oscars, 2 x 15cm jags (with eggs), 2 x 10cm brazilies, 2 x 10cm GT, 2 x 8cm JD's, 1 10cm SGT, 2 8cm featherfin catys and 1 20cm feather fin. 1 common plec, 3 x crays Plants in Tank:- none atm, they keep getting detroyed Feeding:- ciclid gold floating, twice a day. Recent Medication Treatments:-none Last water change:-2 hrs ago Water change every 3 to 4 days, 200 ltrs at a time, gravel syphoned once a week. all my other tanks run the same sort of set up, with external filters or internal bio filters, all there readings stay in range. my 8ft is either over stocked, or insuff filtration. any thoughts before i go spend money on a larger sump pump or anything like that. cheers Geoff
  13. hey guys so lets just say i know someone who found a turtle on grass after todays flash flooding, and now has said 15cm turtle in a 30cm tank with plants because "its fine for it, its what it had in the wild" now im not sure wether or not to report this to the DPI, as the person has no RRL and collected this turtle without permit. But also dont want to seem like that guy that tells the DPI... quick photo of the turtle
  14. Hi guys. Hoping for some help. I have a 7" roughly 5 year old spiny eel that has all of a sudden not able to move his body past his 'neck'. He can bend his head all the way around to touch his body, but the rest of the body is not working. He is also having issues staying right way up too. He was eating, but not now. (Was always hand fed). Do you think maybe he has had a fright, ran into something, and broke his neck? Or is there some other issue? He is in a 5ft tank all to himself apart from a couple of Cuckoo's.
  15. This morning I noticed that the majority of the tanks on my rack, which are run seperately, have amonia. I did a water change on every tank and came back this evening and saw heaps of amonia bubbles. My set-up is in the garage and is quite warm and today was on the hot side so is amonia related to high temperature? or is it something else? it hasnt happened before... cheers, nick
  16. THANKS TO TECH-DEN Got a Fish/Tank Problem (Template) A lot of times people have issues whether it is fish or tank related. It is a bit hard helping people when you have limited information, thought it might help if there is a template so that all the info is provided and they get the best help. If you do not know then just put Don't Know but with the information below should make it easier for people to get help and get given help without any silly comments. Problem:- Ph:- Ammonia:- Nitrate:- Nitrite:- Gh:- Kh:- Size of tank:- Temperature °C:- Been running for:- Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Fish in tank:- Plants in Tank:- Feeding:- What food and How often Recent Medication Treatments:- Last water change:- Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly
  17. I have a snook that swims like a Humphead ie it swims then rests On the bottom ??? Any ideas pls FJ
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Had it about 6 months so gave it a full clean today, my problem is it's pulsating rather then pushing water round the hole unit is moving a little when it's doing it thing, what have I done wrong. It did it's 2mins gurgling thing, then off for 2min but now as above.. Any help would be great.. Cheers Steven
  20. hey guys i got 2 silver arowanas in a 8x2x3 and i needed some holes drilled in the glass so i drained the tank so there was enough for them to swim and drilled the holes some of the milky water went in the tank so i sucked all i could out of it and filled it back up the temp is a bit low but there swiming around still at the top but there breathing heavey with there mouth open so i was just wondering do you reckon its from the temp drop or the crap that went in the water , thanks guyz Matt
  21. i have had a male and a female GT for about a week now and after the guy at the lfs telling me they wouldnt mate with 4 convicts in the tank i have just found a shit load of eggs on the back of a bit of driftwood, which explains why they have been so aggresive today. my question is how can i stop them mating again without getting rid of one
  22. :(Need Help with Cloudy Water Problem Hi, Can anyone help me... The water in my 2ft fish tank has gone rather cloudy. I have tested the ph and seems fine - each day, I have changed 1/3 water, cleaned out the filter - Fluval104 - weekly, but can not get rid of the cloudiness. I have 5 large gold fish in there and have for sometime, the Bristle Nose have been in there for sometime as well - approx 30 @ 18mths(selling cheap if anyone wants some). I need help as my goldfish are not looking too happy, top fins are down with red going thru their tails. I know they are only Goldfish but they are my goldfish and have had them for sometime. PLEASE HELP OR GIVE SOME ADVICE. (i'm new to this forum so not too sure how to reply - what is trackback?) Thanks Bristle Nose Babe
  23. Hi Guys Over the past week my fluval fx5 has been making alot of "cavitation" noises. Ive pulled it apart twice inspecting for pinched seals or a hole in hoses but cant seem to find any. I have primed the canister excactly as they do it on the youtube video for the fx5, but still no go. It pumps crap loads of water still. Although it is slightly down on pressure and makes a cavitation noise every minute or two. Im pretty cluey when it comes to this sort of technical stuff but this thing has me stumped. So really im just wondering if anyone else has had this problem at all, and what they did to fix it? p.s. Intake is no-where near the surface or air bubbles. Cheers Luke
  24. Hi I can't believe the amounts of problems we are having with out tanks/filters etc at the moment, it's driving me insane!!! Anyway, we have a spare Aqua one 1250 which has been sitting for about 4 months not being used. We are changing our 6 ft over from canister to sump this week and when we moved the canister that is currently on the tank, it is not clearing the tank well, so we want to add this other one till Tues when the sump arrives. The problem is, it is pouring out water from where the lid joins the base. The seal all looks fine, is sitting in it's little ridge fine and there seems to be no obvious problem. We can't get enough suction to get the thing running at all cause of this problem. It worked really well with no problems at all when we used it before, we gave it a good clean of course when we stopped using it 4 months ago and it has been stored well, so just can't seem to work out what's going on. Has anybody got any ideas as to what it could be? Has anybody had the Aqua One 1250 do this to them before? Is it possible the seal has shat itself in the 4 months it's been sitting dry but still in good nick? Maybe I should check to see if I can buy a new seal??? Any idea would be appreciated:) thanks.
  25. hi there i have a 6foot discus tank and i have snail that i can not get red of what is the best it to use for to them out with on harm to my discus as they are eating all mt beautiful plants
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