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Found 65 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. My girlfriend's parents are wanting to set up an aquaponics project and asked me where they can get freshwater fish like Koi and Carp from. I have no idea so I've turned the encyclopedia of fish. Who in the brisbane area sells these fish? Thanks guys.
  3. Well I thought I would get this started to get a few people interested. I have just picked up an all in one tank which is bout 40L. The light inside the hood had a short in the transformer so I thought it best to replace that. I am looking at using the 3x3w 12v cree downlights. I am trying to win a 6pk on ebay from a local seller and will be looking at mounting these in myself. The tank also will have a dark substrate and I will more than likely a soil under that. I will also be putting some drift wood and plants in there as well. Hopefully I can get some L's as well so the lucky winner will get an all in one with everything incl fish!!!! Planting in the tank will consist of an amazon sword, anubias, java fern, java moss. whats do you guys think of this.?
  4. A few of months ago I purchased my first Apistogramma's; a pair of A. gephyra (there were two distinct pairs in the tank). Now, I'm not new to keeping and breeding cichlids by any means (having kept and bred numerous African species now and in the past, and some New World as well), but I am new to the Apisto's. They are in a 2ftx1ftx18", aqua-scaped with river-rocks, an up-turned pot, driftwood, and various Echinodorus sp. pH is 6.0, hardness is 50ppm, temp. is 26 degrees Celsius. Ammonia/nitrite at zero. Water changes are done every week (25-50% alternating). They are housed with 8 Neon Tetra's, and their diet consists of Neon Tetra eggs (as my Neon's seem to be scattering eggs every other day), Frozen Rotifers, Frozen Daphnia, Frozen Brine Shrimp, Cyclopeeze, small slices of zucchini (which were originally placed in the tank for a small Bristle-nose who has since been re-housed into another tank, but the Apisto's love it, as do the Neon's), they also get peas (husks removed) about twice per week, live white worms & black worms weekly, a little flake, mosquito larvae (not so prolifically at the moment due to the cold weather),Sea-chem Fly Pupae/Wax-worms/Shrimp (broken up smaller for them). The male is approx. 4-4.5cm, and the female is approx. 2.5cm. Now so far as I've re-searched the male is at full size, but what about the female? Is she perhaps too small to breed yet. The male displays to her frequently, but she seems disinterested in him, even though when I purchased them they were quite clearly paired. Just wondering if anyone had any tips on breeding Apisto's at all, or anything they think I should change/do differently? NB: I have been trying to get some photo's of them, but just haven't got any decent one's yet (I'm not the most talented with a camera).
  5. So I’ve been hovering on this forum a bit lately, and thought it time to throw up a thread. I’ve just ordered an 18” cube with cabinet and hood from Smith Aquarium (Mark there is a legend!) so the tank and furniture is made by G&J Maher. I love his tanks and furniture i recently setup a 5x2x2 from him and will be replacing my other 5x2x2 with an identical one soon. So I pick the tank up tomorrow and am just getting this thread ready, here is the plan for this tank. Tank: 18” cube Filtration: AquaOne Aquis 1050 C02: CO2PRO Series 2 'Compact' 0.82L from Aquascape Design Substrate: some basic black gravel that i have (will add fertilizers and stuff also) I’ve never setup a planted tank before, and am still fairly new to the aquarium hobby so this is a big step for me and will be I’m sure a steep learning curve. So im after some advice. What chemicals am i going to need to purchase? What plants are going to be easy to grow/maintain and look good. Where to buy these plants? And also, i have no aquascaping skills at all. . . so going to be needing some help here. . All advice is welcome!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Well I bought this as a bare stand some time ago and threw on some ply sides and doors. it looked like this.. So I stripped it down once again and here is what it looks like. stand.jpg[/attachment:340r62um] So I went to the hardware, bout $100 bucks later and a all afternoon in the garage working its come out like this. DSC02530.JPG[/attachment:340r62um] DSC02529.JPG[/attachment:340r62um] A few paint touchups then I am gonna build a new hood as well then move it back and fill it up again.
  8. I am about to undertake a large project and need some advice on what to do. I will be aquiring a large cube and making a display tank out of it. There will be approx 700L of water about 600mm from floor height (base of tank). So I need to sump this as I am assuming it will be the best option for filtration. As i believe 2800lph would be the recommended but as it has to pump to approx 1.4m i am assuming 4500lph pump will be the one for the job. I cannot have more than a 3ft long 15in high tank for sump and prefer no wider than 24inch.will this be big enough for 700L of water? How many bulkheads will be required to release enough water into the sump and what sizing. If anyone has a couple old tanks that are broken and would give them away so that I can pull them apart to make a sump I would be appreciate that heaps as I am on a very tight budget. On another note this will be a archerfish display so as for stocking options what is compatable that I can put with these guys?
  9. Hi, Just a quick email to introduce myself and a few pics of my tank under construction. I used to be a member a few years back but have not had any tanks for a while. The bug has once again reared its ugly head and bitten so here I am. I have kept mostly african cichlids in the past and this tank will be home to Frontosa's when complete. Tank is a triangle tank 900h x 900d x 900x x 1350 across the front. Here are a few pics of it as i have put it together. Should be coplete and ready for water test mid next week. Thanks again to thr people who have responded to my other topic. Look forward to meeting you all again and showing the progress of the tanks...... Already planning the next one and i have not even finished this one yet..... damn addiction. Spider
  10. im getting pritty board i have 3 weeks off and just spent a week at kirra , soo i ended up go for a walk on the beach and i found some pritty cool shells and little rock. and this is wat i done with them 2day. ill post some pics when i get some fish. josh
  11. hi i have built a steel stand and galvinazed it 3m long 1.6 high 3tr all wired with lights also .it holds 18 100l tanks 700x400x300 all with holes for sump .total 1800 litres .can anyone post a pic of a sump that would do this so i can make one and what size pump i should buy cheers phil .lots of ideas whould be great
  12. Here is a couple of photos of my latest project which is the construction of a stand to house my new 7 x 3 x 2 custom tank and my existing 6 x 1 1/2 x 2. I wanted both tanks on the one stand that runs the full length of the garage with sumps for both tamks built in to the stand and the entire stand to look like a modern piece of furniture. The stand is 4.2 metres lond 1 metre wide and 1 metre tall. I have used 90mm x 45mm structural pine for the project and have doubled up on the areas that have fairly long spans such as the sumps whish are 1.2 metres and 1 metre respectively. I'm no carpenter but everything was built in one saturday and at the moment is all level and square . Black 2pac kitchen panels have been ordered to cover everything and doors to access both sumps as well. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. Dave
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. ok, ive started As you can see my shed is a freaking mess, that will change soon i hope. Today i started a wall to create a room 3.6m x 3 m (on the otherside of the wall ) so far so good, will have fibro on this side and inulation blanket (the kind with the foil on one side) on the inside. will fully insulate the whole room Got a new grundfos 32-80 yesterday to run it too
  15. ok, im building a new rack thought i might post some pics as i go. . this rack is gonna have three tanks which i am building myself i have a pile of glass i have already cut to size. i will drill and plumb the tanks with two overflow pipes each to run to a sump. the overflows are 25mm poly fittings, with strainers on the ends, one drawing water from low in the tank one from the surface , i will have pics of the plumbing later tank sizes are as follows (they are odd sizes cause i used the glass i had) top- 1080x530x600h middle-1020x530x530h bottom-1170x530x530h the stand has 50x50x2mm legs the rails and cross supports are 40x40x2mm i also used 1/2inch x 2 unc bolts as adjustable feet heres the pic i will have the first tank in place within a week, stay tuned
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