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Found 355 results

  1. Hi guys , More than likely an extremely silly question but ....... can someone please tell me what "EOI " stands for in the trading sections and " BUMP " in relation to replies from posted threads !! Thanks
  2. I have posted a thread in catbfish classifieds and the fish sold . How do i mark the thread as sold or do I close the thread?
  3. So afra cobues or zebroides? Are these the same? I've seen people say afra aren't what these fish are called anymore? I'm so confused and just want to figure out what these fish are called or if they are different fish all together? Thank you!
  4. If I was to change my 6x2x2 from 2 canisters to a 3 ft sump how would I best set my intakes up. I now have some 10 or so decent sized fish that get very messy when they eat so I want a high flow rate that takes water out from deep and surface level. Can I set up a weir and take water from the bottom aswell? I would also want my water level to remain as high as possible. How can I achieve this?
  5. Hi guys I've been told that rays can be quite aggressive during mating and I was wondering if there is a point where I should intervene. Obviously I would be happy if they did breed however I'm worried that the female is starting to get seriously injured. Have attached a pic.
  6. Hi, I bought 6 of these as fry and the band on them is yellow and they are now 4-4.5cm. Does it change to orange or was I sold Ikola maybe? Thanks
  7. Hey guys, Just a quick question about what to do if you were away for a week. I've seen the vacation feeder blocks and such, as well as auto feeders. Has anyone had any experience with them? How do you care for your fish when you're away for an extended period? Might have to go away for a week or so later in the year, and getting someone to feed my babies isn't a possibility. Any hints or tips? Would have to feed a 3x1, 5x2, 2" and a 1". I was reading that the small pyramid feeders can last up to 3 days depending on temp/PH ect. I'd be more confident putting those in with the smaller guys, but not for the bigger guys in the 3x1 and my 5x2. Cheers Adam
  8. Hi ppl was goggling fish stores when aquarium warehouse came up so I had a look at what they have. has anyone ever had a problem with fish from there? or are they actually a good store to buy fish from? Thanks Poyter
  9. I am currently tossing the idea around of a tank 1930x965x450high, I am using 10mm for the sides and I have a piece of toughened 5mm safety glass for the base, an old sliding door, if I run a couple of 10mmx50mm braces across the width of the base 965mm in two places and also along the length of the tank on the inside bottom, will that provide me with enough strength or is it not really needed
  10. Hi All, I thought I would just get some more opinions. I ordered a sump through a shop who quoted $300 for a 3.5ft sump (I do admit the design is a little complicated) which I was happy to pay as they offered a quick turn around (within the week) and a top quality job. Below is a picture of the silicone job I received 3 weeks later. Am I being unreasonable to ask them to redo it? Thanks
  11. One of my dolphins looks an acts like it hold it's 1st batch of fry but I think there to young still plus I think it's a male. I'll try an get a pic to put up tonight. Just wondering if there is any other reason it might do this Cheers Preston
  12. Guys over period of time I have accidently picked up some guppies, possibly come in with some plants or something. They are breeding like mad at the moment. I always thought that guppies were collourful little fish, however the ones i have only have black on them . The big female is a greenish colour with a black spotted tail,a couple of smaller males have only black tails but they are too small for me to see the tail shape. Can someone tell me what type of guppies they could be. Regards
  13. Hello all, Do any of you know what the compatibility is like between Red Cherry Shrimp and: -Black Phantom Tetra -Emperor Tetra Cheers guys, much appreciated
  14. I just bought a tank off steveandjules (thanks) and the light needs a power box? I'm not overly concerned with getting it fixed as the tank was only $30 but it would look much better with it working. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I'm actually looking for to power this thing. I've added a photo of the plugs at the back of the light unit. There is also a cord but I'm almost certain that this was for the inbuilt filter that was originally with the tank. If anyone could give me some quick help I'd really appreciate it, hoping to start getting this tank set up today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  15. What are your experiences with the dwarf neon rainbowfish? Contemplating then in my stock plans. Are they always colourful or is it just a morning display then back to a plain silvery colour? Thankyou
  16. Hello, Bought about 60kg of Coral Base Rock that was used in a system quite some time ago. Has been sitting in a shed. Just wondering what the best way of making that rock safe to put in a new reef tank im building. Is just a good wash and dry in order or is there more i should do? Any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks
  17. I'm replacing my 3ft tank with a 4ft and will be transferring the canister filter to the 4ft. The Canister will sit at one end of the tank, on the floor. So, it will have a short hose straight up to one corner of the tank and a longer hose running the 4ft to the opposite corner. Should I make the longer hose the intake so the outflow is shorter and has more power, or is it irrelevant and either way much of a muchness? The Filter is a Hydor Prime 20 running at 600ltr p/hr. Any advice appreciated, cheers.
  18. Ok guys I have a Daphnia question. I have been rearing daphnia which I bought off Wolfgang for about two weeks now. They are in a 2ft tank, with mild aeration via a sponge filter. Water changes come via aged water from my tanks. I provide them with a small amount of coral rubble for calcium uptake for carapice production. I have a few ramshorns as clean up crew. I harvest often and feed them on yeast mixed with spirulina, soy flour and water. I feed sparingly and only after the water has cleared. They also get green water, and blood. I have two back up cultures out doors. They get 12 hours of light. Here are my questions : 1. yesterday I did a 50 % water change, this morning I noticed that they are producing ephippia. Is this a bad thing ? I hear they do this under duress or before a crash. They get plenty of light and up until yesterday were producing asexually. What has changed ? Should I be worried ? 2. I have read that they can be feed on dried blood. I feed them on fresh blood from the supermarket meat trays. Why dried blood ? Surely when you add dried blood to the culture it becomes wet. Is there a difference? Thanks in advance.
  19. i asked a similar question last week about my LP60 as it doesn't seem to do a great job,im only running 12 sponge filters and when I put a filter in more than about 250mm of water it doesn't work.....not enough pressure.... I changed the diaphrams this morning and its still the same and there is no air leaking from unit itself,even when I put my finger over the air outlet,there seems to be no pressure??? what else could be wrong??? anyone got any ideas cheers marty
  20. I have some silly common bristlenose breeding in a tank at the moment. If I introduce 6 small clown loaches will this disrupt their non sanctioned nocturnal activities? My guess is yes but im sure most of you out there have had a similar situation so im interested to see what the consensus is. Cheers.
  21. Hi Guys, i've been reading up on sexing Red Devils without much luck, they say there almost impossible to sex at this size without venting but i know you guys are smarter than that. He/She was sold to me as a male & would have to be pushing 6". I would really appreciate even a wild guess. Thanks...[ATTACH=CONFIG]32805[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]32806[/ATTACH]
  22. Ive 80gallon new world cichlid aquarium which is possibly overstocked with 35 fish in 300 Ltrs I have very little knowledge of what Rate of Change in TDS / Conductivity fish can comfortably adapt / adjust to. I'm under the impression that the reason my conductivity rises so rapidly is because I have too many fish. Does anyone one have any care tips for overstocked aquarium, apart from don't overstock.
  23. okay so i am not new to tropical fish keeping, but i will be new to tropical fish keeping in a hot climate i have a couple of posts on this forum now and moving from the freezing cold uk to the sunny hot Brisbane now obviously the way i keep my temp in the tank may be different? in uk all i need is a heater simple but i know the temps over there are different what is best will i need a heater or some kind of chiller maybe instead not sure if the room the tank will be in is AC or not will know that when i get there i will have a heater for night time but how do you keep the temp down in the summer? in the uk its temporary so when we do have a temp spike i just shuv some frozen bottles of water but that only for a few days to a week at most
  24. hey all just wanting to know what size tank is good for growing african fry in?
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