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Found 355 results

  1. Hi All I am new to freshwater keeping but have been keeping Marine Tanks for several years I currently have a 66 Gallon 250 litre tank My current stocking is small Green Terror and 1 BN Catfish My question I guess is what else can I stock in there? (If anything) I'm avoiding any overstocking and looking at the 66 being the end game so to speak I've seen lists over the internet suggesting multiple Firemouths and Cons However a 66 strikes me as to small for this Maybe it's just my Marine way of thinking but I am cautious of adding any fish that may cause stocking issues or incompatibility Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, Got my Tunze Regulator from Age Of Aquarium today and noticed it didn't come with a seal/washer... Shouldn't it have come with one?
  3. will betta splenders eat baby bristlenose ?
  4. I have a flowerhorn which came with a heap of culls and was too big for a feeder. Put it in with my jardini, it is now 15cm and appears to be trying to mate with the jardini which is nearly 60cm it is a male and the jar is a female. Swims around with her displaying and rubbing up against her. Also sleeps lying on its side on the bottom is this normal ?
  5. hey just after some advice on a cluster of star polyps, i added it to my tank 4 days ago and it still hasnt opened, i have added similar before and they usually sulk for a day or two but im starting to get a little concerned.....any suggestions??????
  6. Up until now I've always used 4 and 8 outlet air pumps and just run a few of them to power enough filters.. But recently I got a second hand bigger one says 2100 lt per hr, so not massive.. But bigger.. The hose that comes out of it is about 15-20mm and when turned on feels like barely anything is coming out., when pulled apart all of the internals look fine, diaphram ect.. I don't want to re-run all my air lines and find its stuffed.. And when I do hook airlines up to it it does blast tonnes of air into the tanks.. So my question is, do they just run a higher volume of air through the larger pipe at a slower speed or something? With little pumps it feels like not much air but at high pressure.. If that makes sense?
  7. Hi all Was hoping for some advice please Firstly I have heard many times how cherry shrimp guard and clean catfish eggs ie bristlenose, L's etc. Have even heard from a member here that he watched his cherry's clean and look after his peps eggs and they actually segregated and ate the unfertilised egg. Brilliant stuff. So my question is has anyone had any experience with ghost shrimps doing the same thing and with smaller eggs then the catfish eggs?? I must admit its ironic that they are going to protect their predators eggs so they can eat them later if so . Look forward to any replies
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hi guys This would be common knowledge for a few of you but as I have never had L fry and would love some advise. My L002's have done the mommy-daddy think and I have some fry, or one that I know of. The male is still fanning and protecting the cave so I assume more are in there but I have thus far only seen the one that washed out about 5 days ago with a water change (mainly just a egg at the time, but now the egg is almost gone and I have the sucker swimming around) Should I be removing the male and the cave or should they be okay with the female in the tank? Also should I feed them differently now that I have fry? Thanks Rudi
  10. hi guys ..ive a 3foot heated tank that houses 3 x 3 cm albino catfish, 1x 5cm sailfin, 1x 6cm fancy goldfish , 1 x10cm fancy comet and 1x 9cm fancy gold fish... all r doing well and r happy. id like to add 2x clown loaches..to this tank ..or arnet they a compatible fish for the slower swimmwers..? ive a large log placed in the tank for any fish that need hiding space.. any commments good or other wood be much appreciated, ty
  11. hey all I have a male and 2 female flame gouramis they have just made a bubble nest as this is my first one im not sure what to do eg: move the male, take out the other female ect.. if anyone can give me any advise thank you in advance. cheers mickyd
  12. im not sure if this has ever been asked on here but here is the question..... how many brine shrimp eggs in a teaspoon?
  13. Hey Shrimp Gurus, I only have a few cherry's and heaps of feeders .. I feed them all broiled lettuce from my garden which they love plus this and that, today I put lettuce at one end and broiled comfrey at the other end of a feeder tank.... So my question is am I about to kill off my feeders?. Such a brilliant herb with great attributes if used sparingly, huge leaves grows so fast but will it suit the shrimps?
  14. heya all ..im really enjoying this website ..excellent knowledge base and lots of nice people to deal with. just wondering ..these big ..8ft..10ft ect tanks i see for sale , do they take much power to run.. ?.. i run 2x 3ft tanks and know a little of wats involved.. also ive just bought a group of 5 green moss barbs..4th day in .they r bothering my beautiful large fantail comet..so ive transferred them into a different tank with platties/guppies plecos / and clown loaches..r these guys going to kill all my stock , or should i kill the guy that sold them to me..lol i asked out their habits.. he said they were fine in with goldfish as long as they didnt get bored..hm ..food for thought..? ty for any replies..good or bad
  15. have a 4ft tank that was setup 3 weeks ago, tropical fish in for 1 week (mollies ) tank looks unreal from the front, water is clear and ph good, but when i look from the end of tank it looks cloudy. Any suggestions. running 1 internal filter and have live plants and only have 10 fish in it at the moment
  16. Hi all last Friday we discovered white spot on our angels ,so put the temp to 30 added salt and turned off the lights . My question is how long do I do this for? I have read many threads and googled and can't come up with a deff answer some say 3 days some 2 weeks. I need to know as I have 2 clownies waiting to go into the tank
  17. Q: I have just notice my female p.nyererei brooding a batch of eggs she is in a tank with multiple p.nyererei and some Xmas fulu. Any advice on what I should do? Thanks
  18. Hi All, I started to strip my Hongi tonight and noticed the fry were still attached to the sacks, they were still moving and wiggling. Do these need to be tumbled?? Cheers C
  19. Hi All, I started to strip my Hongi and the fry still have there sack., they were still wiggling, do tthese need to be tumbled or should they be fine?? Cheers
  20. How long to you treat for parasites such as whitespot? I had one of my tropical bays (600L split tanks) come down with whitespot about a month ago which I treated with protozin, however it seemed to come back about two weeks later.. I think I did not treat for long enough. My course of action was to bring the temperature up to 29-30°C, dose with protozin for the recommended six days and during that time I also added melafix. I have read though, that treatment should be continued up to two weeks after all symptoms have disappeared? I always use medications as a last resort, initially I start out using natural melafix and playing with salt & temperature, however for this case it seemed I had to use protozin. Any thoughts or experience you'd care to share with little (young) me? It would be much appreciated.
  21. I'm wanting to setup a small tank on my puter desk. I dont want to put a lid on it (wood will be coming out top) So the question, will the cherries be inclined to jump out?? I've only kept them in tanks that have had lids
  22. If I use a mixture of RO water and tap water in a tank that has buffering substrate (fluval shrimp stuff) will the use of RO water lead to ph jumping around more than just straight tap water? I ask because the substrate is only dropping the Ph to 7.2 ish and I would like it lower.. So should I use some RO water? And only RO? Or a mixture? Or add more substrate? I did score some leves to help drop it but am waiting for them to dry out enough to use.. Hope that makes sence..
  23. Hi All, I have recently set up a breeding setup running off a sump, I am going to have a go at Breeding Africans, currently got some Hongi fry growing and some BN, the question is that will Cherry Shrimp survive and breed in a blank bottom fish tank? What would I need to add in the tank for them survive and will it affect the water perimeter for the rest of the tanks. The setup is 6 x 2ft tanks running off a 2ft sump. Also I am thinking of getting CRS from a couple of different people to breed. Is this a good idea and any suggestions for buying from? I am only new to this and learning heaps from this forum so any help and advice is great. Cheers
  24. How do you do it? Fill it, let it age , use all the water, then refill? Or just use some and keep topping it up? Mine is about 600lt with a power head pushing water round..
  25. Question for everyone ..I'm wondering when is a good time during summer to lower our heaters or if heaters can be taken out of tanks weather its fish you breed or catfish ? such a newbie question to ask but I'm curious to hear people's opinions
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