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Found 355 results

  1. hi all i got a fx5 today cleaned it all out as is second hand and just filled it and letting it sit over night before i put it under my cabinet but have noticed it is leaking out of the empty valve at the bottom it is not running at the moment just wondering if this is right or needs to be running to stop it leaking ??
  2. hears a question if i line breed my own color variant shrimp can i name it whateva i like would love some thauts on this
  3. hey the missus found this discus importer - exotic discus, they are in Cairns, does anyone know if they are quality fish or should we give them a miss? any help will be greatly helpful thanks poyter
  4. Just wanted to ask if shrimp need any special care? I want to start a shrimp tank but I don't know what I need for starts if anyone could give me a few tip and tricks please?
  5. You may remember my post from a few weeks ago about getting the freshwater crabs- I set up a 2 foot tank, and everyone has been happy since then- and the other day got a scare when one of the crabs looked to be dead- but it turns out it had discarded its shell and was happy... But now there is a crab missing- there is no way it's escaped- could the others have eaten it? Help?! Dani
  6. Hey my girlfriend wants a discus and she thought u could put it in with the guppies? Just wanted to know if I could put them in with it or would I have to get a separated tank for them?
  7. Hi all Just wondering if anyone can tell if its normal for a female fighter to help a male fighter to put the eggs in the nest??? I read that the females eat the eggs most of the time ??? So is it just lucky or something they do... Any info would be good Cheers mickyd
  8. im thinking about getting a few yellow shrimps. are they the same type as red cherry shrimps? would a 29°C tank be too warm for them to live and breed in? cheers sebastian
  9. hey guys i have a small BN pleco in my 2ft tank and was wondering how big he would get because when we got him of our friends he was only about an inch now he is about 2 so he has grown but in the last 3ish months it doesn't look like he has grown a bit is this because he is in a small tank. the tank that i got him out of was a 3ft and i had seen some BN's in there that were about 4inch so is it that i have him in a smaller tank or do they just take a long time to grow :confused: thanks.
  10. Do they still have those fish auctions down in southport? Couldn't see any info...
  11. So im set on getting another nice size tank, am def thinking a 6x2x2 will be the best size. Just wondering if 10 mm for sides is ok? I question this cause my 6x18x18 has 12mm, and i wonder if the pressure difference is ok for 10 mm. My 4x18x18 has 10 mm glass and i can honestly say id be edgy in anything higher then 18inch. Am i being silly or what? I keep all my tanks inside and usually in the dining area, Tank may be from aquariums are us, unless i find a goid second hand one. Would rather new but. It will hold oscars and we all now how hard they can hit glass.
  12. Has any one put longer hoses on a FX5? if you have did it effect the flow rate? my new 7x3x2 is 166cm from the floor to top of the tank cheers
  13. we currently run 4 x 300w jag heaters in our system, it holds appox 2600lts, its set up under our house, so isn't in an enclosed room, with the cold days and nights i was thinking about adding 4 more 300w jag heaters to spread out the power load on the 4 current ones, my biggest question is, i think it won't make much difference on the power bill, and give a more steady temperature, and extend the live of each heater jules thinks it will greatly increase the power we use for heating, and we don't want a bill we can't pay, will this increase the power usage much, will it extend the life of the heaters, will it keep a more steady temperature, we will also be looking at closing off around the tanks to help contain the heat and get a more steady temperature, temps at the moment range from 22 deg to 26deg, depending on the outside temps, i'd like to get it to a more steady temp of around 25/26 all day/night,
  14. hi so today i bought 5 endlers 2 male and 3 female for my tank and because i am not an expert about these fish i want to ask if these are pure? so here they are:
  15. Hi all not sure if this is in the right area but anyways. I'm building a 9 tank rack and each tank will have its own light. Was wondering should I get an electrician in to somehow wire them all into one plug or just have a heap of power boards?
  16. hi everyone, Does the height of my air pump effect the flow? I always thought have it above water level just incase there is a power outtage, so the water wont flow backwards up the air line. I used to use check valves on the air lines but the cheap ones kept sliding off and the dear ones seemed to restrict the flow. I currently have a 60 lpm pump with a 16 outlet manifold running 11 xy380s, 1 UGF (2 uplifts) and a couple of other air stones. 1 line is connected to nothing. The xy380s in the bottom tanks work fine but if i try and put a stone in there i get nothing. I have the UGF on one of my top tanks and it only works if the stone in the uplift is at about halfway down the tube. The pump sits on a shelf well above the tanks, I can make a lower shelf if that would help or should i go the other way and set up poly pipe around the room like most people? Cheers for any help Andrew.
  17. i am looking for a canister filter for my 6x18x18. looking for recomendations for the best value for money. thanks
  18. I have a hollowed out piece of tallow wood and was wandering if it is safe to put in an aquarium. thanks
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. So I am trying to find out if using ilmenite in a fish tank is ok. If anyone has been down this road could you let me know... or point me in the direction of some information that may help resolve this question...
  21. I was in one of my LFS yesterday and they usually arent a big stocker of cichlids.....anyway I hadnt been there for a while but they now have a couple of tanks of them. But in looking at them I noticed something weird on almost 100% of them. Might be nothing/normal but my fish don't have this issue and I havent seen any fish from any of you with it either.... So their tummys as I would call it.....between the pelvic fin and anal fin.....was like arching inwards, like concaving....from looking at fish anatomy pics that space seems to be reserved for intestines? So I dont understand it. ANyone know what I'm talking about?
  22. we have a sump thats being used as a snail tank, its 4ft x 1ftw x 18"h, the question is, i'm setting up a couple racks, i have a 10,000lph sump pump, i'll be setting up 14 x 2ft x 1ft x 1ft tanks, 8 x 2ft x 18" x 16" tanks, and 2 x 4ft x 18" x 18" tanks on the racks, i'm thinking the sump will be to small, i think all up the tanks and sump will hold about 2200lts any thoughts............
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. i have this brown dust like stuff everywhere in my 3ft tank in the bedroom. just wondering if there is anyway of getting reed of it? and is it harmful for the fish? i just did a half water change and u can see the tank still has it in there as the tank is cloudy. please help
  25. I got a 6 footer the other day and I was wandering if bn an L066 would be able to grow out together in it until breeding size. I have 3 L066 at about 5cm. and the bristlenose are about 5-6cm. just want to make sure that they will be fine together before I put them in. thanks
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