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Found 38 results

  1. Hello all, hope you had a great xmas!! Well my rams laid some eggs a little while back and now there are about 10 free swimming fry left. When I got home today from a few days away the parents were out with the fry, so I raced out to my lfs to get a fry saver to try same the rest but when I got home I couldnt find them?? Do they bring them out to feed then take them back to hide them or do they always follow the female? OR have they been eaten?? Thanks for your help Cheers Marty
  2. Hey guys, So in the past week i have had one bolivian ram and one german blue ram die, now people say they dont have much luck with rams and these things just happen. But one of my other german blues has 2 chunks out of his head... so it leads me to believe something is attacking them?? As far as i know i dont have any crazy agressive fish, are the german blues very rough with each other or? Other fish in tank 1x largish angel 1x largish keyhole cichlid 11 x clown loaches 4 paki loaches, one is about 10-15 cm 6 x black widow tetras 4x serpae tetras 4x glass catfish 4x large BN 3x small peps BN 3x small albino BN 1x 5cm gudgeon So yeh, the water conditions are perfect, so thats not the problem, i did have a small outbreak of whitespot but as far as i know all signs have dissapeared thanks to temp and salt method. Other than that the keyhole seems to have a slight mark on his head aswell, not sure if its a battlescar or not. The other rams and fish seem to be happy and playing around normally. Temp is at 30deg, air is a 90cm air curtain at the back of the tank Here is a pic P1010688.JPG[/attachment:2va19d5q]
  3. hey all, One of my neon blue ram pairs bred about 20min ago, anyone have any idea if the fry will be alright? since they are both neon blue rams and not one normal (like breeding EBJD) cheers, Michael
  4. hi i have half a dozen neon blue rams just wanting to no how to sex them thanks matt
  5. can blue rams be kept in a discus tank and live happily
  6. can you mix rams with americans ???
  7. Hey guys, Over the past week and a bit my blue ram has gone a funny darker colour and doesn't seem to be as active as it usually is. Any help here would be greatly appreciated as to what it is.
  8. Hey guys, i seen some blue neon/ neon rams today. Awesome looking fish - so keep an eye out if you haven't already seen them! Stace
  9. Ive just recently had a spawn of 150+ o/s eggs and 2 big spawns from long fin blue rams any Tips on keeping either alive? Any help appreciated (as this is my first spawns of either fish) Thanks Luke
  10. Hey just wondering if anyone can tell me with, what age blue rams sexually mature at and also what kind of vegetable mater they will eat/ like to eat. Thanks....
  11. Hey all, so i have a 2ft x 1 x 1 Tank Ph: is stable and sitting around 7 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0.25 I currently have 2 blue rams in this tank (1 female 1 male, i have 2 pots for caves a few pvc pipes also used as caves an air pump a small filter small pebble substrate a few rocks and piece of driftwood a few live plants that arnt doing too well ok so my routine is a 25% water change every 3-4days adding aquarium salt and A.C.E to every water change i feed 3 times daily (flake food and occasionally frozen blood worms) i have had my blue rams for little over 2 months now,i bought them from my lfs wen they were about 1'1/2 now they are around 2' , they have been doing OK. Until recently,they have had ich and been twitching furiously, My lfs has told me to double dose with both ace and aquarium salt, this had made a bit of a difference, but they still twitch every now and then, also the male is constantly aggressive towards the female, fin nipping and chasing her around the cave. it would be a great help if anyone could give me any tips. and also i am looking to breed rams in the near future... any help with breeding techniques would be great. Thanks
  12. Last nite my blue rams decided to lay eggs. I have narrowed down the 60 or so photos down to a top 5. Note the drool on one's mouth. They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.
  13. Hey peeps, Woke up this morning to find that our blue rams have spawned again for the second time fingers crossed that they dont eat the eggs again. Can anyone give me some info on what the eggs should look like. I have seen some pictures of the eggs on the net and they show yellowish looking eggs, our however are more a cloudy whitish/purpley colour. Does this mean that they are not fertilised. I have also read that the eggs should change colour after about 48 hours. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance J&K
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