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Found 103 results

  1. Ok lets say you have 100 fry at selling size do you 1 Sell the 100 in one go to a shop OR 2 Post them up on FS ads and wait ?? Pro's and Con's Pls This may help some people who are newer to breeding fish FJ
  2. Summer land aquarium is selling all his fish out of the 10x4x3 tank go have a look if you are into large fish!
  3. This Friday thru Sunday only - All acros and brains are 30% off the marked RRP. Club members receive a even further discount with 40% off! I did get new shipments in this week! Come in and see!
  4. Hey guys, I have some strong, healthy Bull-rout for sale. SPECIES: Bull-Rout (Fresh water Stone fish) QUANTITY: 15 SIZE: Ranging from 2cm-20cm PRICE: $15 (small) $35 (large) TRADE: PM LOCATION: Burpengary CONTACT: PM CONDITIONS: PM to arrange.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I purchased two jack dempseys about a month ago and a week later they laid and hatched eggs. I do not have the room or the money for them to continue their mating habits so I need to get rid of them asap. They are no bigger than 3 inches.
  7. Hey guys. Thought i'd make a photo thread for everyone, and show potential buyers what they are getting .
  8. Some awesome deals. I went in today and got some great fish at low prices. There are deals on tanks, filters, substrate etc. Neuman Road Capalaba.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hey guys, Im looking for a breeder that sells these fish Afra Cobue Electric Yellow Yellow Tail Acei(not black ones) I know everyone breeds elec yellows so I only want to buy off a breeder that has yellows and one of the other fish listed. Im looking to buy 5 of each fish except the afra cobue im looking at 7. Cheers, Matt
  11. Here are the pics People have asked for of fry coming in the next few weeks. Parents Juvies
  12. I have a red sea max 250 with matching stand which has just been stripped down. It is in PERFECT condition - no scratches on glass, no marks on stand. It is under 12 months old. Cost $2200 for tank and $500 for stand ($2700) last year on sale. I am going to finish cleaning it and will be up for sale in a few days... Looking for $1999.00 ono Also placed in AUCTIONS on this site for quick sale. CHeck them out on line - you will not find a nicer tank that is as neat and high quality as this one. PM me if interested - will post in classifeds when finished cleaning if not sold before. Regards, Brad. (Brisbane)
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. .......................................................................................... Giant channa 2.5 ft long feeds well on chicken breast. beautiful fish 500 ono text or call 0434 xxxx xxxx .......................................................................................... Its really quite supprising what species are already in the country, I think almost everyone has seen the youtube vid of what these can do.....to fish and eco systems
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Hi all, just letting everyone know that Andrew at Beenleigh Aquarium is shutting shop at the end of August & everything is up for sale at up to %40 off, most items are for sale for what he paid for them. Sale includes fish, food, filters, heaters, etc etc, just mention you heard about the sale & go & get a bargain, Cheers: Jeff !!!
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. hey got some pics of my blue dolphins. have fry for sale from these guys aprox 40 atm with another 100 on the way in a month or so fry are at 5-6 cm cant post pic of fry as they are in a tub and i lost my cam at work dam plasterers plastered over it so is in a wall some were lol pm if interested thanks chris
  19. I know that this forum supposedly does not allow the sale of hybrids, but yet is still happens almost on a daily basis. As a true cichlid enthusiast, I am greatly opposed to the notion of hybrids and honestly believe they do have a noticeable impact on the advancement of the fishkeeping culture. I am starting to think that I am one of a very small majority that is actually cares about this kind of thing. Doesn't anyone else find it in some way insulting that the sale of hybrids continues on these forums, which are meant to be the domain of dedicated hobbyists? I don't mean to start any kind of flame war, but seriously, am I the only one that has a problem with this?
  20. Rendahls Catfish one is around 15cm others around 20cm just want to know a price
  21. yay i noticed my local lfs is haveing a sale this friday /saterday the lady was saying sompthing about big display/sale on tanks + lots of other product no idear ill have alook friday annone close may wanto know thaire in byron industrial estate on centenial circut hope this was ok to post
  22. just thought id let ppl know pet city has a few fair jacks for sale atm.. if only i had a tank big enuff
  23. hey guys have another american up for sale.....i got a big jag male around 10 to 12in hes got beautiful pattern...looking for $50 but i am open to offers {MOD EDIT: Moved and Leaving this for educational purposes.}
  24. Tell me if I am being harsh ...... After selling 100's of one particular type of bristlenose I took a call from a very unhappy customer today - for the first time ever. 26 hours ago I sold 10 juvies to someone who just called to say that 6 had died of bloat and that they wanted replacements or cash back. In the batch they came from I have lost a total of 1 fish in 2 months and all I have left are doing well. I have sold 40 fish from the batch and have not heard of any issues from other customers. I asked the customer did they check the PH before introducing them to their new tank - answer - "No because they are in the same water" This answer confused me as I sold them in a small bag. They then said that they are and have been in this bucket since their purchase 26 hours prior and through a 30 deg day. I asked if they had a heating source or any aeration - answer "No and I have kept fish like this before" I was taken aback by this treatment of these fish and how I was blamed for selling fish with bloat. I suggested he call any LFS and ask them if they felt that such conditions would likely kill these fish. They dismissed this suggestion. I declined their request for replacement fish or refund and they became very very abusive. Am I right in saying the death of these fish is almost certainly not my fault and that no refund or replacement is appropriate ? I would love to hear your very honest thoughts. Cheers G
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