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Found 49 results

  1. chasing 2 mangrove jack around 5cm would be awsome and also chasing a saratoga around 10cm let me no if you can help i know that you can get them at pet shops but ive rang as many as google will give me and apparently no one has them so if you no of a piticular pet shop that does have them for sale at the moment please let me no witch one cheers Mitch
  2. We have a very sick Saratoga and he's going down fast. His top and bottom fins are looking transparent, his tail looks like ribbons, his face looks dehydrated...looks very dry, his eyes have glazed over and he has patches of white furry stuff on both sides. He just stays in the one position in the tank. He's now by himself, temp 24 degrees, PH 7.0 and I've been told to treat him with tabs for white spot/fungus. He's on day 2 of that. Any other suggestions? Thank you.
  3. Well I went out on the weekend and got a setup that had a toga in it. The conditions the fish was kept in was appauling so he was basically rescued from a dismal life. But as a consequence of this early start to life this lil guy now has a minor case of gill plate curl. I have been researching on the internet and have found that this condition is easily cured with some minor surgery and all will be back to normal. The question I have is what is the correct dosage rate for clove oil to be used to sedate the fish. After looking through alot of sites I came up with a formula of 8 drops per gallon.... is this correct as I thought it was 4 per L. Can someone confirm for me the correct dose as I dont want to euthanize him mistakenly.
  4. hey, im thinking of getting a tankmate for my leichardti, it is roughly 30cm.. im wanting to get an oscar roughly the same size, maybe a bit smaller. will there be anything problems? has anyone ever kept the 2 together before? love to hear your opinions/ experiences cheers
  5. so im looking into a baby leichardti about 10ish cm in my 4ft with managuanease(jag) about 7cm and a footlong pleco just till my 6 x 2 x 2 is set up(2 mths max) apparrently they both grow at amazing rates! would the toga be alright with the jag ? jag bashed my little barra(5cm) a little so hes in the hospital tank ahha so long story short Q1- will toga be ok with jag for about 2 months? Q2- will toga be ok with barra in the 6x2x2?(ill turf out jag when hes a bit bigger) Q3-can i keep the toga in the 6x2x2 permanently? cheers in advance much appreciated
  6. Ok so i recently brought a juvi toga and a juvi mangrove jack the toga is 5cm and the jack is about 8cm woke up today and i cant find the toga could the jack have eaten it?
  7. i have a little toga about 10cm he loves blood worm and pellets... i have had 6 little 1cm fish in the tank with him for about a week and he just looks at them then swims away. why is this i thought they loved live food?
  8. i have a little toga about 7cm he loves blood worm and pellets... i have had 6 little 1cm fish in the tank with him for about a week and he just looks at them then swims away. why is this i thought they loved live food?
  9. i have a little saratoga and i am looking at putting some little clown loaches in with it for a clean up crew. will this be ok?
  10. Just wondering what is the best thing to feed these guys as a juv?
  11. hi to all i just got a little saratoga and i want some fish to be like a clean up crew and eat the food he dosent...any go ideas?
  12. Just curious is there any lfs that actually sell Any type of saratoga's on the gold coast that people have seen?
  13. Evening everyone, just wondering if anybody else's toga eat mice?? My LOVES 'em!! He gets only 1 a week as I'm sure they take quite a while to digest. Of couse they are frozen reptile food ones from Redlands Pet Center, not wild ones He also is being fed Cichlid dinner, Crickets , Meal/Superworms & occasionaly feeder gudgeons and crays. Is there anything else I could be feeding him as he pretty much refuses pellets. He will scoop em then spit em out. I'm not to concerned about converting him to pellets as I feel he is getting a pretty good selection a food, and well variety is the spice of life after all! Any suggestions or ideas would be great. Cheers.
  14. wanting to pay round the $80.....leave number an pic if you can. thanks
  15. Any info on these fish prices, places to get them etc. Cheers.
  16. hey guys. i just bourt a saratoga an 3 archer fish, but the toga doesnt seem to be eating. any ideas?
  17. hi guys how would a stingray size 15 cms go in a tank with a 53 cms jardini just want make sure first before we buy one if not the jardini will be going and the stingray will stay cheers neville and paula
  18. just wondering if white spot treatment "wardleys ickaway" will harm my saratoga or my barramundi, the sara is about 10cm and thw barra about 6cm. thanks cam
  19. I have noticed my saratoga has cloudy eyes? Could this be serious? He seems to be bumping into things. Is there a cure? Or is he going blind?
  20. Heres a vid i took today of my toga feeding
  21. Hi, I just noticed my Saratoga Jardini's eye has gone just a bit cloudy, he's around 40cm and real healthy looking otherwise. What should I do? What has caused this, disease or fighting? He lives with a Barra, Oscar and a real aggressive Pollennii.
  22. On Sunday I transfered my Saratoga Jardini into a different tank. I spent the weeks previous to the transfer making sure the water conditions in the new tank were identical to its old tank to limit any chances of something going wrong. The water conditions were a match, so the switch was made. He has now gone 3 days without eating...I not overly concerned at this point, but before the move she would have a go at anything that moved. Now she simply is not interested. How long should it take her to relax into her new surroundings and start eating again?
  23. i ahve just bought a toga off ray(thanks) 25-30cm ummm i was wondering he is in a 4x18x15 at the moment. but in a months time he is goin in a 5x2x2 now what can i out in with him... archer fish... eeltails... any suggestion would be awesome...
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