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Found 201 results

  1. My tank consists of mainly New Guinea and Australian rainbowfish. I also have hoplos, clown loaches, Trilineatus corys, panda corys, sterbai corys, peacock gudgeons, royal whiptail, kribensis pair & otocinclus & siamese flying foxes.
  2. hi all i bought a skimmer(it is a cheap one it only has to last about a month or two and i will buy an expensive 1) its brand new but didnt come with instruction, i just want to know which is the intake and which is the return??? thanks in advance ant
  3. Tried 2 load on here, but file was 2 large, lol... and i dont know how 2 fix it so meh, just clickie clickie. http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm69 ... g&newest=1
  4. Starting to get serious with our fish hobby and will be building a breeding setup in the next 3 months. Got a good quote from http://www.wholesaleracking.com.au/ for metal longspan rack with the following dimensions. 1800mm high x 600mm deep for the two sides with 6 beams (to make 3 shelves) at 1800mm long and a UDL of 450kg per shelf. Total price $240 delivered to South Brisbane. This will be holding 5 x 2ft tanks with their sides facing out per shelf (1500mm total width @ 300mm per tank). 70 litres of water each tank which roughly equates to 70kg of water per tank. 350kg of water each shelf. No there's a few things I'd like to get an opinion on. 1. A sump seems to be the logical choice for filtration. Would this be all that would be needed and what would be the suggestion on sump, pump filtration for 1050 litres of water over the 15 tanks? 2. Will I need an air pump system and if so what are the recommendations on this one? Just air stones? 2. All tanks will be bare bottom but will have some messy fish in them (plecos etc). What would be the best methods for fast cleaning? 3. The actual shelf materials to make the shelves. MDF and chipboard are probably out due to water damage being to easy. What would be the best material for the shelves? 4. Does anyone have any good links to the plumbing side of a sump (i've seen the S bend type overflow pipes which look good) or have any suggestion for such a big system? I am a newbie in this area, so any help will be gratefully appreciated. Have to move in the next 2 months so until then, I'll be just planning to get ready for this endevour.
  5. Just redone my 5ft tank, used sand, not white as I wanted it to feel a little more natural, complete with two huge swords and a smaller variegated form I am happy with it ATM, it was a little cloudy, but has all settled now. full tank.jpg[/attachment:1z1nm347]
  6. Hi Guys, I have recently come in to possesion of a 6x2x2.5 tank with a 4ft sump and am looking to set up a cichlid community tank in the past 35 yrs ago I kept Discus without any probs but this time i and the missus are looking at cichlids for their colour. A lot of this info I used to have has gone missing in this old brain of mine and with all I have read on this and other fora has left me really confused as to which way to go, and so I am looking for all the help I can get. I think it might be best if I give some indication of the fish we are like for reference and see in what direction we can go from there, so for what it it's worth here we go my fav we be some of the rams and kribs and the aus rainbows, the wife likes the electric yellow's and blues and some of the other africans so we are a logger heads with this, I am also confused about substrate to use as we want to plant the tank as well. Since I have retired and have so much time on my hands I think this will be a great project for me and get me out of wife,s way and so keep the peace from us always being under each others feet all the time also is there any reading resource out there that gives a good idea of general or common names of fish with pic,s if possible as quite frankly the scientific names most here use leave me dumbfounded as I look through the threads in the live stock and breeders registry. So guys I leave it over to you and will really appreciate any one's help that can and I hope not to become a nuisance to you all with the questions that come up from time to time as I really do want this project to work and not cause any more stress to the live stock than is necessary Thanks to you all in advance Ron
  7. hey folks im a getting ready to order my 8x2x2, and i have a few questions and was after some help 1. is it going to be better with a sump or a cannister filter?? i am leaning more towards the cannister filter which will be an fx5 because i am mainly concerned about the noise i will get from the sump as it will have a drip system as the entry and i know the noise will get annoying as it will be in an open area for eveyone to view. 2. how many heaters will i need and what size?? 3. what silicone can i use inside the tank?? i plan on siliconing some air tubes in the back corners of the tank so if i want to put any air stones or bars or balls or whatever i have the tubing there ready to go. 4. what will be the best way to get my plant to grow in the tank, every time i have plants in my tank they never seem to grow or they just end up being torn up and ruined. so can someone explain to me a c02 unit? 5.the tank will contain africans (my plan for now unless i decide otherwise) and i want a nice thick base of black gravel or white sand, but i cant decide, the tank will contain rocks (calcium carb, drilled sandstone and drilled lava rocks) and i want to try and get some nice stringy drift wood pieces, with a nice black background. i want to know if there is any thing i can do to make it feel more of a natural african tank?? also what are ppls suggestions with the sand or black gravel any help will be appreciated and look forwrd to hearing everyones opinion craig
  8. Setting up a breeding setup comprised of 1x4ft and 4 x 2ft, just wondering proples opinion on wether to use an external filter or sacrifice a 2fter and use a sump??? advice appreciated....even the hot air advice, useless points, and very biassed opinions...lol cheers ryan
  9. I have a 12x 2ft tank setup, just wondering what sized sump I would need and how much it would cost to sump it, currently running on sponge filters. Also does anyone on here do this? as i would pay someone else who knows how to do it rather then attempt it myself. Thanks
  10. so a few years back i kept a lot of different fish (firemouths, oscars, mangrove jack, and many others) but i decided to sell it all im not sure why, but the itch has got me again and this is what i have come up with over the past few weeks. -5ft, stand, hood, light ect off e-bay it also came with 2 massive oscars but i got rid of them -gravel from "odins fish" thanks buddy -sandstone from the local landscape supplier, got creative with the drill on some -and just last night filled it with 2 lombardi and 1 blue cobalt zebra for now. got them off "kurt27" thanks mate some time soon i wouldnt mind getting a few fronnys to grow out and some calvus. I'll have to get rid of the lombardi and cobalt they seem pretty aggressive. but yea thought some of you would appreciate what i have come up with. comments and constructive criticism all welcome cheers Tyson
  11. Hi all I am looking to bread peppermint BN as a hobby now and i was wondering if any one could post some pics of there breading tanks / setup's so i could get and idea on it chears ned
  12. hey guys thinkin of a complete change to my 8ft setup, wondering what are some options? im thinking of some big fish like giant gourami's etc. my tank is 8x2x2. keep in mind the missus will only allow it if they or some other that can be kept with them are pretty.. lol her words exactly.. so far her idea is discus. Cheers, Corey
  13. Afternoon all, I have a tank which I am trying to get set as a decent native tank, and I am looking for some good ideas for some aquascaping. It has a large red scat in it at the moment who has thwarted my attempt at some Val, but I might look at relocating him soon. I have a large piece of driftwood that was in there, but I have just removed it to clean off the lovely black algae that has covered it... So now got thinking it might be a time for a change. I am stumped what plants to use, I am unsure to what is native in that department, and thought about the idea of some rocks instead of wood... Anyone got some good ideas or pics of their native tanks, or of some good aussie plants to use? Cheers, Daniel
  14. Hey everyone, Just wondering whats a good tank set up for angelfish cheers.....
  15. hey guys havent uploaded any pics lately just thought id give u all a look at the discus i bought a while back and see how they have grown and the tank there in see the link below Jase....
  16. Hi all, I am excited about my first fish tank setup which will hold electric yellows, i am in need of a run down of a tank setup, including the cycle, what i need to test etc I will give who ever helps me out half of the fry when the E/Y's have babies. I thought id make this post instead of harassing everyone and asking alot of questions. Thanks, Nick
  17. Hi guys, I am currently setting up a 8x2x2 tropicals tank. I have 2 angels, rainbow shark, 2x bristlenose and some tetras. I am after ideas on what else I can put in my tank that will live happily. I am not interested in Africans. I will be adding some Loaches but from there I am after some ideas. Maybe something a little larger as I have a bit of space availiable. Regards Matt.
  18. Hello all. I am designing different ideas for a breeding rack I want to build, to house BN and apistos. Here they are, tell me what you think, pros and cons. Ask any Questions you like.
  19. If anyone has nothing to do this weekend, ideally Saturday, I've assigned myself a project of doing a major clean of a large pond. Just moved into rental and have a green water, decaying plants, but tonnes of fish, 4m x 3m pond to re-setup. On advise, told best thing is to treat as tank relocation - drain, catch fish, clean, refill, add critters back. I'm happy to organise a BBQ and provide a slab of beer or some cash ($40) to anyone who can help me with this large task :cheers: Please just PM me if you are interested. PS. Why there you can check out my marine tank and maybe take some corals home I no longer need
  20. Hi, I am wanting to set up a nice cichlid tank. I have a few fish in mind, but is wanting to know which ones will get along with each other and esp with clown loaches: jag festae oscar jack dempsey salvinii If you can suggest any other fish with any of these also, it owuld be of great help. Thanks guys!!!
  21. Hi all, I have a cupboard under the stairs that I wan't to use to put a fish tank in (Harry's all grown up now and needs a larger room). Is it as simple as cutting a hole in the plaster board and prettying up the edges with some sort of trim and setting up the tank on the other side? Thats how I though it might be done but how do you make sure the tank sits flush and doesn't have a dodgy looking gap? Would it pay to recess (can't think of the proper term) the trim and inch or 2 inside the cupboard sort of like a window sill? Any help would be great. Andy
  22. i have a new setup with 6x 3 foot tanks and wanted to have a crack at discus i have read plenty on the net but not sure exactly the best methods to set this up to have good water quality.. if there any discus breeders or if you no of any site all would be usefull. cheers
  23. thought id take a few snaps of my display after cleaning it this arvo consists of 5 Dolphins 2m 3f 2Fire Fin Comps 1m 1f Black Calvus 6unknown Tropheus Moliro Red 1? 1 Elec Yellow 7 cuckoo cats 1M 6F Peppermint bnose 1m My favorite being the fire fin boy
  24. Hi guys, Nice to be here yet again, We have finally found a house (unconfirmed but looking promising!) so going to be moving out soon, to Indooroopilly... So I have decided I would get my 6' setup happening. I started with just the cabinet, and have settled on a 6 x 18 x 18 tank, I won't be going any bigger or smaller than this for a while. I purchased the tank off Trigger (AMAZING job mate, thanks), and while it cures I am thinking about what I want to do for filtration - I am very tempted to go for a sumped setup. So I will kick it off with a few teasers, and hopefully get more pics up as it progresses...The pics don't do it justice:
  25. Hi Japes, Do Geos like a tank with heaps of driftwood and tangled roots or minimal same question goes for rocks? I seen your photos of your full tanks and they look awesome, i am not too good at aquascaping a tank.
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