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Found 201 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm thinking its high time this hobby stopped sucking my money dry and started giving me some back, so I'm looking at getting a small breeding setup going for something simple, bristlenose maybe. I don't have much room to work with, the absolute most I can do is a two-tier 4ft setup. I'd have two 2ft tanks on top for breeding, then a big 4ft growout (I figure a big growout means I can comfortably raise more fry at once). Since I don't have the space/means for a sump, what's my best bet for filtering a system like this?
  2. Hey all, I have a 4x2x2 project that I have decided to see what the fuss is about and setup a sump on this tank. The only 2 problems are 1, I have no idea on how to setup a sump and 2, I need someone to drill the 2 holes in the back of the tank for the sump piping. If anyone can show me pics or any type of help on sump setups would be muchly appreciated. Cheers Shane
  3. Hi guys, Looking for someone who has a ute or trailer big enough to move a 6 foot setup this weekend, most likely sunday. Will pay $40, need it moved from redbank plains to woolloongabba. If anyone is willing to offer a hand for an hour or 2 on sunday, I would REALLY appreciate it. Cheers. Ryan
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for all the information I can on how to set up an effective DIY CO2 system on my 55g tank. I realize that a tank my size is probably getting to the point where DIY CO2 starts dropping off in effectiveness, but cost is the big factor here and I simply can't afford pressurized CO2 right now. Besides which, I know that DIY methods can work on tanks my size, as I have seen it done on several of the Australian fish-keeping forums I frequent. The real challenge is finding out how! I know the basic rule is that the more lighting you have, the higher the demand for CO2 and micro/macro nutrients. The light I have for my tank is an LO T5 unit, holding two 28w bulbs. I have been advised on other forums that the efficiency of T5 lighting kind of throws out the watt per gallon rule, and that this lighting should do for all but the pickiest of plants (I'm not planning anything particularly demanding, anyway; I think Val is most likely the most demanding plant I'll have). So, given the size of my tank and the lighting provided to it, what would be an effective DIY CO2 set up? How many bottles should I use at once?; What size bottles should I use?; What quantities should I use in my mixture? I know all about how to build the DIY system, but I don't know what specifications I should be basing my design on to adequately service my tank. I'm sure there are people on here with the knowledge to help me do this - after all, making this hobby slightly more affordable is a challenge we all face! - so any advice would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Joe
  5. I moved my maingano to a larger tank. Hoping to add a few electric yellows for colour contrast once the tank settles. There are also BN living in here Only set up a few hours ago, so please excuse cloudiness. 4ft ~ Maingano & BN (4-5 electric yellows to be added once tank settles) The only plant used is Java fern. Substrate is shell grit/sand mix.
  6. just thought i would share my setup with everyone atm there are 25 dubs in the tank approx 5-6cms some are starting to show there bands
  7. Hey, I have a 4'x14" tank with orange spots. Just got a nice replacement tank and setting it up. How long should i wait before transferring the os's from the old tank to the new? I took the Cannister Filter off the old and am running it in the new to help get the water to how my guys like it. Any tips to make the whole drama a bit more comfortable for my little mates would be appreciated? Cheers G
  8. So the time has come to get my fish out of their little 50 litre tank and into a bigger one, the tank i have chosen is going to be either: HR-800 aquarium Dimensions: 800(L)x406(W)x545(H)mm Capacity:130L or HRC-1032 Dimensions:8 00(L)x438(W)x710(H)mm 200 L (depends if they can get stock) From Aquariums R Us at Meadowbrook. Bascially just looking on some advice for Filtration and lighting to suit the above tanks, both include stands and hoods. First up for Filtration i'm looking at either an Eheim 2213 or 2215, i'm leaning more towards the 2215, due to higher capacity if i get the taller tank, but my main concern is noise or hopefully lack thereof, as this tank is going to be installed in my bedroom, and not far from my bed, i don't want a loud hurricane keeping me up all night. Next question is on heating, looking at either a 200w or 300w Jager Heater, the tank can accomodate the larger heater (if i can get the tall tank) but will 300w of heating fury be overkill in a 200L tank ? Would the 200w be fine to use ? Also then the question comes to lighting, the only way i can see to go at this stage is a Sun Sun Fluro (600x200x60mm HFL-600 4x24W) to sit on top of the glass and under the hood, would the 4 bulbs be overkill on this tank ? or would i need the extra penetration of the light? At this stage plants are an option i am considering, but as to which plants i'm honestly yet to research. At the beginning of the tanks life it will be home to my current fish, 5 x Black Neons, 2 x Gouramis, 4 x BN Longfin. But in the future would like a nice school of a couple different of the tetras, perhaps Serphim and Rummy nose in addition to the existing Tetras in there, depnding on how the Gouramis go i would be looking for some other nice mid sized fish but only 3-4 max of them, and maybe 1 other small species of fish with 3-4 of them in addition to the BNs. Plants are a consideration as above, but i dont think i have the time or patience to look after them properly. Hopefully i havent caused too much confusion, just looking to get myself setup for a nice long time of looking after some fish Thanks in advance to any and all advice. Josh.
  9. hi all, i have bought acanister filter to replace the 2 hangon filters 4 my 42''x18''x18'' diplay tank, ok so here is my boggle {lol} where is the best place to put the intake and outake hoses, same end,, opposite ends,, does it matter, at the moment they are both at the same end of the tank and i have a powrhead at the other end blowing towards intake, any info would be very helpful, after all im am still a newbie thanks ant
  10. Hi Over the weekend i have decided to re-arrange my main tank display tank. Move around some fish try to mix things up a bit. I lack in the tank decoration area so i have come for some advice because i still think my tank look bare. Please critique my aquascaping tell me what i need to add/change should make it a tank that will stand out demand attention. I think the blue background needs to go but what background do i replace it with? In the tank i have 4 Brevis and 2 Comps and 1 hecqui. The dimensions are 3x1.5x1.5 What other fish can you recommend to add to the tank to add a bit more activity i was thinking cyps is my tank to small for them? Last thing is i have a FX5 still in its box. Would it be a whirlwind in the tank if i were to use this as a filter? After looking at these photos it depresses me how plain the tank looks please help me!
  11. 28L tank, setup to house some Endlers. Java fern and swords only at this stage. Cloudy still because i moved stuff and added stuff *L* (not a real clear pic, but ya get the idea)
  12. hay all i currently have a 4ft tank setup with 2 males and 4 female in the tank i currenlty have the BN 10 - 12 live plant gravle with plant substrate in it 2 logs and a large pice of drift wood and 3 saches or katapa leaf 2 x internal 800lph filters 1 x hang on 500lph filter i feed my Bn a mixture of cucumber (1-2 pices every 3 days) zhichine (1-2 pices every 3 days) flakes (once a day) and blood worms (once every 2 dyas or wen i remember lol) now my question is firstly am i missing anything and if i leave my bn fry int the Bn breeding tank will any of them get eaten and will the BN still breed with them in there. What size is a can i move them in to a different tank
  13. Im about to setup a Tang Display tank and im not sure what size to go ... I have $3000 to spend and that has to cover everything (ex fish) ... Here are my thoughts so far 6 x 2 x 2 cabinet and hood FX5 Eheim 2180 (i dont want a sump, and i will overstock so i want good filtration) Fluval / Eheim Internal Eco Complete Substrate 3 x 2ft lights - already have these 1 x 6ft moonlight - http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 3&catID=88 1 X 6ft fake rock background 2 x 2ft fake rock background - for the sides (not sure on these yet) UV sterilizer - http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 5&catID=51 not sure on this either Few questions ... 1) I know that UV will only kill water bound algae, but will it slow the growth on rocks, glass, etc seeing as its killing algae in the water ... 2) Anyone use those moonlights in a freshwater tank? Do they give a dull light? like the moon? (probably a stupid question 3) I may consider getting a larger tank 7 x 2.5 x 2.5, with a steel frame stand and get a cabinet built around it ... Whats the required glass thickness for a tank that size? still 12mm? Im sure there are lots of q's i've missed, but hopefully ill remember them later ... Any input is appreciated ... Hamza
  14. hey hey. although my fish keeping experience is certainly not of a 'beginers' status.. lol its been over 15 years.. i am stumped (pardon the pun lol) when it comes to my newly aquired massive piece of driftwood. ok, so i've had pletny of differnet tropical setups in the past, but i try (lol TRY) to make them setup in the style of takshi amano.. y'know.. like a little slice of nature.. where the fish are the 'birds' or insects in an underwater forrest..etc etc.. but just this week a good mate of mine has dumped a carload of beautiful driftwood on my lawn. one of the pieces is worthy of a complete makeover for my discus setup. the only problem is.. i've never had a big piece of wood like this before... its 3.5 ft in a 5 ft (by 18" w 20" high) tank. does anyone have some design pics or photos to reccomend me for lay out advice? like i still want it to look like a slice of nature so what plants do i need to get etc.... i have looked for days in takashi amano's books n my tfh mags but i'm not seeing anything that is quite what i'm after. do u guys have any advice or pics i could see where one piece of wood has been the total feature?? its like a twisted hollow log with a few holes in the sides too.. i wish i could post a pic but for some reason this photobucket concept doesn't work with me. thanks! much appreciated
  15. I've started a new planted tank, its going to take a while, as i just get some plants when i have the spare pennies. But its starting to come together. I have another couple of pieces of driftwood i'm hoping to pick up this week. There are no fish in this tank at present, though i do hope to get a school of ember tetras for it
  16. At the moment i have lost interest in most of my fish . I'm not planning on selling everything just most of my stuff. so here is the list including sizes (give or take a cm or so): breeding colony 4 or 5 kingsizei around 7cm, Breeding pair of neon spots around 6cm, 1 red zebra 10cm ,1 frontosa 15cm (missing most of his nose, defect at birth),2 afra cobwe 6cm,1 adult kingsizei 10cm,1 silver shark-20cm, breeding colony albino bnose 5-10cm(around 10) and some fry at 3cm, breeding colony of 5 or 6 mpanga's 10cm, breeding colony of 16 mpangas 5-7cm, 3 sailfin plecos around 10cm - 16cm, 3 gold spot plecos 10cm, 2 chocolate plecos around 15cm, some random cichlids, 2 pakistani loaches around 10cm, 1 pictus catfish, 1 crabro (has 1 really small eye, defect at birth) colony of 4/5 xenotilapia spilopterus around 10cm, a 9ft stand thats roughly 5ft high and 2ft wide made of steel, 10 sponge filters, assorted heaters (around 10)(25w, 50w, 100w) substrates are coral sand and gravel, 4ft rock plastic background, fake rocks and ship, 6 3ft tanks and 4 2ft tanks, air pump (LP40 * 50 litres pr minute * *50 litres pr minute, 40 watts *0.04Mpa *Includes 8 way plastic air divider *) various accessories. tell me what you think cheers gurds
  17. Gidday everyone I have purchased 12x4x1515 tanks and want to build a system,it will be a 3 teir system my questions are: 1.timber or steel stand ? I can build the timber stand myself or have a boiler maker mate that welds for 20 bucks an hour that can weld me one whats your opinions on both? and if I go with timber what size structual pine or hardwood would be best 2.I have a 38mm glass drill here which I have been told will drill a hole big enough to fit a 32mm bulkhead will this be big enough or should i go 40mm and buy a 42mm glass bit. 3.I dont like plumbing on the outside of systems so I was thinking of drilling the bottoms of the tanks and fitting internal standpipes with a strainer on top whats your experiences with this type of setup? would I drill the tank in the middle or at 1 end and then run the return into the opposite end? 4.The system will also include 3x4foot divided fry tanks that need to be plumbed into the system as well ,the tanks are divided into 1 foot cubes with no way to get water flow through them all. that will do for now I am sure I will have a heap more questions as it progresses will try and put pics up as I go cheers Hilly
  18. Hi All, I am thinking of setting up a Tanganyikan tank. i have had other rift lake tanks in the past housing Malawians & victorians but have decided to give tanganyikans a go. the fish I was looking at putting in the tank are as follows. I am looking for suggestions from others with better knowledge on stocking levels and compatibility or other general suggestions. I want to learn as much as I can about the tank before i put a drop of water in. Tank setup as follows: Fish: Altolamprologus calvus black Eretmodus cyanostictus kapampa Julidochromis dickfeldi Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "blue neon" Synodontis Bristlenose 220ltr tank (48"lx14"wx20"h) 1 eheim 2217 (i have a second 2217 if more filtration is required) All suggestions welcomed. Please feel free to tell me that I have no idea as I want to get it right for the sake of the fish.... an my wallet... Cheers Trav
  19. One day I'll learn how to take photos that are in focus. And can some one tell me how to get rid of the date stamp. I have no idea why it's showing the wrong date either. Definately took the photos early this evening. The tank. 24 inches by 15 inches by 24 inches. Current stock: 5 Dicrosus filamentosus - Checkerboard cichlid 3 Panaque maccus - Clown pleco 3 Otocinclus vestitus Tomorrow I'll pick up some rummynose tetras, and possibly a couple more otos. Some of my new Dicrosus filamentosus. Photo of the rear left of the tank. These guys are small, about half an inch long. I have no idea about male to female ratio at the moment. Will have to waite untill they mature. Two of my clown plecos, with a couple of the checkerboards poking around and snacking on an algea wafer. (Bottom left corner of pic.) Photo of the front right of the tank.
  20. hi everyone this is my setup i had befor i started breeding [img[/img]
  21. 4 footer 1 4 footer 2 Breeding 4 footer 3 My fantasy wife! Breeding 2 footer 1 Breeding 2 footer 2 had a 3 footer but it exploded! Pales in compare to the other peoples set ups!!
  22. Hi ppls got a new canister filter, my question is where should i setup the intake and outlet? as there is an internal filter in the tank. and i'v never owned a canister before and i'm not sure. Its a standed 4ft thanks tony
  23. Hi all Looking to set up another tank. My current experience is with Americans. Would love to go with Malawi cichlids for this one. Planning stages at the moment. !!WARNING!! Might be some dumb questions following. Looking for one in the family room where we can see it a bit more, (current tank is in the foyer). Have a very sturdy coffee table (solid timber 100mmx100mm legs) in a corner position. Possibility of a custom 700mm x 700mm, could go 700mm or 900mm high. Who could I get to make the tank, I think it would need to be at least 12mm glass, I like the frameless look with the polished glass edges, as opposed to the cover strips, how easy is this to achieve? Are taller tanks a pain in the A to clean? What cichlids could I have in this size tank, I like the Sciaenochromis fryeri. What substrate should I use, looks like most use calcium carbonate /crushed coral as a buffer to the standard Brisbane tap water. I promise there will be more questions. GS
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. not to long ago i decided to change it plants and schooling fish. after geting some plants and a peice of drift wool i finnaly got some fish to go with it and a nother plant lol. i got 4 albino tetras, 1 gold spot bn, 10 white tip black fin tetras, 5 zebra dinos, 4 glass redtail tetras. as soon as i opened the bag with albino tetras one sliped into the tank and down old humpheads throght lol. now 4 the pics after they finnish uploading gold spot bn gbn tank link to a funny video of all my clown loachs on a algie wafer then the eruptus comes and takes over (wacht hole thing happens at end) hope u like them
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