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Found 201 results

  1. hi guys we were over at aqauramma at stafford today and we seen these bloody awesome tanks with everthing in them some just for fresh water and some that are fresh and saltwater they have this big digital screen on them that operates many of the features the brand the brand is cleair aquatics now has anyone else seen these at all and what do you think of them are they any good or not they come in many sizes too
  2. I just bought a couple of 330gm soda stream gas bottles to start with co2 as I didnt want to buy a big bottle with are around $150sh so im using the soda stream bottles as they are small and ezy to get and will last about 2-4 months depending on how many BPS it uses
  3. Hey all, Please bear with me through this epic essay of my issues! The plan is a soft water acidic community aquarium consisting of a combo of Neons, Rams, Bolivian butterfly's, Bristlenose, Corys and a Krib (don't judge me, I must live out some childhood memories here before I move onto the more interesting stuff). So here I am, after three and a half weeks, my cycling is all done. All the time I've been trying to get my water parameters to a reasonable level and failing... miserably. Obviously having slightly acidic water would be a plus, though given the trouble I've been having, even getting to neutral would be fine. My parameters out of the tap pH 7.6-7.8 kH 3-4 gH 5-6 First up I tried a combo that was recommended to me that included Seachem Neutral Regulator and Acid Buffer. Whilst I had some success getting the pH down to 6.6, I kept finding the pH would be creeping back up to 7.6 after a day or two, no matter how much was added. Then I changed mot of the water and did an experiment using peat moss in the external canister, which also go the pH down to 6.4-6.6 with a kH of 0-1 and GH of 2-3, but with even a 10% water change the pH shot up to 7.6. Unless I use an ageing barrel, I can't see this working any other way, and even then, the lack of buffering would make me a little uncomfortable... Having somewhat given up at that point I thought that I'd just try Seachem Neutral Regualtor by itself. In a 50L test bucket it took about 10x the recommended dose to even get the pH from 6.6 to 6.4. Another fail! Someone on here recommended I try KH generator and pH down. I've yet to give that a go... Rain water really isn't an option for my in the current residence, though if I really tried, I could probably find a way to get a 240L wheelie bin attached to the drain pipe and hope it rains once a month... though it would be a pain. RO/DI water is my seemingly last obvious option. Would a combo of Seachem Acid Buffer and Alkaline Buffer in the correct proportions, along with Replenish be enough to keep that pH just under the sodding 7.0 mark? I'm willing to go down this route if there is no other way. Or I could just hope that the fish can adapt to my 7.6 water, and expect a few losses. I gotta say this is quite frustrating, and the inability to figure out a clear cut answer is getting to me. I swear most of life's problems aren't anywhere near as difficult as keeping my pH down at 6.8 :ballchain:Thank you for bearing with me. Any advice would be appreciated! Otherwise I might just have to hit up some native rainbows (which I'll get to anyways! ) Cheers
  4. Hello I have recently got hold of a nice 2' x 1' tank for a good price and want to set it up as a community tank. I have a list of fish I would like to keep, but realise they may not all be suitable for this setup. We already have a heap of Aulonocara, and this will be 'my' tank of variety I'm in the NT, so no heating required. Haven't got a kit to test water hardness, but we suspect it is on the harder side. I'd prefer not to use treatments to soften the water. Tap pH is 8.0 Filtration will be 500L/h hang on filter - already cycled on another tank Lighting - looking at back clip on Ista LED Energy Saving Clip on light 36cm (white) - $65.00 : On-Line Shopping, Australia Substrate - Pisces diamond black quartz gravel Plants - would like to, and especially if my chosen fish prefer plants Would appreciate suggestions on my list. I basically looked through LiveFish to see what I could get, but if I can get fish locally I will do that. I have done a bit of research already, and know I will need to rule some out, so am looking to narrow down the list really. The fish I really really want in there are: Guppies A shrimp or 2 X Black Ghost knife X not suitable Others I am considering that should work: Sucking catfish - suggestion welcome Tetras Red-tail shark Swordtails Others I would like, but probably won't work (please let me know if they would) Barbs (cherry, checkered, ruby, melon) - will tank be too small? Corydoras - need softer water, lower pH Glass catfish - get too big, tank would be too small Electric Blue ram - needs softer water, bigger tank? Killifish - prefer softer water Rasbora - need at least 8 fish, like softer water Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and was looking at getting some feedback on my setup. My brother originally gave me his 2x18x18 complete setup and I have since upgraded to the 3x18x18 Current inhabitants are as follows: 4x Angelfish 2x Sterbai Cory 3x Peppered Cory 3x Albino Cory 4x Clown Loach 5x Molly's 5x Moss Green Tiger Barb 1x Albino Plecostomus (Is this a just a fancy name for Albino Bristlenose?) 3x Blue Ram I know its a little overstocked, so i am in the process of building a sump for it. Not sure what the plants are called but I have cut a couple of them down and tied them onto new rocks I would love to get a nice piece of driftwood to place in the background and have a little more eye candy higher up in the tank Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions. Cheers Ant.
  6. I have started the conversion of my 260l system to marine, Got a bit of work to do yet, have re-sealed the bulk head yesterday & need to re work the inlet plumbing. Trying to do it on the cheap so I'll list what I've got & would like to see if it will be adequate for a reef setup.. Tank: 105x50x50cm Sump: 50x25x35cm Hardware: Tunze 6045x1 tunze 6015x1 Aquaone g220 skimmer Return pump rated 3000lph Light is heto al-48d (2 x36w t5) I would think just from turning the light on now I removed the diffuser would be good for zoos & mushrooms maybe a heliofungia? What would I need to beef up to run a decent reef, I could probably switch lights as I have a 120cm 6x54w t5 unit lighting my 6x2.5 CA cichlid tank That thing gets hot though & I'm not going to run a chiller at this stage
  7. I currently have a 4x2x2 and two canister filters one 2217 and a 2028 pro , I was wonder what you think the best way to set these two up would be , at the moment they are on the right hand side one on right side and other right hand corner facing towards the front of the tank and both intakes in left corner. What are your thoughts?
  8. As title states what's your dream tank setup, with what you want to stock it with. Ill start. 10x4x3 with Gpg motro rays and some cool Cathy's and a Albino Senegal bircha
  9. I am in the process of converting over my 6x2x2 tank to an African setup. Am thinking predominately Peacocks and Haps. The only current inhabitant is a large gold spot Pleco. The current PH is a steady 7.4. Should I be trying to increase this PH or will this be ok? Current substrate is fine gravel so would coral sand help increase this PH?
  10. Hey guys im thinking of selling my Tank. I'm not sure where to start or how much it is worth?. I,m new to all of this Aquarium stuff!, ( i think i jumped in to deep to fast).... It is complete setup (running) with fish and all. How do i go about advertising or even working out how much it is worth???? Tank is 10x2.5x2.5 with lids. Sub tank (filtration) 3x2x2 filled with 2000 bio balls and all the other goodies that go into a filter, with a super quit grundfos ups 35-80 water pump, 2x 4ft twin T5 lights, Massive air pump setup, approx 200kg gravel,wood etc..., 2x 70cm Golden perch, 2x 30cm Silver perch, 1x 25cm Sleepy Cod, 1x 40cm Barra. Tank has 10ft false rock background with 3 large rocks molded to background Tank Sits on heavy duty steel stand at eye level with a false wooden cabinet front with doors. Capacity of tanks is approx 1300L. Heaps more to add, all chemicals and stuff etc..... I will try and get some photos up if i can. Just wanted to know where i start to advertise this thing?? or what its worth???
  11. Hey guys & gals, I am currently in design for new reef tank and thinking of setting up chiller direct to display tank via dry pump setup and bulkheads from tank. One benefit i can see is if the main sump pump screws up the main tank temps shouldnt change as cooling will be done via separate lines. Has anyone else done this? Good or bad idea? Thanks in advance
  12. Set this up as a quick interim for the blue eyes but quite like it so they will stay here for a while before going to the ponds
  13. Hey guys just bought a new tank that was setup previously for salt water but i have no idea on how it all works: Gear that came with it: - 3ft tank, stand and hood - red sea prizm protein skimmer - fluval 205 external filter - 2 lights 1 water plant aquarium plant and 1 coral blue lamp, coral and invertebrates both are YZ-20W - around 20kg of salt 10-15 in a big bag and about 5-10 in a red sea coral pro salt - testing kit (Ph, Nh, No, Alt, Ca) - dead coral and sand what else would i need to get a basic setup was wanting to put the classic clown fish in it as a starting point. The guy we got it off said all we should need is a hydrometer and that should get us started. also how do you make the salt water as i have seen people use a reverse osmosis which looks somewhat expensive and technical, Do i need one?
  14. Crazy Pricing - Age of Aquariums - Aquapet Complete Starter Kit 14 Litres
  15. I am moving towns soon which is 4hours away. I will be taking all of the water with me. But unsure of what to do with the fish and corals/live rock. Any help would be mos appreciated.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hello fellow reefers, I'm looking to setup a new 300+ltr tank with a 100+Ltr sump. I currently have a 80ltr reef tank and would be looking to transfer any live rock and fish into it. Now this is a 2 part question 1, what am I going to need (mechanically) I'm tending towards a syphoning overflow box so I don't have to drill the glass. What would I need to setup the sump? 2, What costs am I looking at for setting it up excluding the actual tank contents (live rock, base rock and substrait) Any questions, comments questions and concerns are all welcome... Cheers, Matt
  18. the new setup, cant wait to get it finished just need to get another tank and drill some holes in the back of the stand to hide cords
  19. hey there people' over the next few weeks I thought that I would put my 3f setup at each stage of the setup. I'm doing a fishless cycle as its safer for my guys.. so over the next 3 to 4 weeks I'll try to keep this updated. starting with the water test of the tank... looks good no leaks sweet as. :-)
  20. So, I have a my old setup which is a 375 litre 4ft tank (I think it is 4x2x1.8ish high) and 5 2ft tanks on the top. And I want to put something different in the 4ft tank and use the 5 x 2ft tanks for grow outs. I want something that likes hard water around the 7.4-7.8 ph range (as then I don’t need to fiddle with water parameters) I can however remove the coral bits in the sump to make the water softer. The substrate is 3 quarters medium gravel and 1 quarter fine black gravel. (which could be changed but I don’t really want to replace the whole lot with sand) I am looking for something that will eat live fish like guppies or white clouds (the smaller guppies not the massive females) as well as the normal pellets I have looked at frontosa (but they would be too large for the 4ft in the end) and blue dolphins but they need a sandy or fine gavel bottom. And something that will be easier to sell fry. (don’t want to have to keep fry for months and months as no one ever wants them but that is risk you take) I do have around 13/14 electric yellows currently breeding in this tank (at least 3/4 females but not sure as I find them hard to sex at the moment) but I find them a bit annoying as they are very skittish (as the tanks are in the garage and I don’t hang out in there 80% of the time) I would look at moving these on to get something a bit bigger and that would kill everything it sees or if they can co-exist that’s ok as well. Also if someone wants to offer up some fry to grow out as they have too many or want to split a colony I am happy with that offer as well or even if you want to do a swap for the electric yellows (decent offers) I have put this in the general section as I am not sure if I want African or American or other species. Any suggestions are welcome
  21. hey guys its aussie hear again and just been making a few stands for a mate of mine that does full marine setups, I popped in to drop off a stand and my jaw hit the floor, still trying to get over it
  22. Hey guys bit of an update, haven't posted one in a while. The barra are around 50cm, eel tails between 40 and 50cm and cod around 35. I had a big male ray but he managed to jump through a tiny gap in the lids and was found dead on the carpet unfortunately. I tried to zoom in on the golden eel tails privates as they both have there tubes down alot, and one is alot rounder in the belly then the other. I can pat the barra, ill try get another video up when I can. http://s632.beta.photobucket.com/user/Keehan013/media/20130210_202207_zps253eac55.mp4.html
  23. Just a quick little video of my current setup taken last week. It's a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft with mostly American Cichlids.
  24. Hi all I am looking at setting up and breeding setup. I am looking at using 10 2ft tanks on a 2 tier stand. My question is to do with the best filtration setup. 1. Do i drill the tanks and use a sump? If so would a 3ft sump do the trick? 2.Or would not drilling them and use a system i found on this forum ? 3. Or do i use sponge filters and keep the tanks completely separate from each other and heat them individually? Also Just one other unrelated question Large flat stones for cichlid tank where to get them in brisbane ? Thanks in advance Doug
  25. So my tanks arrived on Sunday from Petfish, they are soooo sexy execllent work very happy with them. I will post a pic up of them soon. next thing to get is a stand. gone with pallet racking from ID trading. maybe picking it up on wednesday/thursday this week
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