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Found 201 results

  1. Hi all, After spending a few years on rainbowfishes, I've decided to give that a rest for now and venture deeper into keeping and breeding fancy goldfishes. Lately, I have been lurking on various goldfish forums & have been reading some very interesting discussion/sharing of pics of beautiful goldfishes on this forum. Definitely some awesome stuff being posted as of late My aim for this tank is to create a minimalistic aquascape with various ferns, rocks and mosses and also obtain some high quality goldfishes for this tank. I'm particularly like the look of chinese styled orandas and the 'UK standard' veiltails. As most goldfish keepers will know, finding quality fish in Australia might be difficult but there are the occasional imported stunners. Anyhow, here are some specs & some brainstorming/plans Dimensions: 6x2x2 Filtration: Ehiem Classic 2117 Lighting: 4ft (2X54W) T5HO fixture & 2ft (2x24W) T5HO fixture Heating: 300W Jager (probably not required however it might come in handy when used to induce spawning) Substrate: Aggregate Sand Hardscape: Large round-ish river stones (will purchase at local landscape supplies) Flora: -Microsorum pteropus -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Vesicularia montagnei (christmas moss) -Anubias nana Fauna: -4 x orandas -4 x veiltails -possibly include pom poms & ranchus if the ehiem 2217 can handle it. I am looking for a lower maintenance set up so will be stocking sparingly. Here are just some initial pics after the tank was nuked with bleach and hydrogen peroxide this morning I don't know if its just me but having an empty tank just excites me heaps; all the planning & researching involved etc. Filled with water Inspiration - love the minimalistic effect of this scape. Simple yet tranquil-like and relaxing. Being a plant lover, I will be certainly be adding more plants to the scape. Anyhow, will keep yous all updated Cheers, John
  2. Hi Guys, I have nearly finished building my new racking for my breeding setup, with this being said, I will have 3 x 3ft tanks and a sump left over that I am not going to be using, so I thought I would put my breeding bristlenoses into them. What I am wondering is if there is anything different that I need to do with the sump, it is currently used for African Cichkids and currently the sump has sponge, bioballs, noodles and coral in it, should any of this be changed? At the moment I only have a pair of common bristlenose, I may later add some cherry shrimp, but unsure at moment. Any advice would be good. Cheers C
  3. Hello this is my aquaponic setup bathtub has goldfish in it suppling the other tub tub media is 20mm gravel and works as a food drain system just planted plants
  4. Hey guys, Just a quick question, maybe someone has encountered the same thing as me. I recently acquired myself a Red Sea CO2 Pro setup, and I got it up and running with results in a day. That was 2 days ago, and then this afternoon when I was at my desk studying I heard "tshhhhhhhh" and thought immediately "awwwwwww noooooo..." Went over and turned the CO2 off at the bottle and disconnected the regulator. Ever since that happened I haven't been able to reconnect the regulator to the bottle without gas escaping. I have tried using the (supplied) washer both ways on the connector, I have tried tightening the connection, I have tried loosening the connect. But every which way I connect it up I get (a lot of) gas leaking. The washer doesn't seem damaged / out of shape, but my father said I probably just need a new washer. I am happy to buy a new one for a couple of dollars, but is there something I am missing that could see me get my CO2 back in action by tomorrow before I can drive to a shop on the weekend to buy a new one (probably Redcliffe homebrew centre)? Cheers in advance guys, Mark.
  5. Hi all, New to the forum, looking at getting a new tank and stocking with Cichlids. Currently have 4 Mbuna (1 Cobalt Blue, 1 Electric Yellow, 1 Red Zebra and 1 Maingano) in a smallish tank, and it's time for a new home for them. Below is the list of equipment I plan on buying.. I have a decent budget and want to get things right the first time. If you wouldn't mind having a read and giving any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Tank 5ft x 18in x 20in - Full wooden enclosed stand and hood. Approx 350L, though it will be filled about an inch from the top, plus lots of rocks and substrate, so more like 300L or less of actual water. Filtration 2 x Eheim Pro3 2075 Full "Installation Set" for each filter, to make it a little more snazzy and versatile. I'm thinking dual 2075's as opposed to the 2080 for a bit more flow, the ability to alternate filter cleaning, and to make cleaning a bit easier (I don't think the Mrs would appreciate cleaning the 2080 when I'm away!) Heating Hydor Inline heater/s. Unsure of whether or not to get 2 and put one on each filter outlet or not. Thoughts? 200w vs 300w? Lighting 1 x Marintech Lumimmense2 4ft LED light from here. I know it's probably overkill, but i like the idea of varying the intensity and having the light cycle programmable, plus it allows room for expansion later on.. (maybe I'm trying to justify it to myself, I don't know!) Rock and Substrate Looking to get about $200 worth of lava rock (maybe more) from here. Should that be enough? What sizes would you recommend for a 5ft? Also thinking of going with Pool Filter Sand, and using some coral in the filters to help buffer. I've read a ton on the different options, and ideally an Aragonite base for Cichlids would be great, but it's proving hard to find and expensive. I'm just thinking of using blue or black contact for the back of the tank. Anyone care to give an opinion on a good faux background for this size tank? Lastly, regarding stocking, I'm thinking of having around 20 or so Mbuna for this tank. Keeping in mind the current fish I have already (stated above), can I ask for some advice on what to add? Just want it as colourful as possible, without anyone killing each other! I know it's a big ask for a first post, but like I said, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Adam
  6. Hi All I was just enquiring as to what is best Air pump for a 7 to 10 multiple tank set up ? I was looking at a Hailea 9720 or a Resun 60 ? Eg most efficient power wise an quietness ? Any help would be much appreciated. As only new to this
  7. So for sometime now my partner and I have been playing with the idea of incorporating an aqua-ponics scheme that could work within our current hatchery setup. I love the concept that we end up with herbs and vegetables as a by-product of our fishkeeping. It has been a steep learning curve as most new ventures are. I am wrapped with results so far. We are experiencing great growth and massive increase of root mass. This week has been the first opportunity to sample some of the produce. They were some very powerful chillies. A wide shot of one of the aquaponic setups. Basil, lettuce and chillies Root mass being investigated by an Azureus male. Lettuce, perpetual spinach and silverbeet. Plant-lings growing on the Poret foam Basil growing on the Hamburg Matten Filter.
  8. Hey guys, My Mum came over the other day to check out my 4ft fish tank and she was smitten. She wants one the same size that she can set up on the decking out the back of their house, and she wants COLOUR by the bucketload. Can anyone suggest some fish that would work well for her? I really don't know anything about Americans and would like to look into some species that she might be interested in. Ideally: -Colourful -Fairly easy to care for -Don't get huge (would have to fit in a 4ft and I'm assuming she'd like atleast 15-20 in there) Any other pointers with American's would be handy too. Do you need some of each? Or can you have an all male display with one fish from lots of species? Cheers.
  9. Hi guys I've been thinking and decided that I wanted to start to setup a small breeding setup for bristlenose for my first time. The only problem is that I have heard if I setup in a room that the walls and ceiling will go mouldy. Is there a way that I can setup in a room that won't do this or any other problems. I was thinking of setting up 2x 4 Fts divided in 2 and 1x 4ft for colony and a few 2fts for grow out and spares. Otherwise if there would be some easier ways or some ideas on how I can do this please help thanks Anthony
  10. So this might seem crazy but want to do it as I like the satisfaction of knowing that I built something. I have just finished a three tier stand 3x2ft which will be a combo of display and breeders ATM first tier will be three 2x1x15inch tanks for fry second will be a 2x2x15inch for my small colony of bicolor peacocks and another 2x1x15inch possibly a pair of calvus not sure yet. But for the top level I have the ability of putting a 1020mmx620mm tank which will house the small festae I have for the time being. So here is my idea I have a old 4x18x18 which I thought I could strip down cutt the two sides down to 1020mm cut the base in half to make to 600mm ends and then use some glass I have to make the new base. The tank is 6mm will this be enough I know that glass thickness is mainly based on height but just want to make sure it dosent need a thicker base or something. So final tank would measure 1020mmx620mmx450mm high Thanks Clint
  11. I am interested in purchasing a 2nd hand marine setup all ready to move on growing coral and adding fish. Needs to be minimum 4ft with full cabinet. Ideally sump/skimmer/chiller/lighting etc. Will consider live rock and stock also. If anyone knows of any systems under $2,000 that are available please contact me. Must be Gold Coast or Brisbane (ideally south).
  12. Just thought I would add a video of my tank
  13. Hey Guys, Im looking into buying a 6x2x2, the thing is its pre drilled with 4 holes in the back at the top it says inside diameter of the pipes at the back is 24mm..... now the thing is the tank does not come with a sump nor the piping. This is where im looking for help, Ive been reading around and i know the basics about sumps but where do i acquire a sump and as there are 4 holes drilled in the tank im guessing 2 are for out and 2 are for in, as for the 2 for sump output would i run 2 return pumps in the sump or 1 pump into 2 lines? Any help would be greatly appreciated this is the first time for me trying to work in a sump, Thanks Jason
  14. Hey guys/gals, Just been given a tank dimensions 920mm x 460mm x 300mm So roughly 125L. Wanting to do some aquascaping and maybe put in some tetras. Could anybody please let me know roughly what filter, heater, air pump i should be looking at for this tank. Any help greatly appreciated - newbie here. Cheers
  15. Am looking at getting a blue planet atlantis 140 and setting it up as a marine tank. Ive never had marine just tropical and americans. Can you suggest a protein skimmer or chiller i would need and anything elsei need? Thanks
  16. Hi All, I'm new to the forum after deciding to setup my tank again since moving to Brisbane about 6yrs ago. I am looking to setup the tank as a Tanganyikan tank but I'm looking for some guidance on stocking as I've never kept Tanganyikans before. I was looking at the following species. 4 (1m/3f) Altolamprologus calvus black 2-4 Julidochromis transcriptus 2-4 Lamprologus occellatus gold 6 Neolamprologus pulcher 8-10 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Filtration will be with 1 (maybe 2 if needed) Eheim 2217's. I plan on creating a rock stack with sand/aragonite/shells as substrate along with a few plants (if possible) Please let me know your thoughts Cheers Trav
  17. Just finished setting up my new breeding tanks. This is my first time getting some tiers tanks and using a sump so was an exciting project. Gave the stand a new splash of paint (pretty happy with how it turned out.) tanks are 4ftx 15x15. But divided so its 6 2ft tanks. and filtered by a sump. which is 2.5ft long I think. Plans are to put my albino longfin trio in one tank and try some peps in another. Would like to get a pair of blue rams and maybe try apistos. Maybe have one dedicated to shrimp. Will house my lower crs grades here if I have a spare tank.And maybe an angel pair. Would like to have at lease one or two grow out. any ideas for stocking? ph will be low. 6-7 so want fish to fit in there. Having some issues with the sump and plumbing at the moment. My dad an I did a silly thing an cut the stand shorter. Thought that was great so it would be easier to reach the top tier on a ladder. But now I dont think the water drains quick enough to the sump, and the return pump is far to strong so have it pumping half back into the sump. I think it finally works now. It used to drain to much water out of the sump before it can get through the system back into the sump. It every so slowly gets a lower and lower water level in the sump return part. Tweaked the taps a bit so I think its not changing levels now. hopefully I wont wake to overflowing tanks! Might have to sit the stand on a the off cuts so its a bit higher than the sump. anyway here are some pics
  18. Due to a change in locations I've had to move the pond set up "indoors" and so now the guys are in some tanks instead of the great outdoors...much easier to take pics though!.... anyways here are some of the new set up Im using for the young(teenager)ranchu....bit of credit goes to Wolfgang for the awesome plants and to Mat(matmatmat)too for the great idea of creating "islands" of plants with larger pebbles to stop the guys from getting into any substrate holding the plants in place...
  19. Hi all, is there much risk in drilling a full existing 8x2x2 for a sump vs it being empty? I guess the title should read 'Set up'.....
  20. mangrove jack fully set up | Other Pets | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Deagon
  21. As the title suggests I am looking at building metal stands for my breeding setup, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should use that is cost effective and will be structurally sound? Any suggestions are welcome.
  22. Hello I just built my tank stand and put my 1st tank in it. I thought I would show it off a little and show my progress as I build it, and be known as a good breeder(time and patience) as i do more and more my obsession grows more intense. The stand fits 6x 4ftx1.5x1.5 made out of aluminium 50x50x3. The frame is TIG & MIG welded together The tank currently holds 7 fish, 2 male, and 5 female Iceberg Electric Blue Cichlids. They seem to be pretty happy darting and spinning in the salt that I added to the fresh rain water. I hope you like my photos. I would love to hear from you
  23. Tanks are out sides are 2 fts, middle tank 2x2x1. Will be using middle tank as breeding tank for bn filter is sponge and a Ehiem 2213 ,If I can get some breeding the outer tanks will be for fry, with two sponge filters on each tank. Any ideas.. Tips
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