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Found 201 results

  1. Picked up a 4' tank setup for $60 as the Tank corner was cracked from top to bottom. Wolfgang done a fantastic repair to tank and SSdiscus supplied 7 discus for the tank and all the knowledge that I needed. Took it home and setup up a waterproof 12v led light system in lid, there is a dimmer control witch regulates down to moonlight setting and is full remote controlled. Filter system is at back of tank on top and treated as if it is small river system.
  2. hi everyone, first thread started here but love the forum, already bought a few fish from members for my 4ft planted tank. I would like to have some help with a breeding setup i recently bought. (second hand no way i have enough money for a new one but it is a start) i have been slowly setting it up with plumbing cleaning etc etc. I would like to know what fish i should start breeding. I would love to get some freebies as i dont have heaps of cash atm to start buying breeding pairs etc and my wife would go nuts if i spent heaps of money on fish atm. (second child in coming) anyway here are the dimensions of the tanks 2x 1x1x2 foot tanks 3x 1x1.5x2 foot tanks 1x 4x2x2 grow out tank i was thinking of using the 2x 1x1x2 as BN breeder (1 male to 2 female) and one of the 1x1.5x2 as an angle fish breeder. the 4ft grow out tank i was going to have the fry in there once they get big enough etc. so what should have in the other 2 1x1.5x2 foot tanks? I was thinking of having a PH of around 6.5 for the angles and as i am running a sump the other fish would need to be around the same PH. I am looking for something that isnt too difficult to keep/breed and something a little more exocit than guppies or mollies also once i have built the system and have run it for a week or so i may have a few spare tanks. will exchange for fish that maybe close to breeding but yeah ill create a new post in the exchange area. Thanks heaps guys Gareth aka yoshi
  3. hey guys i have a 165L tank, which is 85 x 44x 58 (i think) which Africans does not matter i am thinking some alto Calvus and Alto Comp i am mainly thinking tangs, looking to be able to keep these fish in the tank for life any suggestions help thanks
  4. Hi all, Boss wants to upgrade work tank into a planted setup, can anyone help me with a rough price for a c02 setup suitable for tank 1200x600x450, running 2 x Aqua One 1200lph canisters? Any help appreciated.
  5. Hey I'm putting together a tier setup which will consist of a 4/2/2 then 4x 2/1/1.5 on top running at 90 degrees to 4ft if that makes sense this will all run thru a 4/1.5/1.5 sump. This will be my first tier setup and was wondering what gap do people suggest between the four foot and the two foots I was thinking somewhere between 20-30cm I want good access to the main tank however the higher I go the less access I'll have to the top tanks. Any advice would be great thanks
  6. Hey Guys, I'm starting to dip into Marine today! I have my tank ready, and now I'm just uhmming and ahhing about what type of water to use (Before you say it, yes i know it has to be salt water) lol. I have been doing some reading, and pricing RO units and now I'm stuck.... I want to do it 100% the best way I can, but we're having some money issues and I probably wont be able to get a RO unit for a long while. I have a 400litre tank. Should I hold off and leave it empty and get a RO unit to fill it in a few months? Or buy RO water (where should I buy it from, I'm in Upper Mount Gravatt and how much is it)? Or just use tap water and balance it out... Help me? I will of course be getting an RO unit for water changes after the initial fill as I really don't want to chance the council "accidently" tripling the dose of chlorine in it. Any help would be awesome guys. Beau
  7. Firstly I'd like to say I haven't done this before. So there will be "dumb" questions and I'd love lots of opinions I've been thinking for quite some time about marine fish and tanks! For $300 would I be able to set up a marine tank? If so how would I do it? I was thinking 3ft long x15"W x 18"H plastic tank(curved edges). With a dwarf lionfish(always loved them. IMO there a unique fish). I know very little about marines so all help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance, ash.
  8. :confused:Hi, After a lot of searching I have now aquired 2m and 4fm breeding size peppermints, I am know asking the forum members what setups they have used for their breeding colonys. I have sourced and secured a lot of drift wood that I can use in the tank as well as a number of manufactured caves. I also have about 60kg of double washed mary river sand as well as copious amounts of Coffs Harbour gravel. As far as filters go I plan on using sponge filters with the tanks plumbed into a sump. (Breeding tank is 4ftx2ftx2ft and a 5x2x2 as a grow out tank) I want to setup my tank right the first time and appreciate any help and advice the community can give me. Thanks:confused:
  9. Hey everyone. I recently upgraded my setup from a single 6x2x2, all-in American community tank, to a multi-tank, sumped, species-only setup and I thought I'd put up some (read: a lot) of pictures to show it off. Here's the whole thing: Top: 3x2x2, 4x2x2 display tanks Bottom: 3x18x18 Sump, two 2x18x18 fry growout tanks 3ft: 4ft: I would decorate the 4ft more, but the Jags already pick up and move that big log around so aquascaping seems pointless. In the 3ft I have a pair of Melanarus (apparently Vieja Synspilum recently got reclassified to Paraneetroplus Melanurus, which is fine by me). Female:
  10. Hi, I'm still new (about 8 months) to the addictive fish game and learning heaps by people and by reading. I'm running 3 seperate tanks atm and seem to be doing it fine. I just brought a breeding set up of 6 tanks which 2ft by 2ft by 40cm high. this on a 3 tier rack. 5 of the 6 tanks have a divider so I can run 10 tanks of 1ft by 1ft and a 2ft. I have heaps of Biochemical Bio Sponge Filters which are going to running through a High Volume Air Pump 3400L/H HT-650 HIGH VOLUME AIR PUMP 56.6 litres pr minute Whisper quiet and extremely reliable 65 watts 35kpa Now this is the bit I'm confused on: since this setup isn't running on a sump system, what would be the best way to run it????? Do I need to buy 11 filters for all the tanks? Would the Biochemical Bio Sponge Filters be enough to run it without filters? I'm really unsure and bottom line trying to save on the power bill when this is setup and still want to have clean tanks for all my fish I want to breed in quality water. Any help or links which could steer me in the right direction would be great. Thanks in advance
  11. Howdy all, I've just recently moved house and i wanted to setup a few tanks i had on an air pump i bought from redlands over a year ago ( Pond One 8000 which produces 4200l/hr or 70l /m ). It was only used mildly at my old place so its still basically brand new. My questions are, I have it trying to run 19 sponge filters at the moment ( no tanks are 2ft deep ) , should this pump handle this fine? Because at current i have each sponge individually valved and have them on minimum flow however i have another 4 sponge filters for 2 other 2ft tanks which i did want running but it does not seem to be enough air. Am i trying to stretch to much? Or is maybe my setup a big fail lol ? I have my pump running off to 13mm poly pipe in a square loop with points for all sponges ( which are each valved ) . I tried adding the extra 4 sponges on however nothing, Ive also tried raising some of the sponges but that actually sometimes cuts allot of them off. Does anybody know whether i may need a bigger air pump or my setup is completely wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Sean
  12. I am looking in to seting up a frontosa tank 7Lx2Wx2.5H and was woundering what you's think on filltration i want a sump but what is the best stuff to put in there to cover all bases? example Poly filter, marine pure, protein skimmer????? Any hints or tips would be good. Thanks in advance. Josh
  13. So VERY VERY excited now to decide what strains I want to breed and if it is easier to buy down here and risk the journey (14hrs drive) to new house or easier to get shipped to new house..... Suggestions welcome!
  14. I broke the ceasefire on getting any new breeding stock today. I wasnt planning on it, and was trying to be strong. Really I was. But it was no use......... All day long a pair of nigerian red taeniatus were taunting me at work. I pointed them out to a dozen customers at least, in the hope they would save me from buying them. But nobody did. Leaving me with no choice but to buy them. Which meant moving around almost every fish in my fishroom to free up a 4 foot tank. Which now has nothing but a pair of nigerian red taeniatus in it + some driftwood + some broken flower pot + some java moss + an unknown remaining number of cherry shrimp. No pictures as I am stuffed lol Later tho. For now I just wanted to tell someone. I got the best looking god dam kribs ever. Feels good man! Hopefully not long now and I will see some of this action......
  15. Picked up 5 tetras yesterday, all seemed fine in the shop. Put them in the tank when i got home and 1 really didn't look healthy after 30 mins, found him dead this morning. Another one had developed a spot on it's tail by morning. I have a 1ft tank, filled 3/4 of water from an existing tank and 1/4 new water. 3 sponge filters (1 been in a tank for a while, 1 in a tank for a week and 1 new one), no gravel. I set the temp to 26. I did have a light on the tank and turns out it generates more heat than i thought, got the tank up to about 28 I've got a picture from this morning, trying to get an updated one but they keep hiding from me! I was going to put some treatment in but held off, the spot seems to be shrinking so i'll give it another day. I don't have a reading from this morning since i locked myself out my place and was late to work, going to get some readings later but need to duck out quickly. So is that the right setup for a quarantine tank or did i stuff it up? I was told they can be hard to move and i'm wondering if it was that. Would the white spot transfer to the other fish if it didn't shrink?
  16. First Tank given to me for My birthday last year First Fish "Mouse" Filter Upgrade
  17. hi everyone i want to change my tank setup as i have bought some new sand and dw and want to know how i would go about it with my fish becuse i want to take the tank outside and clean it and put new substrate in and stuff what do i do with my fish ?? thanks
  18. HI EVERYONE! just got myself a 5 by 2 by 2 tank. 3d rock latex background, . tank is about 540l canister filter pro aqua job 2000l per hour spraybar from filter into tank sitting above water. and a aqua one little air pump with a 10inch air stone. need help with the ph as such it is when i test it a dark blue how much ph down should i use??
  19. Hi guys, thought i would share my new project, I plan on starting it Wednesday after i relocate a few fish. I also need to do some repairs on a leaky 2ft i have but i really want to have it all circulating before i leave for work on thursday week. Background: I have dabbled with breeding on and off for a while now, but really wanted to have something that is a little easier to look after by my wife and kids while i'm away for work. I work up in the mines on a 14 days on, 14 days off roster so ideally i would do all the maintenance while t home just leaving the feeding to my wife/kids while at work. I decided to build a 4 shelf stand with 3 shelves for tanks and the top shelf for airpumps/testkits etc. The idea is to have a 3 or 4 ft sump on the lowest shelf, almost floor level, my 5ft x 18 x 18 in the second shelf, and 4 2ft tanks on end on the 3rd shelf. currently i have all the tanks except for the sump, and the 2ft tanks are allready drilled with 19mm returns. I have to get all the timber/fittings, all of the plumping, and of course everything i need for a the sump including a pump. (although i could get away temporarily with using a 3500l/h one i have atm). I have been racking my brain, trying to come up with a design for the stand that would be stable enough to hold all the tanks, but still be as cheap as possible (gotta keep the better half happy) So far the ideas i have are,,,, using 90mmx45mm timber (maybe overkill, might go back to slightly smaller timber), 4 uprights, 8 crossbeams (4 at front, 4 at back) bolted together, then 4 or 5 shelf supports running horizontally from front to back on each shelf. also was going to add a couple of supports running between the first 2 shelves, and maybe even at the back on the second shelf. then some decent quality shelves to suit. Each shelf will be a little over 5ft long and 2ft deep, to accommodate the 2ft tanks on the top shelf. With the plumping i have been toying with the idea of running 13mm inlets to each of the 2ft tanks, and 19mm returns. but i may need to increase this to 19mm/25mm. The 5 ft tank will be 2 x 19mm returns, and 1 19mm inlet. The sump ideally will be a 4ft, i have yet to get a suitable tank, but i will be building the baffels myself. will keep you guys updated, and if you have any advice/ideas please let me know. Tim
  20. Hi guys thought i might share some pictures of my new 3 ft setup (havent finished) and my new guppies. Not the best pictures but ohwell . Hope you enjoy. Jesse http://s1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc497/Jesse_henrik/?action=view&current=DSCF3713.jpg http://s1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc497/Jesse_henrik/?action=view&current=DSCF3707.jpg http://s1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc497/Jesse_henrik/?action=view&current=DSCF3706.jpg http://s1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc497/Jesse_henrik/?action=view&current=DSCF3704.jpg http://s1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc497/Jesse_henrik/?action=view&current=DSCF3703.jpg
  21. Hey guys im about to set up a 6x2x2 Frontosa set up. And im having dramas on how im going to scape it. I have just brought an awesome 3D background but i will also want some rocks and stuff in there. So if you can post your pics that would be great. Cheers.
  22. Hello iam new here but looking into setting up a tank that runs on 12v dc power as in battery which charges with solar/wind turbine to power a 12v pump. I have 3 cpu water coolers not sure on the flow rate but thinking of using these as they have a long life just wondering if anyone else has setup a fish tank that costs nothing to run .
  23. Just an update on stuff Saturday morning Gary (wickky) came over and picked up his 4ft Headed over to Aquariums To Go and Phil loaded up the tanks all by himself! Got a 4x3x20 tank and a 4x3x20 sump Came home and Hamza and Tony (bones80) were here and we spent the day setting it up and plumbing it all Only the 4x3x20 sump was setup and plumbed to the two 3x18x20 and 6x18x18 tanks Then after that I went over to Garys place to pick up the off spec matrix he went to buy from RPC for me Today I plumbed the 2fts to the 3ft sump and it's all running now Had a bit of a problem, the outlet of the bottom 2ft tank kinked and restricted the drainage and had the tank overflow lol but not a problem in the garage! That's just a bit of old carpet anyway
  24. Hi got my new breeding setup it consists of 6 tanks each tank is 2x18x18 including the sump being the same size, the tanks sit on a two tier 6ft long black wooden stand. while the sump sits on the floor next to the setup. One thing my wife made clear was the sump had to have a cover and look decent. having 7 kids running around the house i dont blame her for wanting this. Ok so ive decided to do a makeover of the exterior of the stand and build a hood to cover top tanks and of cause a cover for the sump. So here is a few picks of befor and to date (not finished yet sat 8th aug) As i got the setup
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