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Found 201 results

  1. Hey guys, Im new to planted and SA tanks so need advice, sorry for long winded post :B In a couple of days i will be picking up my 2ft tank and cabinet, and would like some ideas on how i should set it up. The complete setup will be a fair while down the track, because i dont have the money now to do it. i would probably dedicate...$350 to this setup, including everything needed to add on to the tank and cabinet. ive already bought the tank! 1) Filtration and lighting: What filter should i use?? the tank, as i recall is about 68 litres. the stocking is going to be medium to minimal, plus lots of plants. I was thinking a small canister, but for a good one of those=$$$ so im open to any suggestions. Lighting, i have a wall mounted 20 LED reading light above where i want the tank (it was a desk area) but obviously i will need more. i was thinking a 1.5- 2 ft t8 single bulb light. Apistos dont like as much light, but plants do so need your opinions and suggestions. 2) Plants and decor: I have a nice-ish piece of wood, that I wanted to drill holes in and plant java fern in. wanted lots of java fern, anubias, amazon swords and a type of grass thing for part of the floor, maybe some vals for the back/corners. Can you suggest some plants for this? Also im not sure about substrate, i need a substrate thats good for plants but looks good with apistos too. the choice substrate for apistos is sand right? so what substrate can you suggest?? and depth? I was thinking about some indian almond leaves too, but im not sure if it would look good with lots of plants. Also im not sure about Co2, plants that dont need Co2 would be good. 3) Stocking: So Apsitogramma cacautoides was what i wanted and are available. they are labelled as Blood red, and the pic is cool. this is off Livefish.com. thats where i would get my plants as well. anyway i was thinking 4-6 Juvie apistos (wouldnt mind breeding them) with BNs as well as a type of dither, not sure on that, have to see what i like and whats available. Would these work?? Food? oh and i want to try cherry shrimp too 4) Water: I have slightly acidic rain water available to me, but not in the biggest supply. my main tap water is out of a concrete tank, so its buffered to like 8.0, which is great for tangs, not so great for apistos. How do you get the water down to the right values? what values would you reccomend for these fish and plants? i also decided on cacautoides because they are suposed to be an easier apisto, great for beginners like me! If i remember anything else i want to know i will post again!! Thanks for any help, its all appreciated!!
  2. Here are some pictures of my LED setup; Tank: 5x2x3 ft Lights: 6 lights - containing 28 x 1W leds and 1 piece focus lens + heat sink (total about 170W) attached them to the Aluminum angle myself i have bee running them for about 6 months now and the plant growth is probably twice as good as when i was running 2 Hagen T5HO 4ft lights with dual 54W bulbs each - total about 216W. more pictures to follow
  3. im looking at setting up a 3 level breeding setup for some apisto/s was thinking 8ft wide 2ft deep that would give me two lower tanks 4ft with dividers for grow outs middle section 2ft tanks side by side not end to end and top tank for aged water for a/wc drip feed bulk heads in all tanks for auto drain drilled base for manual drain all separate running sponge filters possible canisters on lower tanks when fish are larger anybody have any plans or pictures all be metal stand no dramas fabrication wise just want to get tank setup right first time thanxs heaps dean
  4. Hey guys, I have just gotten my first barra and having done a bit of researching,some sources are saying they do better in a brackish enviroment...Just looking for some opinions,experiences.I am aware they can live in a freshwater set up but if they prefer a brackish enviroment then I would look at setting this up.Also best tank mates for a brackish set up?...would scats be ok with this guy and are there any other big guys that could go in a brackish that are native?....
  5. I am planning a build for the near future. It is going to consist of 2x 6ftx2ft 2Tier stands. Each stand will have: L1800mmxW600mmxH500mm on the top 540L L1700mmxW600mmxH500mm on the bottom 510L So all up the system is going to be about 2100L + sump capacity. The Top of the top tanks are going to be about 1700mm from the ground and the sump will most probably be sitting on the ground. I am curious to know what people recommend for: Sump Tank Size (Capacity, Dimensions) Sump Pump Size / Brand (LPH, Effiecient Brand) Bulk head Size I was thinking...... 3x2x2 or 3x2x20 for the sump tank (will this be big enough?) 8000-10000LPH sump pump (will this give me sufficient flow for 4 tanks with 2 of them being at 1.7m?) 2 x 25mm bulk heads per tank (will this be enough to drain the flow i need?) Im just curious what others think as i dont want to build it and realise it doesnt work how i want. Also can anybody recommend a good fair priced welder and tank builder to build the necessary Tanks/Stands? Any help would be great.
  6. thought id share a pic of my setup [ATTACH=CONFIG]10199[/ATTACH]
  7. Hey guys just set this up as my JD's started breeding and I purchased a peppermint bristlenose breeding trio off "vegasmick" So hopefully they start breeding soon. The tanks 90x37x45 LWH Halved with a glass divider I have 2 big sponge filters 1 Eheim 2213. inlets on the JD side and the return spray bar on the Pepp side so theres a bit of a return flow and because theres a small gap at the bottom and side of the divider the water circulates pretty well Older style jager heater 2foot aquaone light Piece of driftwood either side Terrecotta pot for JD's 2 logs for the Pepps. Full view Pepp side JD's in there pot Sorry about the quality of the pics. Enjoy
  8. 1st catfish tank setup.. playing with diff ideas at tho mo. would be great ta c some other pics of some other catfish setups let me no what uz think
  9. what filtration should i use simple bucket of bio balls and some material to polish the water and return pump ?? thanxs
  10. Alf & Anita's Killi page 3.0
  11. i have a complete 6 foot tank, aqua one 1000 external filter and another hang on filter. with a roughly 35 centermetre saratoga jadini. the stand is a proper cabinet looks realy good. need to money for a car. would anyone know how much roughly i could get for this set up, comments would be great.. thanks
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. soo now i have all i need for my setup all be it after i repair my new tank after i cracked it getting it home, what do i have to do with 1. the old live rock ? 2. sump old creatures died after cyclone soo what do i need to do have cleaned out all the old sand from the fuge their are bag of filter materail also ? thanxs guys and girls
  14. Gidday all, got an question if any body can help. I recently bought an Aqua One Pond One O2 plus air pump 8000 ( 70l/min ) Air pump from redlands. Basically its for all the sponge filter setups and any extra airstones i want in my fishroom/garage. Now ill attach some quick pics i took off my phone to try and explain. Please excuse the mess in the photos lol Basically the pump sits in a corner attached to 13mm black poly pipe, straiught up the wall to a 90 degree corner onto the ceiling then runs across the celing to a loop in the middle then continues and curves around the other side then ends with a open/close valve thing i had. Now this was just all trial as i had read somewhere about having to have a loop but wasnt sure where, plus i have the valve on the end to release excess air so theres no back pressure. My problem is at the moment its running 12 medium sponge filters and 2 extra large ( in the ibc raised up as so not too deep) and im having problems with uneven air flow in select sponges etc Ive cleaned them out so its not because of blockages etc , I was hoping someone may have some useful help for me so i can get it working 100% as it was all trial and error pretty much. Any questions please ask Thanks Sean
  15. Evening all I am going to try breeding Ranchu Goldfish in my car port. I have a fair idea of what I want to do, but I have never undertaken such a venture & am looking for as much advise & knowledge as possible. Basicly it will all be done on the cheap, looking for the cheapest way to run the system. My basic idea consists of a 1500Ltr grow out for juvies, 3 250Ltr retanuglar storage drums from bunnings (allready have these running on sponge filters with fish in) & a home made sump/ wet dry filter that water pumped from grow out will have a spray bar above filter media, it will then exit the bottom of the 'sump' into container 1 which is sitting just higher than container 2 & 2 will be slightly higher than 3 so they can all just flow into each other then into the grow out & the cycle continues. Basicly I want to know if this setup will work. Is there an easier simpler way to filter it all? Is there a better design to make the whole system simpler? Any info on how I can do all this would be greatly appriciate. I have dodgy paint piccies to basily show what I am looking at doing. All help appriciated, Thanks!
  16. heres my new 2ft tank i just setup just wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of the bloody water marks as i scrubbed and scrubbed and it looked good but as soon as it dried the marks came back heres the pics anyways cheers tyler
  17. Wanting a sump for my marine 220L reef tank. Have heard very conflicting reports on different types of media/DSB/ etc etc... Just wanting to know a simple setup that will work with my tank, The biggest my sump can be is 100cmLx 30cmWx 45cmH.. Id probably even want to push the width down to 25cm just to ensure an easy fit... I do have high nitrates (100ppm+) so getting that down (water changes etc) and maintaining a zero reading is very important.. So i guess... what works for ppl here?
  18. 8x3x3 tank, going to have lots of reef rock and live coral (soft & hard), as well as 30 - 50 fish. Other than an awesome sump with stacks of live rock in it, a chiller and a protein skimmer, what else do I need?
  19. Hey Everyone, I'm hoping to get some advice on a Ocellaris clownfish breeding set up... I must admit I'm a little clueless when it comes to marine but have had extensive experience with Cichlids and a lot of success breeding them. I am looking at likely a 3 - 4 foot tank to breed them in (around a 200 - 300 liter tank) as I've read they typically breed best in about a 200 liter / 30 gallon tank but have bred happily in as small as 10 gallon tanks.. I am intending to keep live rock / sand in here for them along with some coral and a anemone... what I'm wanting to find out is what kind of filtration and lighting should I be looking at for this? Additionally if anyone knows or could suggest a good place to buy a clownfish breeding pair I'd appreciate the advice - as I've heard they can take several years to pair up and breed otherwise.. Additionally, I am curious would they still breed happily with other fish in the tank? Or would the highest chances be kept by keeping them alone in the tank to keep them feeling more safe? Any other advice on the setup, what I will need, what I should have, etc would be extremely appreciated! Thanks, Dan
  20. hi every one i have an ibc. It is only an 800l one but i will be running it at about 750l.just wanting some suggestions on sump size, setup, flow rate, pipe size for good flow and any equipment i should need. I am looking for a pre made sump to dont want to make one thanks to any one who could have some helpfull info thanks troy
  21. almost had my dream setup of murray cod, saratoga and mangrove jack but as of today i lost my toga my bloody jack ate the toga there all about 5cm the jack is 8cm tho im so shitty it wudve been an amazing tank to watch grow
  22. Ok so you may have seen my post (General aquarium) about my broken tank and belly up fish, so it's now time to start again and get it better than what it was before. I need to have at least a cpl of electric yellows and blue Aceii but think i may be able to pass off electric blues as aceii to my daughter which i would prefer. Now as you proberly have read 100,000 times before, What will go with these? LOL I want lots of colour variation (not 10 different shades of blue) and variety of fish though only those that you would find in the same lake in the wild. I really want to try and find a way to have plants (the real kind) so if there are species that are less harmful to plants that would be helpful. Hope that is enough info to get some great feedback.
  23. Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone could help me out with some advice on a breeding setup for african cichlids please. eg: amount of tanks,sizes ect cheers
  24. Just built the stand over the weekend and filled the tanks up to get ready for some fishhies what are some easy fish to breed? i wanna breed Bristle noses and hopefully peppermints
  25. Hey all, This tank belongs to a relation of a friend, apparantly he lives in Sth Africa somewhere and is in the business. Guts of it on page 1 and 4. http://www.marineaquariumsa.com/showthread.php?t=17 Brendan
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