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Found 201 results

  1. Hi guys, I decided to redo my discus setup with hopes of establishing a small scale breeding program. The setup is still a work in progress, however should be finished within the next few weeks. Thought I would throw up a couple of pics of some of the new stock ive received. More to come soon. Female Pigeonblood: Penang Eruption juvenile: Cheers, Chris
  2. I've have read this on the internet and was wondering if it would be dangerous to setup a tank this way. If the substrate is disturbed would it release ALOT of sulfuric gas? is this basically using your entire substrate as a DSB? To achieve total waste disposal in your reef tank using anaerobic bacteria, your tank should be prepared with a static cavity of water below the substrate. This is best prepared using undergravel filter plates to create an anaerobic environment in the cavity under the coral sand. There is no water movement through the cavity just motionless water, so don’t use the uplifts. Place your undergravel plates on the bottom of the aquarium and add enough saltwater to cover the plates well. Above the filter plates place three centimetres of course and medium coral rubble. A layer of fly screen should be placed above next to prevent fish and inverts burrowing down into the anaerobic layer. Finally on top of the fly screen lay a two to three centimetre layer of fine and medium coral sand. This completes the preparation of the substrate allowing the development of anaerobic bacteria, in the lower layer of coral rubble, which convert nitrates back to gaseous nitrogen. Excessive nitrates are the most common cause for failure in marine systems and can be avoided with this system. Water naturally exchanges between the static cavity and the upper tank, creating an equilibrium with virtually no nitrates. Comments or experiences?
  3. Hey Guys, Thought I'd throw up a bit of a work-log for my newly acquired tank. There is a severe lack of photos (i.e. none) during the lifting/moving stage as every hand on deck was needed to get this 700kg behemoth into the house in one piece. It all started two weeks ago when I heard the dimensions of a tank muttered in the corner of my ear. 8x4x2.... 8x4x2, my room mate had heard the tank was up for sale at a great price so i jumped at the opportunity. So with the offer of free beer and sausages, i convinced 9 other mates to pop around. The tank is 8 foot long (2.4 metres), 4 foot wide (1.2 metres), 2 foot high (600mm high) Made of 16mm glass for the sides, 20mm base and has 16mm bracing in each corner. Stand is made of 55mm Tubular steel and has been completely over engineered, as has the tank, as you can tell by the thickness of the glass. We got the tank in the house and had to flip it over, me being difficult wanted to paint the bottom.. as i don't plan on having substrate i wanted a nice clean look. So we cleaned it up and painted the bottom and back with matt black paint. IMG_0529.JPG[/attachment:29br4sb2] IMG_0527.JPG[/attachment:29br4sb2] Then the stand needed a little sprucing up, so we sanded it back, and gave it a fresh coat of rust kill, gloss black. The stand has been out in the elements for a little while so has some minor surface rust which was sorted out with a wire brush and elbow grease. IMG_0528.JPG[/attachment:29br4sb2] This is as far as we got today, we have to let the stand dry and it will be moved inside sometime this week, then the mammoth water bill will follow. Tank inhabitants: So far i purchased the tank to house my Red tail catfish (40cm) as he is fast outgrowing his 4x2x2. It will eventually have a few more large americans but for now, a 40cm Flowerhorn and a 35cm sailfin pleco will be the only other tankmates. To do: lighting driftwood/aquascape build cabinet around steel stand Filtration: So far i am using what i have laying around, but i know this wont suffice for long. Resun 2000litre p/hr internal filter Aquaone 1800litre p/hr internal filter Aquaone 1200 Canister filter I want to keep the two internal filters for extra flow as the RTC likes the water flow. But i Will be adding a fluval Fx5 shortly and then possibly a 4ft sump. This will depend on how the water parameters go over the first few months. All comments welcome, good or bad. More photos will follow in higher res. Thanks for looking IMG_0531.JPG[/attachment:29br4sb2] IMG_0532.JPG[/attachment:29br4sb2]
  4. Hey Guys, just wanted to share my latest setup in an aqua one 910T purchased from JGilkes about a month ago took a couple of days to get the log to sink and i still have it weighed down with a couple of rocks... will remove them soon thinking it is going to be mostly an discus tank with a few apisto's to inhabit the bottom. the container up in the top right is currently holding some HC which i will grow on the front right of tank when it grows a bit ( am trying to get it growing was almost dead when i got it ) current plants are Val in front of filter intake Dwarf Chainsword front left java fern Middle bottom ( attached to a piece of wood ) Anubis top middle rotala and myoca spread front right but have moved them now to between two rocks on right and branching Val back right my biggest issue is i have have 3 breeding bristlenose somewhere in the log.... the thing is riddled with holes so rarely see them am catching them as i do and moving them to another tank... took me 2 days to get two of them though lol any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks Brett
  5. hello, a mate and I are setting up a breeding setup thingo, just wanna know a few things b4 i start setting up, we have 4x 2ft tanks and going to get a 4ft sump would that be good enough for them 4 tanks ? if i am going to get a sump for it how many bulkheads will i need to get? where do i get them from? how much? would it be possible to put like bulkheads on the bottom of the tanks so the top tanks flow into the tanks below then into the sump ? or just at the back of the tanks and plumb it so they connect and go to the sump that way? oh and then the return pump just make 2 spray bars? thanks alex
  6. yeah im a little worried about future plans for a 3tier 6 foot all by 15inch wide. buying 6 foot and 2 3fters but thinking about putting another 3fter and a sump so pretty much 2x 6x15x18 then a 3x15x15 and a large 2or3ft sump. what i want to know is whats the best way to hold them top bottom middle and if i buy a metal rack from odins fish will it hold(i am thinking of grinding it up a bit and welding bits back together, its the 2 foot tank holder thats 7ft by 5ft by 15inch). any help much appreciated
  7. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to fishkeeping but i'm learning lots quickly I've just recently purchased a 36" x 12" x 15" tank and was looking for some suggestions as to stocking. I'm thinking maybe a pair of rams along with some cardinals and some corys possibly?? Cycling will begin tomorrow
  8. Hi everybody as requested by a few members, here are some pix of the finished setup. Now we are excited about the first fish to explore their new home in a few days. Plan to stock with Platies, Mollies, Guppies, 1 BN and will try to catch and move our 2 Corydoras (C. Sterbai)New tropical tank set up 5.jpg[/attachment:1dnej6ex]New tropical tank set up 2.jpg[/attachment:1dnej6ex]New tropical tank set up 1.jpg[/attachment:1dnej6ex]
  9. Hey Guys, I picked this up on the weekend. It hold 9 2ft tanks. I had it hooked upto the plumbing that was on it but it leaked like a sieve. So atm it just has airlines running everywhere. I have swaped a few of my tanks str8 over into this and have insulated each tank (residential insulation is easy to get in the shed industry). I will be throwing the misses goldfish in the rest of the tanks to cycle them this week. I will get some more pics up tomorrow of it- as i only took these ones yesterday. It came with 9x tanks, 9 heaters, 9 sponges and 9 powerheads. As well as 1 ft single fluro. Each tank has a sponge, heater and an airstone in there as well.
  10. hey guys, i have a 8 x 2 x 2 drilled tank with a 3 foot sump sitting at home. it will be my African Cichlid display tank full of boys. im unsure at the moment wether i will go for a white sand or black rubble bottom and i have a heap of Lava rock for the corners. What do you guys think?? i really want the fish to stand out.
  11. anyone in ippy/springfield area that wood be able to come around an show me how to set up my new eheim 2217, iv neva used one b4 an dont want to stuff it up. cheers preston
  12. so after about a year my longfins started spawning a rediculous amount so i decided to harness it and try and make some dosh!!!
  13. Hi all, Ok our new house is almost finnished & i"m wanting to make a good breeding setup, this is my thought i want to use 9 x 6ft tanks 2 would be made into 4 x 18x18x18 = 8 small tanks, 1 would be made into 3 2ft tanks, 2 would be changed into 4 x 3ft tanks & the other 3 6ft tanks would be for my 3 types of GEO"s ( love my geo"s ). the last 6ft tank is a 6x2x2 and it would be used as a sump, the pump i will be useing is a LAGUNA max-flow power jet 11000 LTR. as grow out tanks i have 4 x 1000 ltr plastic bins with a 5000 ltr pump returning to the main sump. anyway ANY ADVISE WOULD BE GREAT. Q 1: is a 18x18x18 big enough to breed dwarf south americans like aapisto"s & rams ? Q 2: would it be better to use a 6ft tank made into small tanks or just get the small tanks ? Q 3: is it better to have the bulkheads at the top or have them come up from the bottom of the tank ? THX FOR ANY ADVISE .............Paul
  14. Hi there all I was hoping to hear your thoughts/advice/suggestions with regards to how you would setup filtration for a 3ft tank. At this stage, I have decided to go with a tall-ish 3ft, 36 x 18 x 20 so it will be around 200L. Stocking will include trio of Apisto's (maybe more if acceptable), decent number of schooling tetra's, and around 6 young L134s (currently have 3 around 3cm TL, looking around for more). I've got the Eheim Pro 2 2028 in mind at the moment as its currently on special on one of the "online shops" (not livebearers). It's rated at 1050L an hour which would turnover the tank 5 times. Would like to "over filter" this setup as the L134s do produce quite a bit of waste, but keeping in mind that Apisto's don't like strong currents. I must admit that I've been a bit suckered in with the Pro 2 being on sale, but realisticly are they really a big step up from the Classic range? As the other option I've looked at was perhaps two Classic 2215s? I've only had experience with the Classic 2213 (running on a 60L tank) and so far so good. Also, any thoughts on where to buy tanks without the black edges and decent silicone work? I've seen a few 3fts at Petwise and they seem decent... Apologies for the long rant, but many thanks in advance!
  15. hey guys just wanna share some photos of my scorpions setup i bought for her a few days ago its just simple with a piece of mangrove root as the center piece Thanks, Billy
  16. Hey all hoping someone can point me in theright direction so I only spend the money once, my lid is ready to put on the tank just going to get 2 fluros and need help with which ones to get. The light setup at the moment is: dual 2ft with 2 white tubes at the front half of the lid and the rear half of lid has dual 3 ft fluros currently without fluros fitted, what would be an ideal setup for my Africans as far as lighting goes? What would you guys choose in terms of colours etc??? Thanks again
  17. Hey I was wondering if any one can give me some pro info on setting up a south american community tank? And if possible any recommendations for fish to go with a ghost knife, some diff rams and 3 or 4 orange head Geos? Also like what plants and/or drift wood? Cheers Steve
  18. This is The Dude. Short-neck Murray River turtle. GOt him in with yabbies and platys.
  19. Willing to pay $50 or case of beer to someone who has ute or car with trailer (no towbar on my partners) to help me pickup a breeding setup. Pickup Tugun (Currumbin), destination Molendinar (Ashmore). To collect: Metal stand is 7ft long, 50cm wide, not sure of height. 2ft tanks x 6 and a 6ft tank. Please send me a PM if you can help.
  20. Hey all, I'm soon moving to Brisbane and plan on keeping south American eartheaters. I'm a newbie when it Comes to eartheaters. I've reasearched for months but there is one question I just can't seem to find an answer to: how to lower ph plus raise kh. I've never had to lower ph before, only raise it. I want to provide the best environment for my geos and don't believe that having a ph that that they will survive in, but not thrive in because it's to high is acceptable. From what I have read Brisbane city tap water has a ph of approx 8. So if I get the ph down to about 6.5 - 7, my kh will drop. And if I get my kh to a desired level, my ph will rise. So how do I lower a ph to about 7 and raise the kh to at least 4? I will be using driftwood and roots as a buffer but when I do a water change the ph would fluctuate. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just can't figure it out. Thanks to everyone who can offer some insight. Calum
  21. hey everyone im looking into going saltwater Conditions: im not rich limited space cant have a sump or cannister I'm looking for a complete 2ft setup thats cubish looking and looks nice and display, anyone know where i can go about starting this up? enough of that. ive heard from some that salt water tanks are a complete mission. althought i went to a lfs and have seen 2ft tanks with a few fish with just those corner sponge filters in them NOTHING ELSE besides the hydrometer (or wateva its called) and lighting. ive read on other posts about other people not using protein skimmers, expensive lighting ect. I just want a setup that can house probly 2-3 clowns and maybe one or 2 other things like a lion or an eel or something else thats brighty coloured, and possibly live rock and dead coral. would a 75-95L tank be ok? Need all the help i can get, on anything and everthing about starting up a small salt water tank pm me if need be Thanks Luke
  22. Just updated this from lava-rock display to more of a wooded look.
  23. hey guys thought i would post my setup that ive been working in for a couple of months now . i have two sump so i can run diff water chemistrys let me know wat ya think and im happy to answer any questions thanks
  24. Just thought id put up a few pics of my new setup and the current fish it has in it, its looking a lil boring at the moment , needs more plants let me know what you think people Jase..
  25. After been out of cichlids for about a year or so i decided to build a new setup. It took me about 1 week to put water in it (due to needing help to lift them up stairs)and about another two for the fish. Deciding to go big this time i got four 4x2x2 tanks drilled them, painted the backs blue,made the stand and put it all together.total litres is about 1640 including the sump tanks are now four weeks old and going well that well that one of my gobies have a mouth full after five days(hope she holds and him) hope you like the pics.IMG_0319.JPG[/attachment:qiphf6vx]IMG_0320.JPG[/attachment:qiphf6vx]IMG_0321.JPG[/attachment:qiphf6vx]IMG_0328.JPG[/attachment:qiphf6vx]IMG_0330.JPG[/attachment:qiphf6vx]IMG_0331.JPG[/attachment:qiphf6vx]IMG_0345.JPG[/attachment:qiphf6vx]IMG_0346.JPG[/attachment:qiphf6vx]
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