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Found 91 results

  1. I normally write down the names of the fish I buy but.......... i forgot:frusty: I'm thinking male? and I'm thinking Champsochromis spilorhynchus??? Please set me straight, apologies for my ignorance... If I'm gunna keep fish I should bloody well know what I'm keeping.... I already gave myself an uppercut! cheers Gary PS sorry for the dodgy phone photos and glare
  2. I've had this tropheus duboisi for years (probably about 10-12 years) but I'm wanting a change and it'll be too aggressive for the fish I want. I was just curious as to how much it's worth if I tried selling it in the near future, as well as it's sex Thanks, Mary-Anne
  3. Have I got a male or female here? Vertical bars come and go. Around 12cm
  4. trying to work out if the blue ones same breed and female
  5. Sea slug mating features a stab in the head A new (unfortunate) take on the term f_*!head ??? D'oh - title typo, was meant to say 'penis'...
  6. I bought these guys at a action and needing to know sex and type. Was sold as L397's but the one on the right I don't think it is?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Can some one tell me how you tell make from female please?
  9. Hi Guys, i've been reading up on sexing Red Devils without much luck, they say there almost impossible to sex at this size without venting but i know you guys are smarter than that. He/She was sold to me as a male & would have to be pushing 6". I would really appreciate even a wild guess. Thanks...[ATTACH=CONFIG]32805[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]32806[/ATTACH]
  10. Hy guys I got 4 sevrums. I think that's how you spell it. Can anyone tell me how you sex them ? Thanks.
  11. Hey Guys, I have acquired some unwanted fish and was just wondering if anyone could give me a hand sexing these 2. I guessed both to be female but i dont know much about either of these fish. My fave is the devil nice colouring i think Thanks xlLiquidlx
  12. Both are Bolivian butterfly rams but don't know what sex I have..... I have an idea, I would just like your opinion too. thank you in advance julie
  13. hey all as the title says,im going to look at some tomorrow and they are about 4/5cm. cheers marty
  14. Hey, just wanted to know how do you tell the sex of tiger plecos as I'm looking to sort out males from females, thanks too anyone that helps
  15. Can anyone pick the sex of my Leucosticta? I saw the male Firemouth eating what looked like eggs today from a flat rock!? I can only think they're from this fish.
  16. I've heard around the place now and again of some fish changing there sex when paired with partners of the same sex, and recently my lombardoi have been really surprising me. I purchased two females about 4 months ago at juvy size (correct me if mistaken but lombardoi are relatively sexable nearly from the get-go?) who have slowly grown since then. Except, in recent weeks one of them has faded in colour rapidly, grown significantly larger than the other, begun to exhibit more masculine behaviour, and is even started to look yellowish? (male colouring). Is it likely that it is changing sex from female to male? Or was I jumping the gun this whole time in concluding that its always been female. Or do all lombardoi females fade like this? I would just put it down to dominance if it were the smaller of the pair that were exhibiting faded/weaker colours, but the smaller one is well coloured...
  17. hey so i have 3 L202's and i need someone to sex the biggest one pictured below it is 5.5-6cm I think its a male tell me if i am wrong cheers
  18. these guys/girls have not spawned but are always cleaning. could i get a sexing on them please. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-EV098iBCBBM/UGFpgvk265I/AAAAAAAAAu0/BTqa1Pdfq14/s1095/20120925_182030.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-X-MOYP6YnIc/UGFptxXCaXI/AAAAAAAAAu8/VUEWyhrve-U/s1095/20120925_182058.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-8qyZMGDq-N0/UGFp-2LJIdI/AAAAAAAAAvE/G8NNSBJpPNg/s1095/20120925_182117.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-2wCXqrRAOqs/UGFqieaGOgI/AAAAAAAAAvU/m6jbMR0p2tQ/s1095/20120925_182212.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-UKUhtH_FRsw/UGFq2GJfSKI/AAAAAAAAAvc/JnU0ZomCgaI/s1095/20120925_182308.jpg
  19. Hi, I want to know how I can tell the sex of my Meeli as they behavior wise acting the same, I think all males. there is 3 of them I was told on the anal fin the females are round and the males pointed but with mine its so hard to draw that line as to which is which because they all look the same...
  20. Hi Guys Please have a crack at what these two are ? 1 more pic And last on .. all of the same 2 fish
  21. ok guys heres a few pics of my two pbass at about 20cm just wanting to know the sex
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