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Found 91 results

  1. Hey guys, I have some Electric yellows and blues and was wondering how old they have to be before you can tell what sex they are. Also, if they were to mate, is there like a minimum age of when they start? Thanks!!!
  2. As title states. Any help would marvellous. 1st three pics are the larger one and 2nd three pics are the smaller one. Cheers Brenton
  3. i got told that this is a female gold saum she has a more square ..er body to my male ....and the geo i have no clue on ...
  4. Hey Guys i was wondering if anyone knows the best way to sex black calvus or f u have a sucssesful way to sex black calvus. cheers ben
  5. just wanted to know how to sex angel fish, plecos, silver shark and black shark? thanks in advance Corey
  6. hey guys i'm looking for some females for my 2 males i have at home i have come across these but he is unsure what sex they are can someone please help me out what do you's think????
  7. I have 2 red zebra cichlids that are bright orange which made me think they are females, but act like males and are very territorial between themselves and the other fish In the tank. How do i tell if their males or females?
  8. :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep: rams2.jpg[/attachment:2hrehowy] Can anyone here tell me whether this is a boy and a girl ram? I have a student who swears that they are both boys...
  9. Hi Dont know if this is the right place to put this . Was wanting to know if any one can tell me how to tell males apart from females Cheers
  10. i was told females get bristles also so now im confused,anyone have a clue what sex they are? Jase
  11. Hi all, anyone know how to tell male or female on a gold severum? Thanks
  12. ...now that I have your attention, I need expert opinion on the sex of my newly acquired "Lamprologus Ocellatus" , kudos to Lance and Bren... I reckon this guy is a, well, boy, going by his size, 5.5cm, and the gold(yellow) dorsal fin tip... Whachas all reckon... ...anyone got any chicky babes for my new dood? Cheers wolften
  13. ok guys i ahve 4 acei and i dont no what sex they are.... they are got a dorsal fin thats white 3/4 and blue the on tip!!! http://users.pandora.be/cichlidae/Malaw ... s_acei.htm any help would be awesome
  14. I was going out on the deck tonight and i saw in the darkness wat i thought was a frog on the side of the pond, so i went and got the camera to grab a pic and look at wat it was, pretty cool, it was laying heaps of eggs, sort of like watching a turtle lay.
  15. I was researching my favorite fish, Metriaclima Livingstonii, and came across this: Cichlids change of sex
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