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Found 82 results

  1. Hey guys, so far all I've had are L144's (Which didn't turn out too well), Common Bristlenoses and Albino Longfin Bristlenoses. So I'm wanting to do a larger tank, and am wanting to have a Pleco or two, but I don't want one that's going to grow gigantic. Planning on having it/them in with some American Cichlids. I'm wanting an algae eater that doesn't grow very large, what can you guys recommend? and how big do they grow? I absolutely adore the Pleco's and my Common Bristlenose were the first of 2 species of fish I started with after admiring them in my housemates cichlid tank. B.P.
  2. Just wondering if many people out there have any really big tanks with really small fish in them. I think some of the smallest fish I've seen in a large tank would be Donny's Peacocks and I can't say they are really 'small'. Are large tanks reserved for monster keepers and American Cichlids? Or are there 10ft tanks with mini ecosystems & Bristlesnose & Neons & Khuli Loaches & Killifish??? Just interested really, because it's something I'd like to one day have, a tank where you can have predators and prey breeding without declining numbers. Thanks, Finn.
  3. Hello this is my aquaponic setup bathtub has goldfish in it suppling the other tub tub media is 20mm gravel and works as a food drain system just planted plants
  4. Hey All, I've got a small tank and I have absolutely no idea how to utilise it.. Current fish in my possession: 7 x Elec Yellows 6 x Red Forest Jewels 4 x Tiger Barbs 1 x Platy 1 x Peppered Corydora Pics: Measurements: 23cm long, 16cm wide and 15cm high.. Any ideas welcome Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi peeps, I'm new to keeping bettas and I'm having trouble with getting my ph right in my small cubes. I know that having such small tanks is going to be hard, and I'm working on getting bigger ones set up. For the time though, I want to get my head around how to sort out the ph. I haven't kept fish before and am gonna need all the help I can get Because of the small size of the tanks I'm doing water changes 1/2 a week but am still managing to stuff it up The questions I have are these.... 1. Do I get a bucket of water ( tank or tap ? ) and sort out the ph before I put it in the tanks or do I treat each individual tank ? atm I only have a ph kit, but I am planning on buying a master fresh water test kit soon. 2. How do I know how much ph up/down do I add ? or is it trial and error since the tanks are so small I really don't like the idea of putting my fish through lots of powder being put into the tanks and me stuffing round trying to get it right. Please be gentle with me if the answers are obvious....like I said before I am a compleat novice at all things fish and need help ( and the fish do too ) Thanks in advance and I hope you can understand my waffling lol WW
  6. I have a small aa aquarium that I was given years ago. It has been running great but recently the light fitting in the hood has broken and I can't seem to find anyone that has replacement parts in aid and the international sites will only send within their own countries. So I am thinking of replacing. I am looking for suggestions as to best sort of lighting for a small community tank. The current fitting is about 54cm long.
  7. okay i am moving to ausi soon from the uk and i am bringing out my 88L tank don't worry importing it is not gonna be a problem but i am wanting to have some corys' as a bottom feeder love them, what would you recommend me seeming i am new are there any nice natives out there? i am looking for about 10 if i can get more in my 88L i will i plan for sand substrate and heavily planted i have been recommended this website Livefish.com.au - Australia's aquarium fish home delivery experts! thank you for any comments my stocking i am hoping to have else is 3 dwarf groumi's 1 BN pleco, and around 6 tetras kind undecided yet
  8. Hi guys I've been thinking and decided that I wanted to start to setup a small breeding setup for bristlenose for my first time. The only problem is that I have heard if I setup in a room that the walls and ceiling will go mouldy. Is there a way that I can setup in a room that won't do this or any other problems. I was thinking of setting up 2x 4 Fts divided in 2 and 1x 4ft for colony and a few 2fts for grow out and spares. Otherwise if there would be some easier ways or some ideas on how I can do this please help thanks Anthony
  9. Ok so Iv got a Skimz Ibox Nano its only around 9-10lts wifey would love to put a bit of live rock and 1 or 2 Ocellaris Clownfish question is it big enough? or wat else could she put in it? ideas please
  10. This concerns the peacock I asked for ID on earlier. I had 5 peacocks in my tank as well as one Pseudotropheus socolofi (pindani). The problem arose a couple of days ago when I noticed the peacock mentioned earlier had a damaged pectoral fin and a few busted up scales. I noticed the pindani was giving him a hard time so yesterday donated the pindani to fellow member 028NVD to solve the issue but have now created an even bigger one. Amongst the peacocks is a female and yep you guessed it the more mature male mentioned earlier has taken a liking to her now the pindani is no longer inhabiting the large piece of driftwood and they've decided to make this their home. That in itself is not a big drama but the male is now chasing everything else all over the tank, the others are hiding anywhere they can to stay out of his way. So do I remove the other peacocks or just remove the female?
  11. Hi, I've been looking at these on Ebay but I don't know if they are any good. Does anyone have an experience with these? solar powered air pump | eBay The pond is just one of those big cement pots. I think it holds 150-200 litres. It has 3 goldfish around 12 - 15cm and a heap of guppies. I've been running it all year as is, no filter or anything. Never had any deaths, and clean it out every few weeks. But thinking one of these pumps might keep it a little cleaner. It goes green very fast. Any ideas or experience?
  12. I need 2 new sheets of glass to replace some front panels on some tanks im rebuilding. I need 2 off 900mmx450mm. Have called a few glaziers, prices vary but last mob I called wanted $35 per sheet of 6mm 900x450. Of course Im just some guy off the street with a tiny order, but still, I think $35 per sheet is a bit steep. Can anyone recomend somewhere North side, prefferably around Brendale/Strathpine area? Thanks.
  13. WTB small RTC, Asian RTC, Datnoids, Tiger Shovel Nose, Arowana, any gars? if u have something small and reasonably priced give me a msg please. 0424 585 121 :
  14. Can you buy Panacur in smaller volumes than 1L? I have googled and googled.... or is that the minimum? I only need 30ml. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, This little terror was causing havoc in the tank tonight and was showing off, sooooo i thought i'd try and get a pic. It was only taken on Samsung Galaxy and i had to move at the same pace as him to try and stop blurriness, but you get the idea lol. I'll try and get a better pic or a full HD video when the recorder is finished charging, that'l be tomorrow hopefully . Oh he's only about 15cm-ish and his ***** is almost 25cm. Seph
  16. For a 25lt tank. As close to silence as possible would be welcome. What do people recommend?
  17. today i went to g james glass to get a small square of glass to cover a drill hole in my tank and i seen they had sample glass cut that was perfect. easy and cheep =p great if ur just covering a small hole.
  18. ive been looking for months im after a coldwater fish 2 cm 3 cm max adult size 23-25 dc ,,7.6-7.8 ph and some color but havent found anny thing i like ,, prefer vegan /plant eater aswell i kno long shot thanks for your time and thauts
  19. hey guys jusy looked at my unstocked tank (has java fern in) and the glass was looking a bit cloudy (just recently) i looked closer and small white things almost microscopic things were moving everywhere! they moved in a jerky motion, what is this! thanks
  20. Just wondering what peoples though on putting a couple of. Ikola frontosa in with a community of 4 Bala sharks, 1 clown loach and few L002. The tank had Been running fine with No problems for a while now. It's a 6x2x2, I know people say Bala shark are aggressive But I have never seen these guys be aggressive towards any other fish. So I have 11 ikolas around 7cm at my house and I don't want that many in Tank nor do I want to sell them. So I'm thinking of just putting 3 in with My mates Bala tank. Anyone think I will have any problems With that? I know they aren't from the same place around the world but I have see several Tanks on YouTube that have Bala in with frontosa. Thanks
  21. I'm going away for a week and want to throw in some feeders. Anyone here selling gudgeons or anything a bit bigger? Obviously need to be disease free Feeding a silver arowana (50cms) and a couple of peacock bass (20cms) Cheers Rick
  22. Hey guys, (Mods is it alright to put this post here? i wanted the feedback of the local guys, i understand if i do start a business i will have to register as a business on the forum) Ive really been looking into setting up a small home based business (my parents have done that before - but not aquarium related) at my house on the Sunshine Coast and am looking to hear what you guys think? Ive been looking into setting it up, equipment, energy efficiency, different suppliers etc, and think it might be worth it, but want some "market research" or feedback. Would you drive up here for decent stock at decent prices? (As low as possible with a small profit). What sort of livestock would you mostly be interested in? EG: Fish - Butterflies, Angels, Tangs, Red sea stock, Hawaiian stock, Locally caught stock, Corals, Liverock, Algae, Clams, Inverts etc. Theres allready so many dry goods suppliers online and LFS it would be silly to compete with them, but i think i might have a decent chance in live-stock sales? Would you be interested in shipping? What is the most you would be willing to pay for shipping? - overnight, same day deliver, airport to airport etc. Kordon breathing bags or just standard plastic aquarium bags? Heatpacks/coldpacks or just plain insulated box? How would you prefer products/stock to be advertised? Facebook? Forum? A Website? Etc. If theres enough interest hopefully i can organise some funding etc and make this a reality, i would start off small before expanding to suit the market. Any comments are appreciated. This would be a side/hobby business to help offset the costs of my display tank etc, not my main income. Would also be great to get some industry experience, and if i start to profit i would look into breeding some fish species to allow us to avoid using wildcaught species. Nick
  23. Looking at building a display cabinet, and need a collection of tanks... Would like around 16x 200x200x400 (LxWxH) tanks (slightly flexible on dimensions). Since they are so small, and the same dimensions, do you all think it would be easier to buy them, get them built or buy the glass pre cut and put them together myself? I've found one place that sells them for $60 each! I can't afford $960 just for tanks... seems a bit steep. Anyone? Felix
  24. is it normal for 2 male festaes to share a cave/tunnel that has been dug out under some rocks. they both only just fist in there.
  25. I've been keeping a pair of 'Polleni' for a few months now and I would really like to try my luck at breeding them. Unfortuneately the last time the female laid eggs it was on a rock in a divided 4ft with a Flowerhorn on the other side whilst she was healing from a hiding the male gave her. I was hoping someone else here had bred them successfully and could kindly offer some pointers as there isnt much info on tank setup etc to get them in the mood..... Thanks in advance... Craig.
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