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Found 82 results

  1. Hi has anyone put baby fronnies about 4-5cm in with about 15cm to 18cm adults is this ok
  2. BARGAIN ! http://goldcoast.gumtree.com.au/c-Pets-other-pets-A-Breeding-Pair-of-Bristlenose-Catfish-and-small-babys-W0QQAdIdZ287523041 :confused:
  3. Hi, One of my fish has come down with 3 small spots which look like white fluff. The spots are only 1-2mm across, with 2 occurring on the top of the head and one about half way down the body on the top side. It is a female Cyprichromis leptosoma, which I think may have recently had babies. Could it be stress related? What can/should I do to ensure it gets better?
  4. Hey all, My gold sev has little what looks like fungal bits on her fins. There arent alot of them but does anyone know what it might be?
  5. Over the last 3-4 weeks there has been an increasing number of BNs dying in both my tanks. They share the tanks with tetras, mollies, platties and loaches and until recently everythings was fine. Now all of a sudden the 4-5cm BNs are dying one at a time every few days. The big ones seem ok and the other fish look ok are all breeding so the must be healthy. I do weekly water changes. Any one got any ideas what the cause is? I give them zucchine and wavers each day for food... just had a thought, do they need wood to munch on (they havent got any)
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Some of my africans have small black spots on them wat is wrong i heard it may be a parasite how do i treat this problem and wat has caused it. Thank you Jeb and Loz
  8. im chasing the scientific name for HC anyone able to help Many Thanks Damo
  9. Okay I need to filter a tank that's 65-70 litres, and a canister filter is the only way I can go as no other filter will work. Now I have seen some small canisters on smaller "cube" tanks that are for 60-70 litre tanks but I can't find them for sale at any pet shops. This tank will be home to more than 1 Betta/fighter which means the tank has dividers and can only be filtered by a canister and it can't be too powerful. If anyone knows the name of a shop or an online shop I can buy one from please tell me. Thanks in advance and happy fish keeping
  10. i got some small fury white balls growing in my jarva moss does anyone know what they are ? it is a well aged bn tank and also there is some in the sponge fillter
  11. Instead of polluting peoples threads, I thought I would post here (not sure what section to post in so sorry if I'm wrong). I've noticed alot of people selling really small fry (excluding dwarf species), peps 2-2.5cm, Synspillum fry 2cm, albino bn 2cm etc. I would never sell anything under 3cm (again species dependent, whiptails around 5-6cm TL, etc) and thought that was the general consensus of hobbyists I'm currently selling my Jaguar Juvis at 3cm only because I've 3x 2ft n a 4ft tank full of fry (would have preferred 4cm but my pair keep breeding). All of the Auctions now require fish to be 4cm TL. I think fish under 3cm are too fragile especially BNs to transport. I was wondering what other peoples thoughts are on this? Thanks for reading my little rant relief Tim
  12. ohk so i have this small 80L tank. i have all the lighting filters heaters blah blah blah. but i dont know what to do with it? maybe a single fish tank? a certain breed of cichlid? i have no idea. i have even thought of the aquascaping idea but to hard. throw me some ideas! cheers guys!
  13. What the?? Have been running a sump on my six footer for 12mnths now & change the filter wool that sits in the splash tray above the bio balls every month. The last 2 times I have removed it I have found these little black (appear to be worms) in the matting of the wool. Is this normal or is there something wrong with the tank?? all help appreciated.
  14. Hi all I am in the process of setting up a small planted tank. Just got a small tank (80L), a heater, some small red gravels but I still need some aquasoil or equivalent substrates to start off. I have never had a planted tank before, so I am open to any suggestions on how to set one up. I hope someone with experience can help me to kick start this exciting project. Thank you all in advance Cheers Toan
  15. Finally have finished aquascaping out the front for now....if you look carefully you'll see the black (next to path) portion which is the cement and waterproofing coat I recently did. Just need to wait for fernery to grow more to cover the sump What you can't see without zoom (stupid phone cam)....is the hairgrass, moss and lots of variety of plants/caves/timber in the pond. front_pond.jpg[/attachment:3bl6jdwi] front_left.jpg[/attachment:3bl6jdwi] front_right.jpg[/attachment:3bl6jdwi] pond_sump.jpg[/attachment:3bl6jdwi]
  16. Have 2 small tanks here and was wondering if there are any fish that can fit into these tanks and thrive anything apart from fighters or shrimp , also the filtration would just be a small sponge filter , tank size is Lenght - 260mm Width - 160mm Hieght - 160mm Thanks Terry
  17. Will clownloaches 6-8cm see small bn fry as dinner and gobble them up?
  18. Hey guys, I'm thinking its high time this hobby stopped sucking my money dry and started giving me some back, so I'm looking at getting a small breeding setup going for something simple, bristlenose maybe. I don't have much room to work with, the absolute most I can do is a two-tier 4ft setup. I'd have two 2ft tanks on top for breeding, then a big 4ft growout (I figure a big growout means I can comfortably raise more fry at once). Since I don't have the space/means for a sump, what's my best bet for filtering a system like this?
  19. got a 2ft x38 x 30cm tank using as a grow out now, but was wondering if i turned it into a display what i would put it in? also can anyone vouch for black gravel, does it look good in displays? any suggestions Cheers
  20. Anyone? gimme an email i_am_dallas@hotmail.com
  21. well my son has kept a 30 litre guppy tank for 2 years and wants to move on to prettier fish, i think hes just sick of watching the oscar's eat the babies, anyway he wants something with colour and attiude. is there any cichlads that would live in a tank this small. i relaise id be looking at one or two if that. i want to encourage his fish habbit ( wonder where he got it) but never really thought of small tanks myself just bigger and bigger any idea would help, healthy debates welcome
  22. 28L tank, setup to house some Endlers. Java fern and swords only at this stage. Cloudy still because i moved stuff and added stuff *L* (not a real clear pic, but ya get the idea)
  23. I have a 6'x28"x30" tank(800 liters aprox.) with a Neolamprologus multifasciatus colony of 10, 18 cyprichromis leptosoma, will probably add some julidochromis sp and some Alto's at some stage. Would I be able to keep 10 or so Tropheus duboisi or SP Black bemba's in the tank with the forementioned fish successfully or not ? Thank you Tumbo
  24. Hey guys. I just got a 30x15x18 tank set up, and I have no idea what to put in it. I was thinking about venturing into the world of Africans, but I dont really know anything about them. Now, is this tank even big enough for any africans? If so, could you give me some stocking suggestions? Thanks guys, Danny
  25. hey have a spare 2 foot tank and decided to make my first proper planted tank as i have the perfect spot in the house for it! Whats some plants that are good and look good. Do i need a special light for them? What fish would you recommend? Was thinking tetras and corys?
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