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Found 82 results

  1. Hey guys, I have HEAPS of baby mystery snails, and lately they havent grown as fast as they used to. I heard giving them calcium in one form or another is supposed to help them grow, but is there any other food or anything I can give them to help them grow up into b:roll:ig and strong snails. The parents also look a bit on the sad side, they look like they're sleeping all the time. Is this normal?
  2. About a week and a half ago I took my 2 little BN out of my planted tank and put them into my bigger tank. A few days later, after not looking at the tank for a little bit, I noticed 90% of my giant Ambulia (sp?) had basically melted, uprooted and was hanging off pretty much everything else in the tank. And then I noticed dozens of tiny snails. I've crushed as many of the babies I can find and put the 2 big ones I've seen in with my 2 fighting fish, mostly just to see what they do. The baby ones are little helix shaped things, but the larger ones are sort of dark grey and more cone shaped. Are these the parents of the little ones or do I have to find some more grown ups to get rid of? Can anyone also suggest a way of getting rid of all the babies? I'll buy some lettuce tomorrow and chuck that in, remove a day or so later and rinse and repeat but anything else I can do? Loaches won't fit into the tank as it's only 60x30x30. And on a side note, I have about 5 Cherry Shrimp in the little tank and there hasn't been any more for about 2 months. I saw one had a full belly but no signs of little ones after that, and she doesn't seem to be carrying any more (she does have a very yellow saddle though) any ideas?
  3. Hey guys went into my lfs and was sold clown loaches to rid my tank of snails? is this rite? the snails are trumpet snails?
  4. Hey guys, I'm curious as to where I can find the aforementioned colours of Mystery Snails. I've seen numerous pictures of them and I think they look amazing. Anyone know of any sellers around these parts? Thanks.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Whats the best fish to get rid of trumpet snails? Iv got clown loaches but they seem to just swim up and down the glass?Im looking for more but jez people want the earth for em! cheaper at the pet shop! lol
  7. Are these them? I'm just going by google images and what looked similar. They're in my african tanks......they seem to be multiplying but I googled and it says they arent harmful and can be beneficial? can i leave them there? theyre quite cute
  8. hi i have a 3 foot tank with some cheeries and some bn's in the tank and the snails are beating me can i get some medicine to put in the tank, do i remove all fish and shrimps and plants, if somebody could help that would be appreciated thanks in advance :)
  9. Just noticed the GAS' in my cherry shrimp have all buried themselves in the sand...any ideas? Deep sand substrate, aquaball filter, driftwood, couple shells, waters@ph7...they were cruising around as normal yesterday. Any ideas?
  10. Thought its time for another thread on your favourite way to kill these critters. Because as great as they are.... sometimes you need a break from them! Anyway heres the latest method I tried. "add sugar (1 tsp per 25 Litres (6.6 US G.) and wait two days) and they will rise to the surface. Obviously do not do this when you have other animals in the tank! May affect the nitrifying bacteria in the filter." ok so it turns the water water to look like milk but it does make the snails come to the surface. I moved the filter and air to another tank...... so probably some babies in the filter still. anyway it causes an epic water column bacteria bloom that sucks all the oxygen out of the water and causes the snails to come to the surface or die. worked rather well I think lol 100% water change later after scraping them all off with a net and I think I got them. but ya you need another tank for all the fish so have to catch all the fish = effort have to pick out all the snails when they come to surface (easy to drop them) = effort 100% water change = effort but it works......... and its cheap.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. i have a 5foot tank set up with various size bn in it. It has a slight snail problem also. Lately my albino's have all been dying. They were about 4 to 5cm each and This morning i found most of my commons about the same size all floating at the top. Wat would be causing this. Small bn don't seem to be dying just the bigger ones.
  13. Hi I bought a second hand fish tank the other day and it is infested with snails, literally hundreds of them. Does anybody Know a good product that gets rid of snails. Thanks in advance.
  14. My girlfriend and I have an unheated pond outside full of fancy guppies and are doing really well, They share the tank with lots of anacharis and Ramshorn snails. The ramshorn snails are doing a good job, leafs fall into the pond from time to time and they do a decent job of cleaning them up. My questions are; 1) Do Mystery snails eat the fallen in leaves and how well? 2) How will the mystery snails handle colder temperatures? 3) If I end up buying a female or multiple mysteries will the pregnant females crawl out of the pond and wonder off, or will they just lay on the edge? thx
  15. i have found a few of these (in the attachment) recently are the bad or good or are they somrthing to worry about?? they only seem to be young about 2-3mm round so pretty small now. the internet has pros and cons but peples experiances would be good. also they are in a b/n tank with rcs. please let me know any help would be awsome. cheers
  16. hi everyone i have a snail problem they are every where in my tank how do i get rid of them ?? my tank is 4ft its got 2 pairs of breeding albions b/nose and my breeding L002s cherry shrimp and fancy guppies and ghost mollies and 2 plants.....so i dont want to ues snail poison stuff any help would be grate thanks
  17. so i bought 2 big yellow snails and got told that they will breed and when they do they will breed on the glass walls. well they havent they have decided to lay their shells/ babies? on the side of my hood. how they got out of the water and got that far i have no idea. but the question is. can i take the eggs off the hood and put them somewhere else? or will they die and how long do they take to hatch. they look soooooo gross thx aagroves
  18. I am in the process of transfering plants from my old planter to my new planted tank.Just wanted to know a way of dipping plants in a solution to get rid of snails[there are 100s in the old setup].The new tank has new gravel so no chance of snails in it.I have done a search for methods on here and so far can see condys dip[not sure on this method]and of course loaches[have cherry shrimp so no go here] Anybody have any other methods? Cheers leigh
  19. :(I have small snails in some tanks, can you use the snail stuff to get rid of them, will it effect Fry, BN and Peps, cherry ship, any idea's has anyone used ita and which one, are there other ways around it, I have a CAE and some clown loaches but do not want to put them in the fry tanks Thanks Ben
  20. I got a heap of baby snails and snail eggs all over my tank, They came with the plants and i dont want them. I heard clown or yoyo loaches get rid of them is that true? Will the loaches eat baby bristle nose or baby guppys? Any help would be awsome.
  21. Hi everyone:) I have a 3ft tank that I am breeding cherry shrimp in and I have had 3 snails in there with them the entire time. I don't know what kind of snails they are as they came from a mates dam when he was collecting feeder fish. They are about 1.5cm long and black/dark brown. Anyway, the snails have now had MANY babies and just in the last 3 days there seems to be hundreds of them everywhere but they are not that small, so I can't work out how I missed them everyday when I do my daily baby cherry hunt. So my question is, should I get rid of all these snails or are they harmless to the cherry's? I'm concerned about them competing for food and there not being enough food to sustain all my cherry's and snails. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  22. I'm having a massive algae and snail explosion and I really can't figure out why. I can't even figure out what the algae is! It started as dark brown spots on the edges of leaves which couldn't be removed even by scraping with a fingernail. It doesn't really look like the images of black spot algae I see online. Anyway, then it moved from my baby tears to my amazon sword, java fern and eventually even my anubia. Then hair-like algae grew in the same spots up to maybe 2cm long. I also got some beard algae in places and some green hair algae which are both easily removed. At the same time, I have had a snail explosion. I went from seeing a couple of pond snails around which always got crushed, to seeing maybe 3 types of small snail everywhere. Now, I've never had much/any of an algae problem. I know I probably overfeed my fish by accident, however it's never caused an issue. I have a 1200lph canister filter on my 80L tank. It was *clean*. Regular water changes etc. I recently added a new 20W light so there are now about 2W/gal on my tank because I had a nicely planted tank. I was using flourish and flourish excel for that reason though since getting the algae issue I stopped with the flourish and only use excel, now every day since I read somewhere that helps. For the past week I haven't had any fish in there besides 2 adult bristlenose and some fry in the cave so there hasn't even been any fish food floating around as I figure the BNs have enough bloody algae. I also did a 50% water change last week and regular 10% changes since then. I'm at my wits end, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong or how to fix this. I am ready to rip everything out and start again because it all looks like crap. I'm sorry this is long but I'm going crazy, does anyone have any suggestions?
  23. How do you get rid of snails in your tanks? Little black/brown ones, some are shaped round and some are pointy:) Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated:) cheers
  24. So my new Kribensis pair decided to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing, and laid a nice little clump of eggs in my driftwood tunnel. It was all good and dandy until the snails hooked in... so no more eggs Snails are a unwanted pest so I'm happy to get rid of them, any suggestions on stopping this happening again? Remove/protect the eggs? Snail removal techniques? Thanks Felix
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