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Found 53 results

  1. so my melo's are starting to breed and wanted to share a pic or two.sorry about the quality but using a iphone is not the best.also just feed them so theres abit of food floating around.
  2. Iv only noticed it since I raised the outlet pipes so u can hear it going off then starts up again sometimes after 5 mins or more? it is 2nd hand is it on the way out? anyone have any ideas? thanks guys
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. never really liked these guys before...but the little fatties are warming on me...so thought i'd show some pics of some awesome ones I've seen recently...
  5. Hey how you going guys First time keeping fish since I had axolotls about 8 years ago, super excited especially since I found this forum with the help of a workmate! Just about to get a 6ft tank which I want to stock with freshwater tropicals for first round at least. Just after some suggestions as to what tropicals would mix with a silver shark? Also would driftwood or cave rocks be a better enviroment for the setup I'm going for? Really looking to have a good colour mix with the silver shark being the main feature when he is bigger (but I'm open to other mixes!). Cheers guys, hope to hear from you!
  6. hey all just starting out in townsville many on here form that area great site thanxs
  7. Evening all I am going to try breeding Ranchu Goldfish in my car port. I have a fair idea of what I want to do, but I have never undertaken such a venture & am looking for as much advise & knowledge as possible. Basicly it will all be done on the cheap, looking for the cheapest way to run the system. My basic idea consists of a 1500Ltr grow out for juvies, 3 250Ltr retanuglar storage drums from bunnings (allready have these running on sponge filters with fish in) & a home made sump/ wet dry filter that water pumped from grow out will have a spray bar above filter media, it will then exit the bottom of the 'sump' into container 1 which is sitting just higher than container 2 & 2 will be slightly higher than 3 so they can all just flow into each other then into the grow out & the cycle continues. Basicly I want to know if this setup will work. Is there an easier simpler way to filter it all? Is there a better design to make the whole system simpler? Any info on how I can do all this would be greatly appriciate. I have dodgy paint piccies to basily show what I am looking at doing. All help appriciated, Thanks!
  8. A friend is shutting down his aquarium and is kindly giving me 2x SSS Crystal Shrimp One is definitely female, the other is suspected to be male but not sure. Basically, is it possible to breed these with just the 2 specimens? They'd be going in a 3ft tank..... that is a lot of space for 2 really tiny little shrimp.
  9. hey every on i was just wondering if ther is a easy way to start a colony of aficans as i am trying to start two colonys of different fish and i am looking for a 5ft fish tank with stand light and hood near the ipswich region Thanks heaps
  10. Hi, just letting any1 interested know that i am here....i have been breeding a range of b/n, convicts, jd's, & riverlatis for about 2 yrs now, i am selling sizes starting from 3+cms, ranging up to 6+ cms.
  11. hey guys, wanting suggestions on switching to my 6x2. would the best thing to do is set the 6x2 up buy some goldies and let it run for a week then drain 200L from the tank and replace with the tank water from my old tank?? I have a brand new fx5 that i will be running in the new tank from the word go and after a week passes i will put the media from my old filter into the fx5 to help start the bio filtration. any advice is much appricated. Graham.
  12. hi everyone im new to these forums and am just after alittle advice. ive had a marine tank before (very small one only 38L) so have had some xperience. im thinking of getting bak into the hobby and have my eyes on an aqua one ar620t tank. seems like a good sized tank for a decent set up from memory they measure about 62cm long 45cm deep and 72cm high (or similar). iv been researching a little on the net about these tanks in particluar but just wondering if anyone here can help. firstly the biggest issue i think this tank will have and which has been mentioned alot in the material ive been reading is lighting of the tank. everyone says the lights it come with will not support many corals atleast not to their full potential and especially ones right at the bottom of the tank due to the height of it. im not sure but i think the tank comes with 2x 18w fluros (correct me if im wrong) i dont know a great deal about lights or electricals for tha matter so im wondering what i can replace the standard ones with withought tampering with the hood and light system etc any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated as it is the one thing holding me back. secondly im wondering if the filter these tanks come with is sufficient in maintaining a marine enviroment ( i dont plan to overcrowd the tank, maybe 5 or 6 small fish and afew cleaners) or should i opt for a better filter. ive read that as long as the filter is well maintained like cleaned weekley it shouldnt b a problem but would like to double check. any help on these two matters would be greatly appreciated
  13. Ok So i am about to set up my breeding tank its a 4 ft 15"(w) x 18"(H) I am going to have 2 of the big 500litre sponge filters in there, to much never hurt right. Do i need a light? And what is hte optimal temp for them? They are pindani's they have a couple mouthfuls at the moment it is 5F to 1 M What is the best food ? i have 2 types of pellets at the moment, also have flakes but they dont seem to like them to much, and they like zucchini as well Anything else? I have a 2 ft tank for fry/grow out tank. Cheers
  14. this is currant stand and sump in new home awaiting completion......................
  15. How would I go about starting a Cichlid tank? Then progressing onto breeding them? Also what are some expensive and good looking Cichlids to breed/have? Provide pics plz.(Name of Cichlid+price in stores w/ pic) Thanks guys.
  16. I've finally got my 6 ft up n running i have added one piece of driftwood. I will be filling it with more i just gotta find more that i like . but anyways just wanted to chuck a picky up ill be stocking it with a green terror and electric yellows . most probably
  17. Gday, I was just wondering if its best to add a biological booster the brand is Termin-ITE to a new tank to get things going, or is it best just to run the tank for a week before hand. What sort of time frame. And when introducing them, do i litrally just take them one by one from my 3 ft into their new8 ft or is there thing you should do first. I have around 13 fish.. Thanks Everyone Steve
  18. just got a jabeo brand cannister filter,ive filled the cannister connected hoses and pipes,turned it on but nothing happens,do i have to prime it manually?havnt got a clue never used cannisters before any help would be appreciated. shane.
  19. hi im thinking of turning my 4ft into a marine as i have wanted to for a while now just after a few pointers. i know that i will need a chiller etc but how would a canister work with a marine tank as it is not plumbed for a sump and dont want to be drilling into it would the cannister be alright with a few wavemaker powerheads for the current and also if i was to use the cannister how would i go about a skimmer as i would rather not have it hanging on the tank. any help or advice would be much apreciated cheers jon
  20. Happy New Year all, Getting back into breeding, interested in all pairs (mainly Catfish) for sale in the Townville area or can be shipped to Townsville. Brad
  21. I did a 50% change on my 3 foot last week and bought some new plants to help with making the tank look a little less barren and now my tank is so green i cant see the back i think i have a few malaysian trumpet snails i saw one this morning would snails cause this? How Can I Fix this? Any help would be great
  22. Gday All, My names George, from Greenslopes. Recently bought a house, so i thought no more fitting time to buy another tank. Bought a 4x2x2.. running a aqua pro 1500litre cannister (which im actually impressed with) and a 2000lph aqua one internal.. 4 foot 2 x 54 cf light (want to buy another).. After getting my tank all cycled, and having it looking the way I want. I have removed the fish that were in there and started adding new ones. Want to go for a planted peaceful colourful tank. Always been too scared to do discus, not sure why really, i guess they arent the cheapest in the fish world, after my lfs said 'theyre not that hard' i thought id give it a go.. but as i was saying to my girlfriend last night, they are WELL worth the money.. Tank currently houses: 2x blue turq discus (i think) 2x German blue rams 8x congo tetras 6x rummy nose 10x black neons 10x neons 1x gold spot plec wtb: 2 albino corys and/or Ottocinclus Plenty of tannins at the moment, but im not so fussed at this stage.. suggestions wanted.. sorry for low quality of the pics.. i dont know why this text window keeps scrolling up it is so annoying...
  23. Hello everyone, I recieved a external canister filter from a friend who isnt interested in fishkeeping. it has no markings on it so i cannot look up the manual on the net. Only used UGF and internals and never used an external filter before and have no idea how to get it going. it has a tube from the bottom and at the end has a strainer (so i assume the water goes in this way) and a tube from the top which leads to a piece of tubing with holes through it (which must be the out) also got this product with it http://www.bluzooaquatics.co.uk/images/RESUN-26.jpg. Not sure how to start it. maybe in doing something wrong does the pump need to be attached to the 'out' end? any help would save me a few grey hairs Chris
  24. Hello all I have just baught a 3 foot fish tank (900x300x460) (124L) and i am yet to buy all the stuff. I went to about 5 pet shops on saturday just to get info and prices on stuff and all they did was give me different answers..... So firstly the filter 3 shops said i can use a in tank filter (35$) and another two places said i need a canister filter (130$) there is a big price difference for a beginer.... will the 35$ in tank filter do? on the box it said it does up to 150L there is a larger in tank filter too for like 40$ that does 200L i think? heater i was just going to buy a 150watt heater, and Gravel is just from the pet shop... then of course some type of ornaments. Lights no problem (im an electrician) ill jsut grab 1 from work change the bulb to an aquarium light. Have i go the right idea? am i missing something can anyone help me with what my filter should be? i also kno i have to cycle my tank (6-8 weeks), got the stuff to do that, master test kit thingy, borrowing from a mate, he never used... Thanks Miles
  25. hi everyone i have a question, this is for my wife. she wants to have a display / breeding tank. its going to be a 4x2x2 and she wants to put a colony of K2 tropheus in there, how many could go in there and could any other tropheus colony go in there with them? are tropheus as hard as everyone says? i have only really ever kept catties and always only will so have no idea about them. she has been breeding yellows like crazy, but only wants a nice tank and a nice colony or two. is there anything that we will need or should do to get project tropheus off to a great start, ie substrates, rocks that kind of thing. sorry for the newbie post but i have researched them a bit and have found sooooo much conflicting arguements about them. also i am not sure if this is in the right area or should be in beginners corner sorry. thanks.
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