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Found 37 results

  1. hi all ive got a blue lipstick tang and an emperor angel in my tank, and have had them for quite a while now they have been behaving strangely lately and after some research, I havent really been able to find any explanation for it so what is happening is they are lying side by side (generally with the tang slightly below the emperor) and wiggling their fins and tails at each other (like i would expect from two fish who might be mating etc) ... the lipstick changes from a light blue colour to a darker blue colour (almost a dark greyish colour) im at a loss as to what they're doing, so if anyone has any thoughts please let me know! thanks heaps! simon
  2. Had to show you guys this.....i have no idea if this kind of thing is normal but i find it amusing lol....totally love my yoyo's I have a community tank and there's all sorts of fish in there including some yoyo loaches and bristlenoses......and for months i have had the yoyo's and the BN's shacking up in various places.......i have a longfin and a yoyo canoodling in a log....which i couldnt get a pic of sorry.....but i also have a yoyo who spends most of his/her time wedged in a piece of driftwood which has this little loop the yoyo seems to use as a seatbelt....and oddly a BN sits on its head......theyre like this most of the day........sorry for pic quality i had to use the flash to get it but you get the idea lol you can see the loop in the wood....hope he doesnt get stuck one day lol here you can just see the BN at the top, upside down, on the yoyo's head lol they just really dont seem to mind each other......very strange....but cute aswell
  3. Ok just siphoning out my 4 bay fighter tank and I noticed this strange ugly bug thing in my siphon tube... I don't know what it is or how it got there, I do not like it. Pictures aren't perfect, bad light, trying to shoot a wet tube... Not easy... This is not from my rainbow tank.
  4. Ok so one of my pindani's from my breeding colony is just chillin vertically at the back left right at the top of the tank. and occasionally puts its nose out of hte tank and then i have seen him swim up out of hte water twice now so its head is all the way out. All the other fish in the tank seem sweet as. cheers
  5. Hey guys i have split up some of my frontosa and i have noticed them acting strange. 1 male 1 female. They are hiding heaps not eating alot and also moving my gravel around into mounds. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  6. i got a gold severum that just sits at the bottom of the tank motionless or leans up against the rocks. is it a problem or is it just lazy
  7. Found my Venustus dead today ( perfectly fine and health this morning) mouth wide open and two neat holes in his under belly. One where is anus was and the other 10mm up from first hole. Both around 5mm in diameter. Plus his guts were gone! Any ideas?
  8. Hey everyone, Thought I'd start this to see if you have the strangest behaviour of fish. Anything you find unusual about them post it here so we can have a laugh or tell you if there might actually be a problem that you dont know about. One of my fish's weirdest behaviours is my zebra's and fronnies dont like little holes they can get in or its either them waiting for food to come out of them, because everytime I put in a shell or barnacle cluster or anything with smaller holes then them they pick up the gravel and spit it in the hole then wait around as if somethings going to come out of it.
  9. here is a vid can any one explain.... View My Video
  10. Hey everyone. Did my occasional water parameter check today, my first in a few months, and I seem to be having problems with my pH. It's a tank full of South Americans: Heroines, Eartheaters, and usually sits on the same pH as my tap water, which is 7.1-7.2, which is fine, even though I'd prefer it a little softer at say 6.8. Tested today for the first time in a couple of months and it's up around 7.6-7.8 which is probably 'fine', but I'm wondering what the jump was a result of. Redid the test wondering if I'd mucked up but netted the same result, and did a high range pH test to clarify and both read around the same area. Tap still tests correctly at 7.1-7.2 so it's something in my system that's raising the pH. Other test results: Using an API Freshwater Master Test Kit (Liquid) Ammonia: 0.00ppm Nitrite: 0.00ppm Nitrate: 10ppm All fish are perfectly fine. I'm curious to know whether this could be the cheapy dish scrubbers that have been in my system for a few weeks now. Stuff in my system that I'm pretty sure (95%) it isn't: Riversand Substrate, River Rocks, Eheim Classic 2215/2217 with Standard Eheim Media. Stuff in my system (sump) that it possibly could be: Bioballs, Cheap Crazy Clarks/Warehouse Dish Scourers, AquaOne Phosphate Pad, AquaOne Standard Mech Media Pad, 50Micron Mech Media Pad. Any ideas? I plan on replacing the Scouring Pads anyway when I head down to Brisbane next with 250 more Bioballs. I can't see any of the "proper" aquarium gear in my sump causing this. Might be down on Thursday/Friday for some Russ Cheers, Ryan.
  11. I've noticed my male Ps. Zebra Long Pelvic doing something weird a couple of times this week. I just added 3 females to his tank a week ago (thanks Mark T), and have since seen him swim up to them and have what looks like an epileptic fit i.e. his whole body just shakes for a couple of seconds. I'm very impatient for them to start breeding, and was wondering if this is a sign that they are getting ready? Or is he just an epileptic fish?
  12. As many of you know this happend to be a week ago: http://qldaf.com/modules.php?name=Forum ... pic&t=1250 since then i have been getting this strange fur like hairy stuff on the glass They are about 3-4mm in length and about 1cm spaced apart. They look like the things that grow on the stem of sum flowers. I have used a magnet cleaner and get rid of them and every time i do a gravel vac they come back without fail. What should i do?
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