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Found 9 results

  1. These gorgeous guys that are sickeningly harmless and have no name at this stage due to confusion in the past and currently of them possibly being the emervii, which it is not! There is a lot of this sort of thing go on with the hobby and diving! The difference is very obvious but what can you do, it may be named one day but as yet this little auzy is a fish with no name, lol. The first time I kept one of these fish was at least 30 years ago, it is in an old video I have of my first actual reef tank, but through all these years I have never been able to keep one for more then a month or so! The reason is i would not go to the trouble of ensuring they were safe in my tanks, but after Oswald wiped out my tanks I started harmlessing, “if you could call that a word” my tanks and finished mid last year and put one in. I see one here and there and they are quite common at most sites and in quite shallow waters as well, just hard to catch and find once they take off or see before they hide. They live in certain environments that they use very well for cover. You see them in the shops at times, well I have only seen them in Pet cities tanks but they must be elsewhere at times for sale. If they can jump out if nasty fish are there they will, if any fish have attitudes they get bullied and fin nipped to death, if anything in any way is potentially nasty, “they die”, that’s why their full size of 7 to 8 inches, I have never seen! They eat anything you give to them and harm “nothing in any way”, they are the true food chain fish. Most whiptails are just that and the fillets or whole are great for bait, but these guys are the extreme of this! I was a bit worried it was growing to fast for my tanks but it has slowed now I have control of my tanks temperature. If you ever see one for sale, if your tank is filled with harmless life, get one, so pretty, they are always visible and so harmless.
  2. Iv had these fish for quite some time and today it has all payed off . Baby's at last ! I let the female hold till she was ready to spit by herself ,11 baby linni and looks like 2 more females are now holding Anyway it's nice to breed somthing for the frist time ...some pics Just iPhone pics will get the canon out tonight
  3. Hi Guys, Just wanting to see what everyones success rates are for raising from from full developed to 5cms. Do you loose many? I am getting lots of successful batches of fry now, and my new tumbling method im getting nearly 100% success rate from wrigglers to fully developed fry, however i seem to get them to about 2 - 2.5 cms then i loose one about every week or 2 and i have no idea why. Once they are fully developed i put them in a fry saver thats about 40cms long, 20cms high and 25cms wide. I feed twice a day with the NLS grow and do weekly 30% water changes. Any suggestions?
  4. So I decided to get back into fish about a year ago now, you know the same old story ill just get one tank and you end up with 20 lol. This time I've caught the breeding bug and it all seems to be coming together I've got about a 100 fry in a grow out tank 4 females of different varities with mouth fulls (mpanga, bicolor peacocks) I just picked up the rest of my chismulae colony today from ummm a very well known boondal lfs (to keep the mods happy) which incl two holding females then when putting the others in notice one of my existing females is holding. Oh yeah and I've had three batches of common b nose in the last month (same trio) and my cherry shrimp are multiplying by the second. So yeah I'm cheering and just wanted to say thanks to all the people on here who have helped me get to this stage! Cheers Clint
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. i have finally had a bit of success with my whiptail fry. I have one pair about 13cm long they have laid eggs a number of times but I have never had much success raising fry. On the last occasion I figured I would try something different. I grabbed a heap of weed from an o/s pond and put it a small tank with an air filter, then used water from the main tank to fill this, added the newly hatched fry and hoped for the best. well 3 weeks later and all is good, there is heaps of weed and bottom of the tank looks dirty but the whiptails appear to be doing great, they are swimming more than I have ever seen them in the past. I feed with BBS(frozen) and fingures crossed they will keep on keeping on. I have another batch of about 50 eggs that have just started to hatch so I will be doing the same with them. It's not the cleanest tank, but the water quality should be reasonable given the amount of weed...anyway we'll see how it goes, here are some pics.
  7. HI just after some advice/opinions on my 7 bars. My partner and i have 1 male 25cm 1 female 16cm in a 5' x 18 x 15, where they get along well, he is not very dominant or outgoing as he has been in with large colonies of mbuna for the last few years and there is always heaps of activity and fin nipping in his tank. Undoubtedly he would become more dominant and likely to breed in a species tank so i am wondering if my tanks 5' x 18 x 15 or 4' x 18 x 24 are big enough to put together a mature small colony and what numbers?I was thinking 1m 2-3 fm? would this work and could i regularly breed them this way? does anyone know of frontosa being bred in smallish tanks? thx for any advice, nicole and brett.
  8. Hi Guys / Gals Just wondering whether anyone in Oz has any luck with breeding Chocolate Cichlids successfully. Also would you mind sharing your experience in breeding them. Cheers Wok
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