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Found 57 results

  1. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/jonosfish-5780/albums/fingerz/18633-002.JPGhttp://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/jonosfish-5780/albums/fingerz/18632-003.JPG Hey i picked this little cracker up at lfs, think its a girl ??
  2. Last night I checked on my pair and they looked fine. They had laid about a week ago but the egss werent there and there were no signs of fry either. I got home tonight and went in to check on them and the girl was smashed. She had barely any scales and her fins were all ratty. If anyone knows could you please tell me why this would have happened? and what is the best way to get her healthy again? I've already moved her with a couple of harmless rainbows so she doesnt get beaten up again. I rekon if she was in there for another hour she would have died...
  3. Hey everyone, I got these guys yesterday. They are now showing some awesome colour and I'm hoping they will breed for me soon. I think they are just regular Texas but please correct me if I'm wrong. Cheers, Ben.
  4. Hey guys, Walked in to my fish room yesterday and my little female Texas had laid a batch of eggs and she was feckin angry! Conveniently after i stopped filming the other fish came out and she almost killed a Festae bigger than her. Dress Colours are awesome, you could hardly see any pearling, just a silver and black fish . Seph
  5. hey guys wat at my local pet shop today and sore th e biggest fn texas i have ever seen had to be 40 cm plus im guesing it is pretty damn old . sorry had to share that lol
  6. Just an update Approx 6-7cm, hasnt faded.
  7. I have this escondido juvi, he's about 7-8cm long. Just the other day I noticed this wart like lump under his chin, and a smaller one on the anal fin and dorsal fin which is hard to see in the pic. Hoping to find out what it may be so I can treat accordingly. Can anyone help??
  8. Texas Kamfa - Flowerhorns and Hybrids - Ray Fanatics thort this guy looked pretty cool
  9. not 100% sure, but i got this guy from clayton who got him as a SGT, either way he is a nice texas love this pic,
  10. hey guys, today my female texas got beaten up pretty bad while i was at school, she has a lot of scales missing and a lot of fin damage, i have added some salt to the tank but is there anything else i can do to help her heal and will her scales grow back? thanks!
  11. Hey everyone, about 2 weeks ago the kkp laid, male sgt did his job... and here are the fry atm, plenty to go round Dad - Mum - Batch - Fry - The fry are in a 3 1/3ft x 2ft x 2ft tank atm.
  12. I have a few texas, some growing, some adult. Just wanting to clear up the variants and what I have. This is how I see it.... Herichthys cyanoguttatus - common name "texas". Small spots. Not much green. Herichthys carpintis - large spots, green colour. Sold as "super green" Herichthys carpintis "escondido" - large spots, green colour and worming pattern under eyes/gill plate. Aslo sold as "super green". How did I go?
  13. Hi all, Bit of a dilemma, wanted to get other opinions... I have in my large Americann tank, a breeding pair of Texas and a pair of festae. Texas is one awesome, large, very colourful male at around 28cm and a smaller just as pretty female... These guys have bred many times for me now. Festaes - 1 large female at 28cm, highly colored with gold, red and green... Smaller male about 14cm but looks to have made a pair bond, but nothing definite yet. As the big Tex is getting a bit feisty, need to look at removing either, or.... What would you guys keep?
  14. I noticed my texas started turning like a jet black under its chin and towards its rear fin when i fed it tonight. I think it's a female if that helps? Anyone have any ideas?
  15. I've kept texas in the past, and consider them to be a beautiful fish when in full colour in the right conditions. Currently, I have a breeding pair bought as "electric greens"...........bought out of curiosity, because I thought them to be different (on viewing) from "super greens" and other var. I'm leaning towards Escondido although I have never seen a "green beard" as has been talked about in a few articles, although google provided no image. The ones that I've kept previously have varied in their breeding colours from simply going "brighter" to going jet black along the whole of their body. This pair has large spots and are indeed "electric" when they colour up and the grean beard (chin) is very striking. No photos as of yet as the wrigglers have just got up and running today and I don't want to disturb. Any thoughts on species/variant? cheers kev
  16. No answers on previous thread so sorry, thought I'd try again as those who have viewed the other thread may not view again, but likely view a new thread. Mum and dad,,,,,,,,,,,,,dad veers more to blue than green (when the mood takes him). Don't know what's going on with photobucket but the pics aren't as saturated from there as the originals. Both have stronger colour than shown. First brood and only around 10cms so I reckon they'll have more colour when older. I'm guessing Escondido?
  17. just woke up to my male texas x flowerhorn spawning with my female purple flame flowerhorn. pics are on my camera phone so they are crappy not showing their awesome spawning colours. the female is in the middle of pealing so she looks a bit funny.
  18. Can anyone help me determining the sex of my texas. I have two of them a standard blue texas and a super green texas, the super green texas is the larger of the two. Super Green Standard blue
  19. My housemate was given a large green Texas Cichlid(off his parents, hand me down due to no love for it). What would you reccomend as tank mates for him, tank size ect. I don't have any idea about Cichlids (aside from Discus). HELP? Note: Has killed many tank mates with previous owners, has bred and killed spawning partner and eggs.
  20. Quick vid of my largest Texas. Seph
  21. Ive just noticed that my texas has really weird growths just under his fin. There are roughly 4-5 of them and they are all about 2mm in size. Ive never seen this before and I've got absolutly no idea whats going on. They look like a bunch of grapes. I will try tomorrow night to get a better photo. Any one got any ideas? P.S. Yes my camera is crap and no fish wont sit still when you are trying to take a photo.
  22. hi, was just wondering if the texas cichlid arnd 18-20 cm can handle 17-22c temperature, i got a cold water tank with other native aussie fish and cichild that i want to try put him in, only in the morning its around 17-19c than after 3-4hourds it warms up, was just wondering if it can handle the temperature, i know it might be winter but my tank has survived thru last winter without a heater, also how many tapajos should i get, this will be in my geo tank, currently i have 9 rio brancos (3-4cm) and am planing to get some tapajos tomoro, their 4-5cm big, can you tell the differnece between the sexes? my rio brancos had a mouth locking comp last night, now one leads the group, out of the 9, 4 had mouth lock fight, so hoperfully the rest are females thanks
  23. My female texas has been sitting on the bottom of the tank alot in the last couple days with some faster breathing. Admittedly the tank they were in was a couple weeks overdue for a water change as it was only a temp tank while theirs was getting worked on. I have added them into their normal tank with clean water and she is still exhibiting the same symptoms. I am wondering if I should get some melafix as there seem to be no other visible symptoms to give an indication of what is wrong. Or is there another medication that I should be getting?
  24. Hi im after some opinions on what i could keep with my texas. I have a male texas thats about 12cm in a 4x2x2, there are also 2 small convicts and a pleco in there. Was wanting to put another fish in there that will grow to similar size as texas and will be able to stick up for it self. Want something that is abit colourful to. Any ideas of what i should put in there to try and buddy them up before texas gets to big? Thanks Pete
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