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Found 57 results

  1. Could anyone give me any tips on breeding texas?? from sexing to hatching, any info would be great.... Ive researched it, but would like to know if anyone out there has tips or tricks.... And if anyone has had breeding in South American community tanks?
  2. wats the best way to set up a texas tank i have 1 in a 100ltr tank but just bort a 5x2x2ft tank and wounderin if any one has any good sergestions???
  3. Hi All, Hoping for some advice... I have 2 large texas in our 6ft display tank... They live with several other large cichlids and have recently paired off together and are successfully breeding... Since mid December she has laid and hatched 3 clutches of baby tex, and today looking into the tank again there are more wrigglers in the cave with her... I am waiting to get some dollars together to build them a full time breeding setup, but in the mean time the babies keep getting eaten as soon as the parents leave them to fend - damn Humpheads live next door!... Does anyone know a full proof way to get the wrigglers out of the tank without destroying the tank setup or potentially killing the fry? I was told to syphon them out with a hose, do you think that would work or is that stressful? Once I do get them out, are Texas fry intelligent enough to eat crushed flake, shrimp egg etc or should I be waiting till they are at a particular stage of growth etc? Thanks for your help, Todd
  4. Sorry for shitty pics, need to take pics at night lol.
  5. i previously bought a ~10cm texas cichlid for my american cichlid tank & it always looked very unhappy & never ate anything that i saw. after a few weeks it was very thin & hid the majority of the time & finally the other cichlids killed it. the water was a bit acidic for texas cichlids (ph 6.9-7.2) but everything else should have been spot on. just unlucky i thought... recently i bought a ~15cm texas & it's doing the same thing :perplex: the water is now more alkaline as i have no live plants in there anymore (ph 7.0-7.4) but it's been 5 weeks now & i've never seen it eat anything! one problem is that other fish in the tank are glutons & try to hog all the food no matter how much i put in. i've tried putting 40 feeder gudgeons in at once but still the dovii & managuence get the lions share & the other random cichlids get a few but the texas doesn't even seem interested in chasing the feeders. i've tried using a plastic tube to put shrimp pellets in the area the texas spends most of its time but it just looks at them till the salmontail cats get the scent & come & hoover the lot :perplex: i've tried a wide variety of pellets, flake, granules & feeders with no success... the texas doesn't even act hungry... although surely to stay alive for 5weeks it must be eating _something_ it looks incredibly thin though with a really hollow belly & a big head. i really don't know what else to do about it :perplex: I'll try & get a photo tonight when i get home from work. water conditions (tested last night) are ph7.4 , 0ppm ammonia , 0ppm nitrite , ~20ppm nitrate & 25°C.
  6. hey folks.. was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem with my Texas.. he has an injury on his side (not sure how it happened).. it looks like a scale is missing and some flesh is pushing out a little.. or its a growth.. not sure.. fish seems to be active and lively.. i added more salt for healing.. any idea's?.. thanx
  7. Hey guys, my texas has begun to get a really dark chin. It's like how you draw charcoal on yourself but on my fish. I'll try and get a pic but he seems pretty healthy and is still very active. Cheers, Rusty
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