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Found 28 results

  1. It was too windy for the boat so went and did some filming in the freshwater reaches of Coochin Creek which runs into Bribie Passage.. Was good to sees plenty of native fish and only a few feral Gambusia. i have caught Australian Bass here before too but was unable to catch them on camera this time
  2. I was wondering, seeing as air glass interface and air water interface cause reflected light losses, if underwater lights are being used in aquarium. The cost of power is high and LED is low power and low risk by low voltage so it could be worth the effort also the light can be positioned where you want it. In a bigger tank, some ambiance could be created with variant lighting. But I guess someone is already doing that.
  3. Gold Label Hi guys, I have recently had some issues with leaks in two of my large plastic sumps (Nally megabins) that have been setup for around 8 years now. Replacing the tubs is my least favoured current option due to the way they are setup, so I wanted to be able to patch and repair them, preferably while they were still running. After a bit of googling I came across the stuff in the link at the top of this post, Gold Label pond sealer, fish safe and sets underwater. So I got some to try. In short, it works just like they claim. I was able to identify and seal a small crack in one tub with just the sealant, and use a piece of pond liner and the sealant to stop a leak in a corner of the other tub where I could not find the crack by sealing the whole corner. All while the sumps were running as usual. All seals were made underwater. I have just bought another tube to keep in my fishroom as it will come in really handy whenever I have to deal with the leaks that eventually arise in all fishrooms. Anyone else with a fishroom would also find it handy to have sitting on a shelf. Its not exactly cheap at around $40.00 for a 290ml tube, but it was worth every cent to me for the time, cost and aggravation it saved me. You can buy it from our sponsor @The Tech Den Cheers, Doug
  4. Water was nice and clear so threw the camera down while we were fishing and a still shot from the video
  5. Massive project and this gives a small idea of the scale of it. http://www.oceanario.pt/cms/1397/?news=1789 FACTS ABOUT THE EXHIBITION Aquarium with 160 m3, U-shape design, 40m long and 2,5m wide The aquarium's layout includes 4 tons of sand, 25 tons of volcanic rocks from Azores and 78 tree trunks from Scotland and Malaysia 40 species of tropical freshwater fish 46 species of aquatic plants The largest "nature aquarium" in the world ever created by Takashi Amano First aquarium with author's signature, at Oceanário de Lisboa 1.5 million visitors expected in 30 months
  6. It’s been a while since i have shared some pics here and on Reef central, but these are just a few of my thousands of pics from a few dives with mates. Its hard work after taking 400 to 3000 pics at times, then sorting through them to find the best and sometime it s only 4 or 5 that are suitable! Some lovely large polyp species a plenty with the climatechange. Of course climate change isn’t all good, in fact if you have seen what was 30 plus years back, to what is now, you would be horrified! These two of millions suffering are showing serious adverseaffects. This was an accident that was fixed quite quickly, once I noticed it, we dropped the anchor near by so the chain ended up on these latz anemone. Oops,lol With extra nutrients and less vis these days capensis algaeis going nuts! Many scolis popping up far beyond what was in the past. Heteractis magnifica, they becoming far more common now.
  7. This izzz my high tech state of the art non breeding party underwater night club ...380 litres 5 footer aquarium has 8 timer Controllers/7 colour spot lights/3 ft red led bubbler/volcano bubbler/fine bubble bubbler/17 plugs/8 designer lights 2 of which run on a remote and you can choose any colour you want)/2 mega waver makers with seconds controlled/2 300 watt heaters/15 ceramic disc mist maker/2 eheim canister filter able to run 1200 litres.. + a pre filter and what all the fish got camera shy!!!
  8. .When I first saw this I thought - I had to get it. The amount of times it would have been handy to have a tube to either fix a leak or just put something in place and keep it there. So many things you can do with this. Live Rock, Marine use or fresh water. Fix leaks, stick items in place - does just about everything.... Seals leaks in concrete butyl PVC glass and many other surfaces. Gold Label Underwater Sealer Can I actually use this in wet conditions ie rain or under water? Yes. Gold Label is able to stick to a surface by displacing moisture from the surface. Will it cure under water? Yes, as it uses the oxygen in the water to cure. Does temperature affect it? In its uncured state, it does. It will not cure below freezing and it will be very slow curing under 5°C. Optimum temperature is 16°C. I cannot get it to stick Most common reason is trying to use it as a glue! It is a sealant which needs a body of product to work. If you squash the surfaces to be stuck then the area cannot affect a cure. Always apply a bead approx 5mm and gently attach object or liner patch to leave a bead of approx 2-5mm (Do not be tempted to pull it off to see if it is stuck before 3 days as temperature and thickness of sealer will affect the cure rate) Can I use it to repair gutters, roofs etc? Yes, Gold Label will stick to most surfaces. Will it stick to vinyl? Yes, make sure surface is clean and sound, and abrade lightly. Can I use Gold Label in marine tanks? Yes, there is no difference in performance between fresh water and salt water. Can I use Gold Label to stick living rock or coral? Yes, because Gold Label is an inert, non-toxic product it can be used safely on coral or living rock. I need to use acrylic glass for safety in my pond / tank. Will Gold Label stick the acrylic to the frame? Gold Label has 4 times the bond strength of silicone on acrylic and has been used in major installations using acrylic sheet. Can I use Gold Label to fix equipment eg pumps, filters to the side of ponds or tanks? Yes, make sure you bed the equipment on a bead of sealer at least 5mm. This is to allow slight movement between the two surfaces and support for 24 hours to allow the sealer to cure before any weight is put on it. Can I join two pieces of liner together? Yes, by putting two beads of 5mm diameter, 100mm apart on the overlap. Then gently run your fingers over the line to make sure the sealer has connected both pieces of liner. DO NOT PRESS FLAT. By having two beads of 5mm, the liner can expand and contract without tearing and it will allow for any imperfections in joining of the two liners. Do I have to drain the pond / tank before using Gold Label? No, you can use this under water to bond practically anything. Can I use Gold Label in swimming pools / spas? Yes, this will adhere even in chlorinated water. Can I fix a crack in a concrete pond / pool? Yes. First vee-out the crack to approx 10-20 mm and fill with Gold Label. If concrete is powdery, use primer first.
  9. Hey guys and gals, Always wanted to view my tank from a fishes perspective however I don't have a GoPro or similar style camera so I improvised and used a snap-lock bag as my waterproofing for my ipod and well this is the result. Hope you enjoy, Adam
  10. Just found out this place exists. It looks awesome. Photos can be seen on https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Trag%C3%B6ss,+Austria&es_sm=122&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=s-GKU5DzFYvBkQW3x4HICg&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAg&biw=1366&bih=643#imgdii=_
  11. The only Melanotaenia boesemani I'd ever seen were aquarium bred. Here's some underwater footage of wild M. boesemani in the Ayamaru River, Korom River, Aitinyo Lakes and associated waterways in west Papua. Good to see that there are locals who know how special their fish are. Wild Melanotaenia boesemani, Ayamaru river
  12. I'm setting up a guppy tank and I have couple of quite small lilies on my fountain. Leaves biggest size is about the diameter of 20cent coin and about 20cm from root to leaves. I'm not sure though if its a dwarf variant. Tank will be 75cm tall. I was thinking of using it but don't want the leaves to shoot on the water surface - I want them to stay midway on the water. Is that possible or I may need to look for other plants.
  13. Took my kids for a visit yesterday and while it was really exciting to see the freshwater section and get a reminder of how big some of these fish can get. I have to say though I was a little concerned as to the state of some of the fish. I'm not going to be critical on them without all the facts but it really looked like poor water quality and overcrowding was becoming a bit of an issue especially in the barra and pacu tanks. When I was there the water was fairly cloudy and I could see a lot of their eyes were clouded over as well as seeing other physical signs of not being in the best of health. The pacu tank in particular looked like someone said we need more colour so lets cram in as many red devils as we can. Now to be fair I am guessing that lots of these fish could be rescued fish and as a result they did not get to them in good condition in the first place and that perhaps there was a feeding time just prior which would explain a bit of the cloudiness, and that some of these big guys must be fairly old and might be showing signs of age, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing with these 2 tanks. Kicking myself for not taking some pics to post but I am sure if anyone has been recently you would notice the same thing. Don't get me wrong most of the other displays were in great condition but these 2 tanks really surprised me. I guess in some ways I am comparing it to the freshwater exhibit in Bali Safari and Marine Park which I thought had an awesome display. Again not being critical without all the facts as I am sure they do a fantastic job at most things. *Sorry just realised I posted this in the wrong section - mods feel free to move it*
  14. Buley Rockholes and Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park
  15. I've been told some of these mightn't be legit underwater plants.. I have no idea about names, so I can't google them.. it would all be "green, freshwater leafy stuff".. and that doesn't help anyone :s I sort of bought them as an "I don't know what's in there" type thing--from a reliable seller--but I just want to make sure I know what I have, lol .. I'll learn names one day, I swear :\ Number one: Number two: Number three: (was told this would most likely die, so I'm prepared for that xD ) Number four: (if this is bad, I'm punching a kitten) Number five: (pretty sure this is 100% okay.. "foxtail" / "hornwort" from what I could figure out/was told? .. this was the only name I remembered :s ) Thanks in advance, ~Nini.
  16. We spent last week up at Coloundra and visited Underwater World while we were up that way. Overall, I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with the place compared to previous visits especially when it comes to the freshwater exhibits. They have gone downhill in a big way. Apart from the red devils, there were no big American cichlids on display at all and many of the larger fish like the barra, pacu and paroon sharks etc are looking in very poor condition. I would have captured more but many of the specimens weren't even worth shooting due to their poor condition. Sad really. Anyway, I did manage a few keepers from there so I thought I'd share. The Jack has grown a fair bit since last time I saw it. My partner was a little surprised by it's size. Now she has a real understanding of what size jacks are capable of attaining. I threw in a few of the seals. They are always good value although again, I was disappointed overall here too. The show they put on fell very short of what I have seen in the past. Maybe they do different shows on the weekend to what they do during the week?
  17. Hi guys I am new to this. I have recently seen underwater LED lights with a built in air stone made for aquariums on ebay. I was wondering if anyone has purchased anything similar and it broke. I love the look but a little concerned that if it breaks that it could send an electric current through my tank and kill my fish. Basic question : - are they safe to use? Thanks
  18. Went to Underwater world today and took some pictures Some very cool and interesting displays but there was heaps lacking The South American tank only had motoros, no arowana or anything The tunnels just opened on friday and they have been stocked about 10%... 1 shark, 1 ray, 1 turtle - so that was a disappointment Tanganyikan tank was a surprise! but only had frontosa and 1 tropheus ikola actually all the freshwater tanks were stocked poorly Did see the huge RTC, although the lady was telling me you need permits for the red devils, RTC, giant gouramis lol Well here's some pictures:
  19. My two baby oscars in a 6x18x18, what do you think, camara and fish
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  22. Few photos and videos from Saturday - awesome place, shame there's not as many fresh water displays. Bad photos, sorry.
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  24. Can somebody tell me which silicone can be used on fish tanks and will hold well underwater? I went to bunnings and they all say on the labels "do not use on aquariums" Thanks in advance.
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