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Found 37 results

  1. I do "ad hoc" sales on a lot of my freshwater stock, every weekend, just for the purpose of moving stock and making space. I should mention that these sales are club members only (NFD) - apologies in advance and please no comments - that is just the way that Pet City - Mt.Gravatt takes care of its club members. Ryukins $25 Eretmodus $35 Tangicodus $20 A. Anostomus $35 Blue Eyes (Spilurum) $8 L282 $1000.00 Lake Kamaka Rainbows $10 Super Green Texas (largish meds) $10 Stendker Brilliant Turqs $150 Yellow Tail Congo Tetras $8 Rose Flame Chanda $15 Leopard Cory $15 Tiger Barbs $4 Endler Hybrids $4 T. Elioti $10 - Non breeding quality! Yes, seems like a ecletic mix - something to match all tanks and budgets! Hope to see you guys in!
  2. I just remembered I had my wetsuit soaking in the laundry tub and went in to get it and the room stank of chlorine. I'd say the town water has been treated at a higher rate as a precaution due to the bacteria problem in some of our water ways on the coast due to contaminants being washed into the water from the recent rain. Some areas have been closed to the public due to the risk to public health. Double dose with prime or safe to be sure.
  3. Can some one inform me if there is a auction this weekend .I looked at graehams sticky post and not according to it .I ask this because I read a post last week someone mentioned it .Maybe a old post been bumped I don't know .Anyone ??? Thanks
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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  6. So I have entered a local aquarium or 5 on the weekend and have notice something that they all have in common. 1. Stocking of may varieties of fish in the same tanks ( 4 or 5 types of american cichlids say )? 2. Most , not all use the technical name of the fish in the tank?? 3. How do I know from the little picture on the front of the tank ( thats always of an adult in full colour ) if I am being sold the right fish I have asked for??? #1 As I am new to the world of Cichlids in general this may seem strange to those of you far more learned than I. But for a newbie the trust you put in the shop assistant is 100%. I saw many small fish that didn't look all that much differant from others in the tank. So if the they are having an of day, we pay.Also this could encorage Hybridising? #2 I struggle to get my head around alot of the tech. names of the fish. On this site I sometimes have to resort to googling said names so I can put a face to the name (so to speak). I understand that this is part of learning and we all have to do this.A we are a large community of like mind people, could we not set up a topic called fish I.D that has not only pictures of adult but of Juviniles aswell. Could be put under both tech and common name with some basic info about them. I understand that it takes time and effort to do these things but as a newbie this would be an asset #3 Juviniles dont always resemble the adult . So if you work, know or own an aquarium retailer, just a thought would be to add a picture of the juvinile next to the adult picture. This may help with sales as it will give confidence to us with less knowlegable. May be I am way of the mark with this. If I am so be it. This is not a shot at anyone inparticular it is my observation. Cheers
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  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Shipping available this weekend, I am going to collect some fish this weekend from the northen sunshine coast, So at a good price I am transport from Gold Coast north in the morning or from the coast south in the afternoon, or anywhere in between. PM me here or email rooky_25@bigpond.net.au with details of what you would like shipped, weather it be a bag of fish, a box of fish or tank or stand / hood and details of shipment - from and to suburbs & I will let you know how much, Cheers Mark
  10. Had one of those good weekends for fishkeeping. Started off with a first time visit to Redlands Pet Centre. Met Russ, nice bloke, I was impressed that he remembered my PM from two days before. Sold me a couple of things for that fantastic discount (I should've got more but the missus would have killed me). Even the Purigen at the normal price was a good price, and finally got myself a primo Jager Heater. Also saw he has a nice selection of cichlids. Great shop, highly recommend it. Friday night put a bag of Purigen into my HOB filter on my display tank. Next day Saturday wake up to be pleasently surprised to see the water to be crystal clear - amazing stuff that Purigen. My tank has never looked so good. Saturday arvo rearranged the display tank, did a water change and intoduced my newish but still smallish Ps Zebra Long Pelvic into the display. What a great effect this had on the display! The Zebra Long Pelvic hasn't displayed his full colour but his mere presence has ignited all the other fish, so now my tank looks amazing. My Hongi, Labeotropheus Trewavasae are now showing full colour 80-90% the time (previously only half the time) along with the Cobalt Blue, Electric Yellow, and Red Zebs now twice as active. Thankfully, nothing overly aggressive from any fish, the ZLP himself is quite happy and not shy or hiding. Yesterday Sunday, my Electric Yellow colony spawned again and now have a female holding in the maternity tank. Easily caught her, straight into the net. Finally, I moved some juvie Ps Elongatus Mpanga out of my E. Yellow nursery tank - all too easy, caught them in about 2 minutes (wow, normally they're hard to catch and takes me 10 minutes). Now my E.yellow fry are happy they aren't being nipped by the Mpanga and the Mpanga are happy in their own tank and showing some good color. Just fantatsic when everything just clicks together nicely. All too often you see the horror stories posted on forums, so it's good to report a good weekend of fishkeeping!
  11. hi Thinking on setting up my new garden shed this weekend as my fish room (thank u dad for buying it for me) don’t no the size once I find out I will put it on here all I can say there’s room for 3 maybe 4 3 tire stands. here is a pic of the shed it dosnt look great but it will do the job cheers rion
  12. hey everyone i came home yesterday from heaps of exams and was shocked my electric yellow tank with 1 male and 4 females had 4 mouthfuls. thats right every girl was holding. 1 was a week old, only problem is that i dont no which one. when i strip them in 2 weeks can i put all of the fry in one fry saver or will they eat each other even if 1 mouthful is a week older. they are 2 days apart the others. will that affect them, as in will they eat each other. and to think these were sold 1 month ago and the fella stuffed me around. any help would be great thanks. :wink:
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