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Found 10 results

  1. Too many in stock and priced to clear excess. $319 Less your discount will make these a awesome buy under the $300 mark. I do not ever remember seeing them for this low price ever. With the Australian Dollar performing the way it is - this is the ideal time to grab one. Limited stock available at this price!! Deal of the Day - Aquarium products best deal for your fishtank
  2. No it is not Prince trying to filter money, it is not even a lottery prize. Its a aquascape prize...Free Entry too. IIAC ISTA 1st International Aquascaping Contest ISTA is one of the most well-known Taiwanese brands in the world, and we consider ourselves as the leader in the aquascaping field. Promoting aquascaping is always one of our missions. Taiwanese hobbyists have won many awards in several world-class competitions, so we feel the need of hosting an international aquascaping contest in Taiwan. ISTA International Aquascaping Contest is the very first time Taiwan launching a worldwide contest, which opens to everyone and free of charge. In order to promote aquascaping in Taiwan and Worldwide, we sincerely invite participants from all over the world to attend this great contest. The goal is to encourage and inspire more people to join the world of aquascaping. Furthermore, we are very honor to have professional hobbyists from different countries to be our judges. With the convenience of Internet, participants can easily attend the competition simply by upload their photos on our website. Taiwanese judges will pick up top 50 works at the primary selection and the final will be conducted by 13 international judges. The final result will be announced on the website at November 1st, 2015. The entry fee is free of charge and every participant can upload up to 5 works that made in one year. The prize of IIAC is also the highest in the world; Grand Prize is USD10,000, so get ready to submit your works!
  3. how long will it take to cycle 15,000 L ?
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  6. Good work your obviously doin the right thing keep it up:beer:
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  8. Whoops just realised I forgot to put Ltrs after the 16,000, I'm not planning on keeping 16,000 fish in a pool So I have been planning for a very long time (First dreamt about it 12 years ago) to build/buy a swimming pool which I can make completely fish friendly and sterile enough for NO Blue/green algae (The bacteria, not plant) for me to safely swim in. These are my plans and I hope you guys and girls will let me know your thoughts. This will be a basic tester for a future in-ground, landscaped version. The pool will be in Maryborough QLD and I am thinking of this one Bestway Above Ground Steel Frame Swimming Pool 5.5m | GTmall Online (Not sure about if the plastic is toxic though, if it is, I will need to construct one from pond liner) Filtration: A 5000ltr hr pump will pump the water up into a ICB 1000ltr water drum which will house the mechanical filtration (Sponge and Filterwool), This will then run from the ICB through a UV sterilizer and down to the other end of the pool. I will also have a pump for running a vacuum which I will use to clean the bare bottom pool. This will be done whenever needed (Expecting weekly) I have also been testing Copper sulphate as an algaecide and paracide, I would prefer not to use this but feel that I may need to keep it clear and safe, it will be at .15 - .2ppm (No catfish or shrimp, but other fish will be fine at this level) I don't plan on having a lot of fish compared to the volume of water so bio filtration will be from surface areas of the sponge and pool. PH will be 6.8 -7 and aerated by the water flowing back into pool Plants: Christmas moss will be the predominant plant, along with some elodea. Shading: Shade Cloth My biggest unknown is what fish I can keep in what times of the year. I chose the Fraser coast region to move to because it stays at a fairly reasonable temp year round, more to the point it does not have the extremes of Cairns or Victoria. I will be looking at setting this up in the next couple of months so if any of you have kept tropical fish outside during summer please let me know. My Ideal pool will be Guppys, Wild Discus, Neons and Apistos What I am likely to test for the first year is Guppys, Angels maybe some rainbows and then remove the angels and rainbows when things get cooler. There are a few people around who keep guppys all year round so I'm sure these will be fine, but not sure about other fish. Any thoughts? What would you keep if you had this in your backyard?
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