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Found 16 results

  1. G'day all, Within a few months we are intending to become a minor supplier to "Pet People" in our area and so far we have not got a fish and aquarium Guru or a worm farm Guru Shed 100 uses Gurus (experts and or enthusiasts) and they are not bosses but they keep an eye on what is happening in their area of expertise and order materials and are pivotal in making their shed activity a success and enjoyable for everyone who chooses to participate. Shed life should be a journey for anyone who wants to try different activities and likewise our Gurus do not have to be "stuck" with their area of expertise. Some Shed 100 activities with Gurus are Our committee, set-up expert for small production runs, welding including stainless steel and aluminium, wood working using machines, metal working using a lathe and some milling, leather work, clocks, coin jewelry, casting small objects in resins and low melting point metals, art (painting and etc) wood turning pens (gift quality in exotic wood) wood turning general. We have equipment for but no gurus for: sheet metal rolling, shaping and spot welding, recycling non ferrous metals into small sheets and wires for things like belt buckles and trophies, nickel plating, knife and tool sharpening, glass lead-light. We get a lot of donated materials and goods so some things can be made or refurbished for zero $s. We do workshop stuff for free for local not for profit organizations and the Mount Ommaney Special School and we would like to continue to do that. If you are interested in fish but have not got the space or the tick of approval from your domestic manager then why not join our shed, We have long "smokos" and talk about whatever. Please comment or contact me. FYI (There are more registered Men's Sheds in Australia then there are McDonalds) Men's sheds are attributed with saving male suicides and the concept has gone from Oz across the world. Every shed is different, some are more like drop in centres, others are very workshop oriented, some do music, some do bus trips, and cooking courses for those who want it and anything really if you have some expertise to lead the way anything that interests the men will be successful.
  2. Quick Special - Sera O-Nip - 100 Tabs - Be quick, not expecting this special to last long at this price.... Sera O-nip consists of compressed flakes and freeze dried whole organisms such as krill, bloodworms, Tubifex or Gammarus. You can watch the fish eating when slightly pressing the tablet to the aquarium glass from the inside. The food tablets are readily accepted as a special delicacy by almost all fish. Also suitable for catfish and loaches. https://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp
  3. Hi guys has anyone drilled a 100 mm hole in glass. I'm thinking of joining two sumps so would like to join with a big hole for lots of flow. Anyone done this ? Any info appreciated. Thanks. Mark
  4. Thought some might be interested in these. I use a similar one from Bunnings for my water changes and makes life easy Aldi's come out today.
  5. ..Due to the up coming LIVE FISH AUCTION in Brisbane we have just place our fish bags (100 pc bundles ) on sale again so you can restock we hope you enjoy we hope you enjoy http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=bags+100'>http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=bags+100 INCLUDING OUR NEW JUMBO BAGS (Now's a good time to stock up)
  6. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are. I'm leaning towards the LP 100 at this stage. I'm currently running a Hap 100 but will be needing more air in the future. I cant actually find the Hap120 anymore. Do they still make them ?? Those of you running the LP 100 what are your thoughts on it ?? Quiet ?? Reliable ?? 150 L/pm should be enough for what I require. JP
  7. Hi all i am going to pick up 100 sword tails in abut 2 weeks how big a tank would i need. I have toones od tanks up and running. I am going to be breeding them for my oscars and red devil and turtles.
  8. Hi guys, I thought I would take a few snaps and share some pics of the tank before a trim Currently houses chameleon shrimps, cherry shrimps and HTD blue grass guppies along with a bit of my plant collection. I do have 'collectoritis' but have tried my best to clump most plants together to form a hopefully relatively decent looking scape. A view from the open dinner/lounge room A view from my study table Complete plant list: -Hygrophila pinnatifida -Bylxa japonica -Microsorum pteropus 'philippine' -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Microsorum pteropus 'regular broad variety' -Microsorum pteropus 'mini' -Anubias nana -Anubias barteri -Anubias lorraine -Anubias barteri 'nana' -Anubias afzelii -Anubias nana 'petite; -Subwassertang -Native mini pellia -Fontinalis antipyretica 'willow moss' -Vesicularia montagnei 'christmas moss' -Vesicularia ferriei 'weeping moss' -Taxiphyllum sp. 'flame moss' -Taxiphyllum sp. 'peacock moss' -Crypt wenditti 'green' -Elatine gratioloides -Pogostemon stellatus -Hygrophila difformis 'Variegated' -Bolbitis heudelotii -Echinodorus vesuvius -Aponogeton ulvaceus & that's it I think lol Enjoy, John
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  15. Well my bristlenose pair finally done the deed for the first time. About 3 weeks ago the male started kicking out the fry. Didn't really take much notice to how many as I didn't want to disturb him. After they started putting on some size there seemed to be a substantial amount of fry. Today I pulled them all out of the tank, 1' cube , cause the male was releasing his next batch of fry. I placed them all in a bucket and removed the new batch which were much smaller. I took a photo and started to count them. Stopped counting at 100 All around the 2.5-3cm mark. Reckon there is somewhere between 110-120 all up for the first batch. I thought they were suppose to have spawns around the 50 mark The pair are only 6-8cm and this is their first batch as I have grown them up. Anyone care to offer some views?
  16. since chrissy day I have been working on the fish room some more (surprise surprise). This week alone set up 15 more tanks when I did my final count today I have 48 set up in the breeding room, and 64 in the growout hothouse. I have broken the 100 tank mark I still have room for another stand of 7 tanks in the breeding room and growout another 65 tanks so once I'm finished will be well worth the effort. So currently have 112 set upo by time I'm finished should be pushin about 180 tanks. I know one thing though I took a week off work and I feel I have acheived more working with my fish tahn I have in a whole year of working at my job. The best part is no boss anggin me and no stress of driving 12 hours a day.
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