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Found 9 results

  1. Has anyone heard if we have any RTM's or nandopsis haitiensis available in Australia (I'm really after the RTM's) ?? I don't really want to hear that your friend has a mate that has some.. Surely by now there should be something around as there are quite a few people that will pay good money for them
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  3. The Aqua Zonic G2 Titan Heaters in 600w, 1000w and 1500w are due to hit Australia Mid August with some big improvements on the previous model. We are taking preorders at this stage and expect to be sold out on arrival and I think the first shipment is almost all sold already. For Starters - the electronics are not in the main unit - they are a separate controller, this will be a good way of going and avoiding any issues with the water and electronics. They also have a feature where they have a half power control so you can reduce the power usage by 50%. I think the 50% off would be handy where you are looking at extending and going on a rack system where you might be adding tanks at a later stage and might need the extra power. The option of using it to expand with out buying an additional unit. The 50% off will use just one of the two elements. Safety Auto Off Double Heating Units Temperature Precision +-.5c Fresh and Saltwater Multiple Heating Options Shatter Resistant Quartz Glass LED Water Temperature Display Plastic Cage to Protect Fish Anyway here is what they look like.....pricing is on the link and priced a lot better than the previous ones. Aqua Zonic Titan 600w Heater Aqua Zonic Titan 1000w Heater Aqua Zonic Titan 1500w Heater
  4. just bought the odysea cfs 1000 canister filter from guppys aquarium. this is not an assessment of guppys aquarium. just some thoughts so far on the filter: - the filter came in a brown box. looks very plain. - it has no manual. so im still trying to figure it out and having heaps of probs setting it up. worried about breaking the connectors. - the filter material shown on the website shows the filter is full of it. the actual filter media only goes up to two thirds of the filter. - its huge. i mean really huge. you probably wont fit this in any cabinet setup. - the body feels flimsy.
  5. Hi All. Great Deal today. Link Below. Age of Aquariums - Bio Balls 42mm x 1000 Ben
  6. Specs - 860 litres per hour 22 watts 4 stage filtration Filter media included Quality Fittings ( hoses & spray bar inc ) Easy priming Quiet and Extremely reliable 2 year Warranty Suitable for up to 270 litres Dimensions 25cm x 18cm x 47cm ( l x W x H ) - Exceptional build quality at a budget price. These units are extremely popular in Japan where quality is highly regarded. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquanic 1000 External Canister Filter Ben
  7. was just wondering on oppinions on what size cannister i should use on my 1000 litre tank i currently run a 1000 litre an hour cannister and a 2000 litre an hour internal otto .
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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