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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all... I have a 180G 60 x 24 x 30 tall...drilled tank ....I was thinking about putting african cichlids in it..but when doing gravel cleaning and water change today on my 75G african cichlid tank there was so much poop around the rocks (of which there are a lot) I realised that doing this with a 30" tall would be problematic....I also have south and central american cichlids for which I will be purchasing a 6x2x2 for...they were going to go into 180G but I think they need more horizontal swimming room... My brother is trying to get me to turn the 180G into a discus and tetra and corydora playground...an amazonian biotope ..plants only on surface - water sprite, black water,almond leaves, driftwood, sand, rocks...I have another tank which I was planning on using as a sump refugium under this one which is around 60G.. I am guessing that a 30 tall would be difficult to light sufficiently to have as a low maintenance planted tank...unless you could raise up the floor/substrate??....and so for water health thought a refugium might be the way to go... I know that discus require a bit more care than other cichlids..and I would not be getting them (around 6-8 discus) until tank was well and truly established and running for at least 4 months...and I was confidant that I have learnt enough about discus....but before I make a commitment to go in this direction can I have your ideas or thoughts. ...what would really rock your boat if my 180G was yours? What would you put in it and why? Thanx all.
  2. Is there anyone in the Yeppoon/Rocky area that could do a complete reseal on an Aqua One Grande 180 tank for me?
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