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Found 25 results

  1. I have been racking my brain to work out what to get the mrs for chrissy, i was thinking of starting up my fluval spec v 19l tank again to grow mosses and some small FW fish but then i saw pics of fluval spec v's that had been converted to marine to nano reef tanks so i thought, while it may be a late present im sure the mrs would LOVE a nano reef in the bathroom. So now, here comes the questions. Filtration, Im assuming the inbuilt pump and filtration isnt suitable for a reef tank, from some light research it seems live rock and sand is a big part of filtration on a marine tank. What do i do for filtration for such a small tank? Lighting, the stock lights are fairly low on these, for a 19l what kind of lighting would i need? Live stock, im planning on using some small corals, tube worms, christmas worms or something along those lines and if possibly some inverts and 2-3 small colorful fish, gobies, blennys or something like that. This will be my first venture into marine so the more advice here the better
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. hey guys trying to nut out a stock-list for my new 600 lt tank. I need to buy substrate for the tank but need to work my stock-list out first Tangs have intrigued me for the colours, behavior and somewhat resemblance to our Aussie reef fish. A bit about me, i'd say semi experienced fish keeper. Have had Americans, Malawi's, Natives, and a hugely stocked tropical aquariums. Ive got a few hours a week to put into a tank, can operate an API test kit like a champion, I'm no Lance Armstrong but i can cycle a tank (bad Fish-keeper dad joke...) The more i look into Tangs the more i like but the more i get confused. So keeping in mind this is a display only tank. What would your goto species be? budget of up-to 1k on livestock Thanks in Advance Bryan
  4. hey guys never owned a pleco, recently moved my tank and gets hit by sunshine now and algae has started to grow. What sort of pleco am i after to control this issue? + its a flowerhorn tank so a larger species would be best
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hey everyone! I've decided that I'm going to attempt a paludarium in a 4 foot tank I have. Its going to be designed for south american cichlids and a small turtle. Im not overly sure on stocking yet but I've been toying with: -Blue acara (but they get fairly large) or possibly -Some ram's I won't lie it's the first time I would have kept Americans so I'm not really sure what goes well with what? Any idea's? Keeping in mind not to small the turtle will annoy them too much. Any way back to the paludarium itself. Now I've thought about the design alot but as its my first attempt I was hoping for some pointers of feedback. 1. I have the idea of using a submersed filter and the return to be attached to pvc piping to supply the water fall/"rainmaker". Does any have any ideas on this? Will there be enough pressure etc etc? 2. The false bottom? What would be the best thing to make this out of? 3. The barrier between water and land, any ideas? I'm just thinking a piece of PVC or something hidden in the substrate? Look in all honesty guys I would love any feedback! Stocking suggestions both for plants and fish? And any ideas to do with the set up! Thanks heaps, Nathan
  7. As per title. It took a while to get this shot with all its fins extended and mouth open at the same time but as we all know, patience pays off for those that have it. It is putting on size at a reasonable rate so I think I am going to have a real tank buster on my hands sooner than I think. Anyway, enjoy.
  8. Queensland Cichlid Group meeting this Friday 1st June, 7:30 pm. Bar Jai Hall, Clayfield - Pest Fish presentation by DEEDI Fisheries - Home made fish food video
  9. So its my birthday in the 28th next month, and my wifes is 2 days later, recently we visited rpc and she's not one for fish or tanks. But for some reason an aquaone panoramic 30 caught her eye and she said she'd like that tank. So i've bought it, some black gravel, and a couple of fake plants, any recommendations on stocking a 30L tank? She wants a goldfish...... One of those stupid bug eyed pointing up ones (insert physical shudder here). I was thinking a bunc of mixed tetras or a dwarf gourami or two?
  10. These guys are from the 1st batch of Ranchu babies(mother died during spawning) and now they are turning into strong little guys...some of these guys have great back curvature and some are lesser grade(this why they grade goldfish and adjust the prices accordingly!)but I have kept them all going(some I might have culled normally)as there were only about 30 fry that I was able to keep and I want to work off the genes and continue the mums bloodline...
  11. just wondering if it's normal to see a little light in the uv lamp? you can see it a little in the clear inlet/outlet pic upside down - sorry!
  12. Just an update Approx 6-7cm, hasnt faded.
  13. My first attempt at marine and Im trying to keep maintenance down so the system ain't huge. It will be a 4ft tank, 50cm wide and 65cm tall, and will be built by Dennison (@ Maryannes) as soon as his thumb heals. Stocking with heaps of cool soft and hard corals...... and not too many fish. LED lighting is on the cards but I'm going to try some chinese made cheapies first which apparently still cover the right spectrum and create decent wattage - we'll see though. These arrive Wednesday - pics to follow. The sump in the pic is an old 3ft tank (Freebie) which I have basically covered in silicone and added some baffles. It's my first time building a sump, or even working with Silicone on glass so its a bit messy and Im not particularly proud of it, but at least it will be hidden. I'm sure you can all provide some feedback about my sump design - and hope you do. My main 2 complaints are: 1) I should have made the chamber A (prefilter) smaller to allow more room for chamber B (Bio). 2) The floor baffle between chamber A & B is tall enough for the planned miracle mud in chamber B - but if I wanted to try a DSB filter in there instead, it wont be tall enough so Ive limited my options a bit here. My favourite part about it is the platform there will be between chamber B & C for Chemical media. Enough room for 2 small bags of whatever and easily interchangeable. As can be seen Ive already got an Eden 5000lph pump, although I'm not sure if this will be big enough for the planned 450l load (including sump water). There will be at least one more powerhead in the DT, more likely two. The dodgy skimmer in the pic was a freebie as well, but no matter what sort of pump I plug into it, I cant get it to function well (bubbles don't look anywhere near fine enough) - so I will probably fork out for a new one. I also bought a Hailea HC1000 for $150 the other day (!!!!), but haven't picked it up yet. Anyway that's it for now, I will post more pics of the sump as I add egg crate and media. I may even try cycle the sump by itself first with a few tiny fish in the return chamber © - but I need to have it in position to do that which means building the stand ASAP (with help from 'Smellsfishy2me'). Stay tuned - more for my benefit of your feedback than for your entertainment.
  14. hi everyone im pretty rapped have just discoverd pep eggs in the cave male is fanning on them like he should be. funny thing is i have only had the pair together for just under 2 weeks they must have got busy quick. and also just wondering are they harder to raise then commons and albinos as i breed them and raise there fry rather successfully? cheers olly
  15. Had my first pair of discus spawn in my 6x2x2 planted tank last night on the filter pipe. ma n pa are fiercely looking after their eggs. Looks likre 100 + eggs. Time will tell how this one works out :-)
  16. After all the drama over the last few weeks, a positive finally *L* The new female finally spawned with my old male Some piccies!! Castiel tending the fry while Zachriel patrols Castiel Zachriel Zachriel taking his turn while Castiel is off checking the perimeter!
  17. tried my hand at fragging and think i may have done more damage then good, hope my little zoa's will recover. I had two types, a green and an ogrange on the one piece of coral so i tried to split the colours. used a de-nailer (rubbish) so tried tin snips and they broke up the coral well but lost track of why polyps were what. no a good experience. also does anyone know the best place to get the glue for fragging? i know of some pet stores that sell it but was wondering what you guys use.
  18. WOO HOO just got my 1st mouthful from a young colony of msobo that i bought from jwoods in march. So happy these young msobo look brilliant:):) thanks Jonas
  19. hey all!! my red zebra female was holding, and we counted approx 18days worth of holding this is my first attempt at stripping... (fish that is lol) so im worried i might have taken them out too early?? they came out nice and easy, swimming free enough... they have a fat sac like belly, almost like what a tadpole would have i think (pic attached - not the greatest quality sorry) how much should they be moving about? (some lie on their sides but move when another one swims past it) how soon should they get their 1st feed? is there anything specific i should be feeding them? ive heard about brine shrimp and flakes etc any advice would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!!!! im not holding my breath that all will survive, but a few would be nice for a first timer like me!! thanks heaps for ya help!!!! simon
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. I've had a spare 3ft tank laying around for a while that i've been planning to do something with for ages. Well, today i finally started the project. Unsure how long it will take, but i'll definately update as more is done. So your more than welcome to trip through with me, wether it turns out well or not. All trials and tribulations will be documented LOL 26th January 2010 Cut the backing piece (what the 'rocks' are sitting on in pic), to tank size, doubled foam to give a bit more strength. Started layering foam and shaping some of the 'rocks' (these are not in their final places) ***I've really enjoyed doing this so far....though i will warn you.....the shaping makes a REAL big mess...thankfully my family are tolerant and my vacuum works well *LOL
  22. We just bought our very 1st lot of Cichlids today on our way home from Brisbane. We only got 3 Electric Yellows and 3 Electric Blues very small size approx 3cm in size. Can I get some great advice on how to keep these little guys happy. I only have tropical flake fish food at present but I know that I will need to buy some Cichlid food at some point. The guy we bought them off said that they like high PH. But at this point of time we had to put them in our community tank, we put the guppies, neons and cardinal tetras into another tank. So the Electrics have for tank mates at present are a large BN, BGK, Pakistani Loaches and a couple of Serpae Tetra and a Kissing Gourami. Out of these should we move any of them to another tank, as I thought that the size of the Cichlids are too small to do any damage to any of the other fish at present. When would I be able to tell the sex of the cichlids and how do you tell the difference please. Looking forward to the members here for their great advice as usual. Jane
  23. Hey everybody. Just thought i would start by saying great forum, can't wait to learn some new things and help out where i can. Have been lurking around the forum for a while now and thought it was time i finally joined. I have been in the hobby for around 9 years now and have always owned a fish tank since i was an ankle biter. Just in the process of setting up the rest of the tanks that were collecting dust whilst i was at uni. Looking to get into breeding some long fin b/n and peppermints. Dizzy.
  24. onlt 13 eggs any hints on keeping these going heard VERY hard to keep fry alive
  25. I just noticed 1 of my 7 bar frontosa has a mouth full .she is tumbling .cant say for sure how long today or yesterday I would think .this is my 1st and now I have to decide whether to strip at 6-12 days and then where do I put the fry .in there own tank or a net . Very nervous 1st time parents. At least I know that she is a female now, she’s a bossy bitch
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