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Found 9 results

  1. It's 2am and I hear what I thought sounded like was my front door being kicked in. Out I go and 200L of water is starting to flood my kitchen. Luckily enough I had the esky nearby and managed to get fish and some of the water into the esky. Quick work and no damage to anything else but now I'm in need of a new tank. Is this a thing with acrylic tanks?? I'm worried because I have another one similar in my lounge room. Also what's the best way to kickstart a new brackish tank as I don't really have time to wait. If I use the sand and the filter and the 50L+ of cycled water I've got it should help seed the new tank once I find one is that right? I've got 3 bumblebee gobies in this tank open to suggestions also if anyone Gold Coast to Brisbane or even south to Tweed has a cheap tank for sale let me know. Pics below. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have kept a small community tank for many years. I have found it quite difficult to maintain peace in the tank and am disappointed when the fish eat the plants faster than they can grow. So I am going to try something else - thinking of either a pair of fish or a single species of fish. Initial thoughts are perhaps a group of 5 Angel fish. Or a pair Oscars (but perhaps they are too high maintenance?). My tank is currently empty, except for a piece of driftwood and a lone bristle nose. I don't want anything too complicated and I don't necessarily want a breeding pair. Please can you guys offer some suggestions? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I have a 4' / 200L freshwater community with the following inhabitants: * 1 x RTBS * 1 x Veiltail Betta * 15 x neon tetra * 6 x male guppies * 2 x corydoras julii * 2 x otocinclus It has been running for two months using pre-established gravel. Inhabitants have been added sporadically, and there has been no fish loss. Tank is unplanted, gravel substrate, plenty of driftwood. Current filtration is a 1000L/hr internal power filter using the ace venturi system, with 25% weekly water change. This approach seems to be holding water, so to speak. I've decided to move to an external canister (Eheim 2213), for a number of reasons, but mainly because the internal power filter is unsightly, awkward to clean (weekly), the venturi is loud, and the smallest bubbles it produces seem to stay in suspension and give the water a cloudy appearance. My concern is that the low water throughput of the Eheim compared to the internal power filter w/ venturi will result in reduced oxygenation of the water column, and reduced circulation of the water (around the heater etc). So it's taken a while, but I'm almost ready to ask a question. I wondered if one of those low power "wavemaker" style power heads would be an appropriate partner for the Eheim 2213. I realise these are not true wavemakers that you would use in a marine environment, rather a power head with a different diffusion pattern. Of that style of power head, the weakest I've seen is a 2000L/hr (2.5W) version. Using a regular power head, my understanding is that volume of throughput would be undesirably excessive for a 200L tank, but the "wavemaker" style power head apparently has more diffuse water disturbance characteristics. I also wonder how it could move 2000L/hr using only 2.5W. Does anyone have any experience using that style of power head in a 200L tropical tank, as an adjunct to an external canister filter? Would the type of water disturbance / circulation be helpful, or just overwhelming? There it was, a question...
  4. Hello fish hobbyist, I bought a food grade container (200L) and it had olives in it but there's still oil in the container. I was just wondering what is the best way to get rid of the oil? THANK YOU Andyp
  5. Hi All, I've just chucked together a short video of my newly set-up Lake Malawi tank. The tank has been running for about 2 months, but the fish have only been stocked over the last 3-4 weeks. Enjoy.
  6. Wondering if anyone knows where I can find those food safe plastic drums with screw tops for ageing water? I am sick of using my spare fish tank. thanks
  7. Hi All, Eheim Jager 125w heaters. Save 75 watts in power compared to other brands. Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Eheim Jager 125w Ben
  8. what is best ehiem for 200L tank let me know model and price and most places that sell them? cheers sean.
  9. Is there a consensus on the best type of filter for a 200L tank? Internal filters seem cheapest, followed by hang-on, followed by external canister filters... I like the idea of the hang-on filter... what has been your experience?
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