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Found 16 results

  1. Post is to let people know there seems to be two different types of eheim classic cannister in our (Aus) shops. I bought a 2217 with eheim media bundle at the start of this year from a well known retail shop. It looked identical to the old 'Made in w.Germany' and ''Made in Germany' models but has "Made in PRC'on the label. If it didnt have the new COI printed on it I would not have known it was not european. Tonight I stripped it down to check the impeller/motor/magnet/shaft, and it is in excellent as new condition. flawless and not a blemish. Today I received a 2215, from a different shop, probably better known and is very well regarded. The photo on the website shows the old style classic, but I recieved this new shape. The actual cannister, hose, Quick connects, etc all appear the same, but the motor housing and 'lid'of the filter are different looking. This one is made in PRC, and looks like it is made in PRC. A quick inspection of the magnet shows the surface of it has lost part of its outer coating already. I was considering sending this back, it was not what the photo on the website showed and was not the quality that I knew eheim once had (regardless of where they are made). But then I sat down and thought it over, the other filters at a similar price point are all made to the same or even lower standards, and it does come with a good warranty, so lets see how it does. The new 2215 was advertised as having 1xcarbon, 1x white fine filter, and 1x blue coarse filter. The unit arrived filled with 1x carbon and 1x white and SIX blue pads. Would make a pretty neat mech filter itn that configuration, but I removed 4 of the blue filters and used some 3rd party bio media. http://i1038.photobucket.com/albums/a461/isarich/DSC_0690_zpsk7vbyslf.jpg The 2215 fired up straight away and feels like it has more than the 600ish LPH even at a 1.3M Head and chocka full of media. And it is running dead silent, you cannot hear the thing from more than a meter away. I will tear it down in two weeks time to remove the carbon pad and see what the impeller magnet looks like. Long story short. It seems the classics that come with eheim media are the old shape cans, made in PRC. The classics without bio media seem to be this new, cheaper looking, style. Also made in PRC. The product photo on the outside of the carton "is" accurate, so if buying online I recommend phoning ahead to confirm what the box looks like. Assuming you are wanting the older style, and not ready to trial'n'error these newer versions.
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  3. I am bored so decided to do a quickie as above ^^^^^^ This was a hot topic v v v v v v Any others that come to mind? http://www.qldaf.com/forums/african-cichlid-discussion-16/white-crane-discussion-35267/
  4. Meeting was put back a week due to the conference and show. Club members watched a slide show of the winning fish and scenes from around the show, then Mr Steve Baines presented an interesting talk on making artificial tank backgrounds. Next meeting October 20th 2015. Held at Ace Comics and Games Magic Room. Annerley Arcade, 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley QLD 4103. Contact bettaaustralis@outlook.com to join the club or for more details.
  5. A well respected member of this forum has unfortunately been ripped off with a purchase of fish. Does anyone have any ideas on how to mimimize this happening? Would it be possible to have a national registry of honest reputable breeders? If so how would it be policed?
  6. There is a "like" button. Should there be a "hate" button? We have the option of liking a post. Should we be able to hate a post?
  8. So, I was asked by my wife to pick a mothers day song for her class, I failed...... please help, film clips needed. I now cannot convince her that the QCG auction is a romantic outing.......
  9. This topic occurs due to a post I saw on facebook with a gent claiming he had frontosa and discus in the tank, they were fine and all in perfect health. The question that occurs is where is the line when mixing fish with different requirements? African and American? Central vs South American, Lake Malawi vs Tanganyika...... Where is the line you will not cross and why.
  10. Q.F.A.S. Market Day Saturday APRIL 18th SPRINGWOOD ROAD STATE SCHOOL SPRINGWOOD ROAD SPRINGWOOD. The 2015 QFAS Market day is again being held at Springwood Road State School on Saturday, April 18th from 10:00 am til 2:00 pm. Easy access from the Southeast Freeway and plenty of parking right at the door. FOR SELLERS If you would like to hire a site to sell product then you need to contact Peter Johnson either by pm or by email (peterrjohnson@hotmail.com). Setup from 9:00 am. Costs are; powered sites $35.00 unpowered sites $30.00. There are also aprox 12 tables available for hire at $10.00 per table. Guidelines: Any Aquarium Hobby related item may be sold. The seller can use all or part of the space allocated for the sale of items. Sellers can have a table or multiple tables but they must NOT spread outside the allocated area. If a seller requires more space they can take out a second space providing one is available, otherwise they must refill their space from their car. Prices must be clearly marked for every item sold. All Fish should be of a saleable size, minimum 4cm Total length (from tip of nose to end of tail) unless a dwarf species of fish then they should be a minimum of 2.5cm. Q.F.A.S. will NOT accept any more than 5 fish in any one bag unless they are small fish (under 6cm) or the bag is a very large bag. This is for the health of the fish. Large fish must be in suitably sized containers not squashed up in small bags, buckets etc. All fish should be in a healthy condition, No sick or deformed fish to be sold. There are no number limits on fish or dry goods, so if you wanted to you could have 100 electric yellows for sale etc. How fish are displayed, sold and bagged is up to the seller. Be aware that Q.F.A.S. considers the health and welfare of the fish to be paramount and anyone who does the wrong thing in this regard, will be asked to clean up their act ONCE and if they fail to rectify the situation will be asked to stop selling, pack up and leave. In this situation no refund would apply. All chemicals must be sealed and not out of date. No half empty containers. No electrical goods of any kind. No potted plants (pots with synthetic media excluded). No gravel smaller than 10mm, shell grit, coral sand, sand or any item containing dirt or gravel will be sold. This will help in stopping the spread of Fire Ants. Sellers MUST provide their own change. Clubs and Shops welcome to put in tables. For general enquiries please PM or email, either Graeme Day (gday@firstclassaccounts.com) or Peter Johnson (peterrjohnson@hotmail.com).
  11. "Is it time for the clubs to accept Flowerhorns as a legitimate fish in the hobby? i.e. should they be allowed to be entered in shows/ auctions..... " A topic suggested by a member. If you have a topic please send me a PM.....
  12. I would keep cichlids from Lake Tanganyika but they are all silver and too hard to keep ......
  13. Big Happy New Year fellow fish,shrimp,plant,coral or animal lovers! Make it a great one for yourselves....Just curious as to what everyone is up to fish wise in the new year?.. big plans?.. fish your hunting down?... me personally I'm rebuilding slow and steady with the fish collection and would love to really have a go at breeding some marine guys along with a few big predators and as always the fancy goldfish ....2015 should be good :beer:
  14. .....Please Note: Auction dates and venues are tentative and still need to be confirmed, unless the word "CONFIRMED" appears beside the date in GREEN. NOTE CHANGED DATE DUE TO ELECTION Saturday FEBRUARY 14th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS AUCTION AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.30PM CABOOLTURE HIGH SCHOOL HALL LEE ST CABOOLTURE near hospital for more information check out our website at Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists QUEENSLAND CICHLID GROUP INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Saturday 14th MARCH For more details attend a QCG Inc meeting or check out their website. Queensland Cichlid Group Inc Homepage Saturday APRIL 18th Q.F.A.S. MARKET DAY Set up from 9.00am open to public 10.00am finishes 1.00pm. Springwood Road Primary School Springwood Road Springwood index Saturday MAY 9th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND CICHLID GROUP AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.00PM VIRGINIA STATE SCHOOL SANDGATE ROAD VIRGINIA. NOTE: this is a FISH ONLY auction QAH CABOOLTURE SHOW AQUARIUM COMPETITIONCONFIRMED Setup Saturday 30th MAY Show Friday 5th JUNE to Sunday 7th JUNE Entries and schedules - contact QAH. Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists Saturday JULY 18th CANCELLED DUE TO NOT ENOUGH TIME TO ORGANISE. QFAS GREAT TREASURE HUNT QFAS ROYAL QUEENSLAND SHOW AQUARIUM COMPETITIONCONFIRMED Setup Saturday 1st AUGUST Show open Friday 7th AUGUST to Sunday 16th AUGUST. Entries and schedules will be available from the EKKA website early in MAY 2015 Saturday SEPTEMBER 5th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS AUCTION AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.30PM CABOOLTURE HIGH SCHOOL HALL LEE ST CABOOLTURE near hospital for more information check out our website at Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists No date set as of yet. GOLD COAST AQUARIUM SOCIETY AUCTION AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.30PM NERANG COMMINITY HALL 34 PRICE STREET NERANG, 4211 Saturday OCTOBER 10th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND CICHLID GROUP AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.00PM VIRGINIA STATE SCHOOL SANDGATE ROAD VIRGINIA. NOTE: this is a FISH ONLY auction Sunday 29th November QFAS CABOOLTURE MARKET DAY SHOW & BETTA AUSTRALUS 10th Anniversary Show CONFIRMED Show setup From Wednesday 25th November Judging Saturday 28th November Show open to public Sunday 29th NOVEMBER from 6.00am closes at 1.00pm Entry information and show schedules now available Saturday NOVEMBER 21st CONFIRMED Q.F.A.S. SUPER AUCTION Fish in at 2.00pm TO 5.00pm. Auction starts 4.00pm NUDGEE Junior School Kate Street Indooroopilly index If you have any information that you would like to add to the above please send me a pm with it and I will include it above. Graeme
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