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Found 6 results

  1. So... out of the large20cm plus preds and that such as champsochromis caeruleus, spilorhynchus, compressiceps, fusco, buccos, polystigma and 35cm gentile frontti . Who is the tuffest baddest and the winner when it comes who is running the unit/show/tank And then who wins and who flees like a whipped dog when it comes to those preds vs mpangaz???? The answer isssssss!!! My 5cm mpanga! This little bad ass has gotta togo!! Hes terrorizing my mature adult haps non stop! Iv never seen a fusco flee so fast from some thing smaller than his pectoral fins haha. Even managed to scare off the malawi trouts whilst they were mating and ate 3 eggs. Too small to catch out of my tank. Man I wish i cud spear gun him out grrrrrrrrrr
  2. Hello. Sherell here. This is my first nano tank. Hardscape is driftwood. Plants are anubias flame moss hm java fern
  3. Hi HUys, This is a male Melanarus I bought of Fish Junkie recently..... a real beauty. Unfortunately he isn't getting along with my other fish,,,Oscars & Gold Sevs & a JD. So I would like to sell him for what I paid and that is $40 please. cheers Gary Please pm
  4. I'm guessing it's female but others have said male. What do you think?
  5. Hi Had a few people ask me about the 2 parrots I sold, if u still chasing these guys red dragon @ darra had about 4 I think around the 20cm mark. Not my fish was just in there this Arvo and seen them. Just thought I might try and help people out that are looking for them ! Anyway think there like $90 ea or 2 for $160 lfs prices but they need to pay overheads as well & there a good 20cm & fat. Cheers Trev
  6. Hi guys, just taking a photo of my black moor who had been with us for almost two years. It's an old fish, but it's a beauty.
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