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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking to chill my 3ft shallow tank of 100L. I am filtering it with an Eheim 2215 w/2217 impeller. Great flow. Using a lily pipe set up. Looking into a Hailea 150a chiller. Great reviews and good price. The chiller will no doubt be outside the cabinet, I've heard it's not good to be inside the cabinet. I've drawn up this extremely artistic diagram to give you an idea of where it will be in the room and know if the flow will be reduced to the point of not being enough. Two questions. 1. Will this be enough flow? 2. Is it ok to use a canister filter as the pump? (with media, Blue standard sponges, a big bag of eheim substrate pro and 1 litre of marine pure balls) T - Tank C - Chiller Next to the chiller is a computer which is rarely used and sits under the desk right beside the chiller.
  2. Wandering if this filter will be ok for a 200litre tank? Mostly south American cichlids. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, Deal of the day link - Age of Aquariums - Eheim Classic 2215 ( 350 ) Ben
  4. Hey all was just wondering If you think a eheim 2215 is going to be to much flow for a ar510 fish tank. Think it's around 75L. Was going to get 2213 but thought would be better off getting a bigger one if possible. Tank has my L002 plecs in there so flow would be good for them? Thanks all
  5. Hi everyone, I am going to be purchasing a eheim canister filter. I am chasing a 2217 and a 2215 or either. Just curious the best spot to purchase one of these filters and cheapest price online or store wise. The reason I am saying online is it is far more convenient for me and I know many people on this forum buy most supplies online so does anyone have a good reliable online shop selling a GENUINE eheim canister. I am well aware many buy these filters so surely some people on here know a good reliable online shop that sells them? Have seen them on thereefshop but is that the cheapest around? Any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone has one for sale in GOOD condition and would like to sell me, please PM me or reply via thread. Wanting one with a warranty and receipts please, otherwise one that is cheap to compensate for lack of warranty and yet still in perfect working order. Thanks, Adam
  6. Have a 3ft 150L community tank Have about 15 small fish in the tank atm wasn't sure how many more i could go i was thinking 20 Wondering which model i should go for??? also i wanted to get ANS lily pipes aswell what size would i need for these filters?
  7. Hey guys, Found this today. Although I don't own 2215, I figured the people out there could find it interesting if they were wanting to increase flow on their filter, or had to replace their impeller. http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/equipment/63687-eheim-2215-2217-facts-diy-performance.html Im summary: Eheim list the output as 620 l/h This guys tests reveal stock output to be 535.6 l/h With a 2217 impeller to be 649.2 l/h Therefore, you could potentially increase flow by 113.5 LPH which is a 21.2% increase in flow.
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