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Found 17 results

  1. Looking at some filtration for my 5x2x2 and was pretty set on the pro 2080. Saw older threads on other pages of people not being too fussed on them but that was a few years ago and they have apparently since fixed the issue. So is it worth me forking out near $600 for this or will 2x classic 2217s do the same job if not better (which I already have)? Thanks
  2. Hi Just cleaning my 2217 filters and was wondering if hose ,tap or o'ring fails Im going to have a big mess i was thinking of drilling a little hole in the inlet tube about 2 inches below water level do you think this will work to stop the pump emptying the whole tank if something fails anyone ever tried this . Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys My Eheim 2217 suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago, I checked the impeller shaft and it seems to be fine and there is no air locked in the filter. I never really tried to fix it as I had other filters to go when this broke. Now I am in dire situation to get this up and running again. Any suggestions as to what might have gone wrong? I bought this filter 3 years ago (used) and it was used for approx 12 months when I bought it I guess(that's what the seller told me). Your suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks Subbu
  4. Hi Need some quick advice please. I'm taking my fx5 off my 4x2x2 to put on my 6x2x2. So I'm wondering what would be a better replacement between an eheim 2217 classic or a fluval 406. I'm aware of all the specs but prefer experience over specs. Its a 380lt tank and it's not going to be heavily stocked but will have 5-10 bristlenose species as well as other fish under 3 inches. Thanks
  5. Hi All. Great price on the Popular Eheim 2217 ( 600 ) external canister filter. Today only $149.00. Link - Age of Aquariums - Eheim Classic 2217 ( 600 ) Ben
  6. Hi All. Here is the link - Age of Aquariums - Eheim Classic 2217 ( 600 ) Limit of 50 units per customer . Ben
  7. Hi Everyone After doing a bit of research I feel I need to upgrade the filtration on my 4ft 250 ltr tank. Money is a bit of an issue, I've just had to replace two filters on other tanks that had died. So I've kinda blown my fish budget for this month already. I was thinking of getting an Eheim Classic 2217. It's rated to 600ltr. I thought that I'd pair that with the Otto 800 that I already have on the tank. I'm currently running 3 filters on the tank, a Fluval 204, Sicce Shark AV 800 & the Otto 800. Stocking of the tank will be: 4 x 5inch Clown Loach 2 x 4inch Angelfish 2 x (adult) Bronze Cory 4 x (adult) Albino Cory 3 x (adult) Bristlenose Pleco 1 x (adult) Tiger Barb 6 x (adult) Serpae Tetra The clowns will eventually be going to my brother in laws 8 foot tank. But for now they are growing up in mine. What do you think? Will the Eheim & Otto be sufficient filtration for this stocking?
  8. Hi Guys, I am slowly setting up a new 4ft display tank. I have an eheim 2217 and have purchased a hydor 300w. My problem is the outlet hose (where it is recommended to be installed) on a 2217 is 12mm and the hose connections on the 300w inline heater is 16mm. So I have a two options: 1. Get a piece of 16mm hose, a couple of reducers and a couple of hose clamps and put the heater on the outlet hose. I am concerned this will have a considerable effect on flow. 2. Install it on the inlet pipe (which is 16mm already). My concerns here are the heater will be installed upside down (as the flow through the heater is only one direction) and I'm worried about it leaking. This application will also require the heater to be cleaned out more often as the water traveling through it is unfiltered but doesn't bother me. It will also result in a bit of heat being lost as it has to travel through the filter and back into the tank but again this doesn't bother me. Any experience, input, ideas etc. appreciated. Thanks in advance, Beau.
  9. Hi All, Our Deal of the day is the Eheim Classic 2217 external filter Today only $159.00. Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Eheim Classic 2217 ( 600 )
  10. I am thinking of buying one of these for my new tank - but am tossing up which one. There is $200 price difference. The 2217 is jam packed with media (no baskets) and does a tank up to 600L with flow rate of 1000LPH the 2228 is self priming, has baskets, slightly bigger canister, does a tank up to 600L and flow rate of 1050 LPH. I think the clips on the 2217 are metal and abit flimsy? the 2228 looks like stronger clips. Anyone got these two and give me a good guide on what they think of them?
  11. Hi everyone, I am going to be purchasing a eheim canister filter. I am chasing a 2217 and a 2215 or either. Just curious the best spot to purchase one of these filters and cheapest price online or store wise. The reason I am saying online is it is far more convenient for me and I know many people on this forum buy most supplies online so does anyone have a good reliable online shop selling a GENUINE eheim canister. I am well aware many buy these filters so surely some people on here know a good reliable online shop that sells them? Have seen them on thereefshop but is that the cheapest around? Any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone has one for sale in GOOD condition and would like to sell me, please PM me or reply via thread. Wanting one with a warranty and receipts please, otherwise one that is cheap to compensate for lack of warranty and yet still in perfect working order. Thanks, Adam
  12. Hey all, I'm after opinions on a filtration setup for a 6x2x2 tank with sand substrate housing geos and tetras. It's come down to either: 1x fluval fx5 + 1x eheim 2217 Or 2x eheim 2217's. I like the idea of having 4500 Lph flow rate but I really want a quiet setup plus I'm not sure if I completley trust fluval based on the mixed opinions I've read (never owned a fluval). Any opinions an advice would be great. Cheers, Calum
  13. hey guys, all of a sudden my eheim has started making a loud buzzing noise like its taking air and the clips are really easy to unclip while it is running, any ideas on whats going on here? Jase
  14. Have a 3ft 150L community tank Have about 15 small fish in the tank atm wasn't sure how many more i could go i was thinking 20 Wondering which model i should go for??? also i wanted to get ANS lily pipes aswell what size would i need for these filters?
  15. Hi people,i am looking to buy ehiem 2217 quick release tapps or if you know where i could get them for a good price,please let me know???Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Bassb
  16. Just wondering what the typical flow rate is for above mentioned eheim canister? Fully loaded?
  17. Can anyone recommend where in Brisbane has these for a good price?
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