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Found 6 results

  1. Everyone seems to love Mentos - well mainly the fruity ones anyway so we have 250 packs to give away. All you have to do is: Spend over $100 with us. Like us on Facebook and say "I love Mentos" in the notes of your order and we will throw in a 405g pack of Fruit Mentos - that's 150 singly wrapped Mentos. It's that easy. https://www.facebook.com/The-Tech-Den-380668885276652/
  2. Hi All, Sensational Deal of the Day. Eheim Classic 2213 ( 250 ) External filter Today only $89.00 ( no further discounts apply ). Age of Aquariums - Eheim Classic 2213 ( 250 ) Ben
  3. Im after a Eheim Classic 250 (2213) does any one know wat our sponsors sell them for so far ive found Eheim Classic 2213 Canister Filter Internal & External Filters - Eheim Canister Filter - Eheim Classic 2213 Canister Filter - Guppy’s Aquarium Products Online - Eheim Classic 2213 Canister Filter but would rather buy from our sponsors if its close in price
  4. I just found that my female Apisto Cacatuoides Super Reds have laid a second batch of eggs only 7 days after they last laid, the other fry still arn't free swimming but mums looking after both batches. This is a film of them yesterday Apistogramma Cacatuoides breeding - YouTube and this is the eggs I found today
  5. Picked up my first ever marine tank yesterday. Its an all in one red sea max 250. Tank and stand $2,200 plus $50 for the lfs guy to assemble the cabinet which with all the filters and stuff took him a few hours and a Hailea chiller for $404. I won't be putting anything in it for a couple of weeks as I am just going to let it sit in its spot and see if its not in the way. I also have to make sure I could service the filters and stuff from there and if its going to be reasonably dry around the cabinet as I do tend to splash a bit of water about at times. Also pretty broke after initial purchase and haven't even bought salt yet so this will be a long term setup. Besides, how often do you get to set up a marine tank? Might as well sit back and take my time. I also have some books to read before I get started like The Reef Aquarium Vol3 so I have some sort of idea of what I am doing when I set it up. The Marine Tardis.
  6. I have a red sea max 250 with matching stand which has just been stripped down. It is in PERFECT condition - no scratches on glass, no marks on stand. It is under 12 months old. Cost $2200 for tank and $500 for stand ($2700) last year on sale. I am going to finish cleaning it and will be up for sale in a few days... Looking for $1999.00 ono Also placed in AUCTIONS on this site for quick sale. CHeck them out on line - you will not find a nicer tank that is as neat and high quality as this one. PM me if interested - will post in classifeds when finished cleaning if not sold before. Regards, Brad. (Brisbane)
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