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Found 5 results

  1. I've moved the angels out and changed the tank around. Only thing in there is a few cherries (hitchhikers *L*) and a juvie pep BN I am thinking of a school of tiger barbs, but yeah, dunno. Feel free to suggest something
  2. A breeding tank, but i wanted it to look nice too. Couple of Bristlenose and a male Kribensis live in here, took about 15-20 min and this is what resulted...Not brilliant, but presentable i think
  3. Figured i'd start a new thread for his here rather than updating in the DIY section with it Pic taken today
  4. Did this one yesterday, and yep it is super cloudy *L* Cant wait for it to clear so i can fine tune it. Substrate is rocks and sand (bunnings) Lighting: is shocking and is to be replaced with 2x 2ft T5's Stocked: neons, male guppies, redtailed black shark, bronze cories, pep BN & riffle shrimp Now i washed and washed and washed the sand but i still got cloudy. so this is it today Will update pic as it clears
  5. Hi there all I thought I might share the project I have been working on since the weekend. Decided to put plans for a 3ft tank on hold and settled with a 2.5ft tank (30 x 15 x 15). Also wanted to have a go at building a custom stand as I wanted one with decent height. Here's the tank and equipment. I will be using a 2ft Hagen T5 unit that's currently on another tank. So it was off to Bunnings last Saturday to grab the pine and have them cut, then managed to get the stand completed just after dinner. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics while building the stand but here it is after the second coat of primer/sealer. It measures 34"h x 31"w x 16"d and will be covered with 12mm MDF. Had the MDF sheets cut up on Monday and picked up that afternoon. First coat of primer on the sheets that didnt need to holes cut out of them, such as the sides and back. This morning. Holes drilled/cut for piping/cords for the side and back panels. First coat of primer on the new panels, second coat for the old sheets and first coat of paint for the stand. Ended up using an old tin of "Charcoal Grey" that I had left over from my first stand to cabinet build. Just earlier tonight, managed to get second coat for the other bits of MDF and also second and final coat for the stand. That's it photo wise. I'll get the first coat of paint on all the MDF sheets tomorrow night, then the final coat on Friday night. Will be using "Satin Black" for the MDF sheets. Hopefully by Saturday it will be ready to be put together into a sleek (well that's the plan :sweatdrop: ) cabinet. The only thing left to do is to figure out whether I will build a light fixture as well, or leave the light just on the tank. Fingers crossed by Sunday the tank will be on the stand with water! Thanks all for looking, will continue to update in the next few days. Cheers Sponge
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