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  1. Hi, im setting up my new 2ft marine tank, and am looking at lighting options. is 1 x 150W metal halide light enough? or would 2 be better? Ive never used metal halides and i dont know what theyre like, also i dont want the light heating the tank to much. also does anyone have any ideas for a DIY stand for a square MH? or 2 round ones? cheers, nick
  2. This week we have a fantastic deal on our 2FT RGB LED Colour Aquarium Lights Were already on a fantastic price for only $82.. BUT this week only for the first 50 sold we have an incredible price of only $54.94 To claim this offer simply enter this code at the checkout - LIGHTMEUP33 If you want the colours in your aquarium to pop out then this is the light for you... it also promotes healthy plant growth If your looking for a LED that will bring your aquarium to light and not was out the colours then this light is for you. the Beamswork RGBW LED light features the best design: slim, light, and yet, contemporary Extends to fit most sized tanks with brackets installed Clear plastic splash guard An external power transformer/LED Driver This is a fixture specially made with all RGB LEDs (3 in 1 mixed bulb) of freshwater pink light; it is tailored to a roseate hue (Freshwater Pink) that enhances and truly brings out the colour of tropical fish in aquarium....even more. This new arrival 24" Beamswork Hi Lumen 0.2W LEDs HI-LUMEN 60 Light Fixture is an option on demand aquatic lighting solution, and yet the most economical high output LED light fixture available around. Fixture Size: 24" x 5" x 1" (Add 0.65" in height with bracket installed) LEDs Count: 72 Lumens: 1900+ Power Rating: Super energy efficient 0.2 watt high output LEDs LED TYPE : 72x RGBW Power Usage: 28 watts
  3. This month we are having a crazy sale on our 2FT RGB Beamswork HI-LUMEN Lights Was $82 NOW $60 If you want the colours of the fish in your aquarium to POP OUT then this is the light for you.. Have been hearing fantastic reports from this light including exceptional plant growth Beamswork HI-LUMEN 60 RGBW Miracle LED Colour Aquarium Light Fixture Size: 24" x 5" x 1" (Add 0.65" in height with bracket installed) LEDs Count: 72 Lumens: 1900+ Power Rating: Super energy efficient 0.2 watt high output LEDs LED TYPE : 72x RGBW Power Usage: 28 watts
  4. as above guys im looking at the 2ft led lights aquaholics has for offer, it will be going on a native rainbow display tank with basic plants. they all seam alright. but is the RGB miracle that good in bringing out colours? mainly looking at the [h=1]CICHLID GLOW RGBW MIX CONTROLLABLE LED AQUARIUM LIGHT 60CM 2FT[/h]give a fellow fish addict some help
  5. I had some leftover plants, scrounged some wood from my pond (wood storage area lol) and tossed this together I'm quite pleased how it turned out. Home to some endler livebearers, cherry shrimp, peppermint bn juvies and some ember tetras
  6. Hey everyone! I'm looking for suggestions for plants to go in my 2ft tank with sand as the substrate? It's going to be for my new betta and would like some foliage to keep him happy! ATM I have a small Anubis attached to the driftwood but that's about it. Any suggestions on some good hardy plants that don't mind sand? Also the light is a good planted aqaurium light and I'm happy to use ferts. Ideas? Thanks heaps! P.S here's a pic so you know what I'm working with.
  7. Introduction: Hey guys, this will be my first marine tank, was setting up my 6x2x2 but decided it would be too much hassle to move when we move house, im renting atm so i downsized lol. Got the tank 2nd hand off nick_s_h, thanks man lol. System Objectives: to have a good looking tank System Type: Mixed Reef Strike up Date: soon Display Tank: 2ft cube Display Lighting: 2FT 80 WATT MVAVA LED SUN SERIES 2 Stand: the one it came with, its black lol Hood: same as above Sump: 47x62x45 Refugium Lighting: not sure yet System Water: ASW Display Water circulation: 2xHydor Koralia's K Copy 5000L/H Power head 12 Watt Marine Return Pump: A devil 4000lph pump Skimmer: http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.a ... _2047.html Evaporation Top Up: Auto top up Pics to come.
  8. Hey guys I just got a new tank, looking at making this one a dutch scape! Specs: 58L 30D 41H Light: 18w GroLux Substrate: Amazonia Aquasoil Filters: Currently a 300lph HOB unit, also have a tiny 150lph internal, 380lph internal with spray bar and some other bigger filters... Fauna: 1x Honey Gourami, 1x Ottocinclus, bunch of Pacific blue eyes, bunch of red cherry shrimp and snails....ugh. Flora: HM, Ambulia, Java Moss, not sure on these but im guessing Ludwigia Repens and Hygrophila Polysperma C02: DIY Currently this is all running in my current 2ft (not as tall) which I will be replacing with the new tank. I am looking at getting some red plants (suggestions???) and was wondering if my lighting will be enough. Also does anyone have any suggestions for increasing the "depth" of soil at the back of the tank? (rather than using the precious aquasoil, using sand or rocks or something to add height) My 2 favorite shots of my current setup
  9. I have finally got around to reposting the tank build after losing the thread a while back. So, here is my journal for my 6ft L x 2ft W x 700mm H with custom made stand and sump! I had mike (cichlidwife) help me build the tank and josh (Potter24) build the stand for me. One of the sides Mike applying the silicone Mike cleans the excess silicone to leave a very neat finish
  10. Hey guys and gals! Looking for some ideas on some fish to keep in a 2ftx1ft tank. Was setup for some fish that went to another tank. It has sand substrate, would prefer to keep that but can add anything else needed. Any ideas? Already done cherry shrimp tank btw. Thanks:beer:
  11. hey guy's well I have a 2ftx16inx16in for over 5 years I got it for my 12th birthday I got with it * 1x silver shark * 2x clown fish * 2x angle fish but most of them die in the first 2 years beside the angle fish, so I brought an axolotl ( but that didn't go very well with an angle fish ) so then I brought 2 Bn catfish. the angle fish lasted all the way till this year when my angle fish got sick and passed away so I gave my bn catfish to my friend and started emptying the 2ft ready for a plant/shrimp tank so I have the 2ft empty waiting for gravel, filter, co2 so im after your help I was thinking of using Seachem Flourite Black Sand? mix with a bit of black gravel and also for filter I have no idea what to use as I don't want the shrimp all sucked up? and for co2 I have a soda stream that I can use? what do I need to buy for it? Thanks for all you help
  12. Just wondering what size sponge filter is best for my 3 x 2ft breeding tanks as I have noticed some of our sponsors sell the xy-180, xy-280 and the xy-380 is it better to over filter or not also what is a good brand of 4 outlet air pump to run 4 sponge filters thought about the resun 4 outlet cheers Yellows
  13. Hi All, unfortunately we had some disease decimate my tropheus colony and I need to re-stock my 6ft x 2f x 2ft tank. I was thinking maybe furcifers or some other Tangs but open to all suggestions anyone got any for us?
  14. Im wondering setting up my 2ft cube tank as marine With this size tank, whats the cons of changing it to marine. Plan to just put a lion fish or some nemo/clown fish. Tank is an aquaone. I also dont have a chiller/skimmer yet if i decide to change now, so i need to assess cost if it is worthwhile to change.
  15. Ok I've got a problem I've got a 4ft quad t5 light but I'm setting up a 2ft tank...what do I do ??? Sell it ? Use it ?
  16. Here's my Monster fish community which I decommissioned early this year. Too bad I only can have one big tank, or else I would still keep them There are several Full-tank shots from different stages of the tank.. The tank: The ex-fishes: Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri (Wild from the Guinea) Polypterus endlicheri congicus (Wild)
  17. I decided to redo this. Substrate: Pool filter Sand Background: DIY foam Filter: Eheim Pro 2224 Tank is unheated and currently unstocked, not sure what to put in it at this stage
  18. After seeing the "New fry culling machine" thread it got me thinking. Is it possible to get something that will eat fry (guppy, cherry and possibly bn) that fits into a 2ft tank? :confused: I've got a spare one and don't have any room for a bigger tank. I was hoping for 2-3 fish, but a single fish is fine. I was also considering something like a cray but didn't think it would be able to get the guppy fry. I'm hoping for something that looks nice and is easy to look after. I think it sounds like i'm asking for allot but i figure the more i detail the easier it might be for advice. Thanks
  19. Hey guys, I have a spare 2fter tank, looking to breed somthing in it, got any idears? Would any africans suit or is it too small? I have never kept them before. Or I might put a small colony of corys in there, or some fancy guppies.
  20. my 2 2fts new 2ft i got off tk_10 scubbed up nice and diy bunnings stand 20 d0llars
  21. Look at what some people do. Check it out: FISH TANK 2FT | eBay If they're not already, I think they'll be dead before the auction is complete. If anyone lives nearby (Noosa) you should go rescue this Oscar and maybe even his little Convict buddy.
  22. Hi I am new to this forum after been reading it for a while and researching the net. Ever since I was little my family have had aquariums and I absolutely love it. Me and my husband have been lucky and got ahold of a 6ft by 2ft aquarium for nothing, but think it might need to be re siliconed. Is this something we should do ourselves or get a glass person to do? I am not even sure where to start. We both want something not to difficult to take care of but clean and colourful. With such a large tank, what fishes suits best together? I appreciate all tips and hints. Thank you so much. Emma
  23. Hi, I'm adding yet another fishtank to the collection, this one being a small 2ft (70 litre) tank for the fry. Can anyone recommend a filter for it? The more I google the more confused I get! Internal filter? Cannister filter? Over the side filter? Yikes! The 3 other tanks have cannister filters (they're 4ft, 4ft and 6ft). I appreciate your comments, thank you
  24. Hi guys, Just wondering what peoples opinions are, on glass thickness on a 2ft cube? I know a general rule of thumb is if it's 2ft high, use 10mm glass. But I'm just wondering if that is necessary considering a 2ft cube only holds approx. 200L of water? Is 6mm glass enough? Thanks, Beau.
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