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Found 5 results

  1. Get in quick Limited to the first 20 customers Limited to 1 per customer Pick up welcome at our Forest Glen warehouse to save freight 4-5mm Premium Bulk Cichlid Protein Fish Food Pellet Sink 2kg WAS $19.50 NOW $13.06 Valid until midnight Sunday 30/8/15, Not valid with any other offer Discount code - FEEDME33% Premium Bulk Cichlid & Native Food is a Sinking pellet suitable for most types of fish and formulated specifically for Larger American Cichlids & Natives. This fish food is formulated to support health, digestion and disease resistance and does not contain non digestable proteins, rather it has been made to replicate a more natural diet for most species of fish. Specifications: Product Weight: 2KG BAG Pellet size: 4 - 5 mm Suitable for most types of Aquarium fish, especially good for American Cichlids Contains natural colour enhancing agents like KRILL SINKING pellets Protein: 42% Lipid: 12% Max Fat: 8% Min Fibre 3.5% Max Moisture 11% Max Ingredients: Fishmeal (Sardine & Markerel),Krill Meal, Casava Root Meal, Wheat, Fish Oil, Corn, Soya Meal, Vitamin and other Minerals.
  2. Amazing Price for a Quality Tropical Fish Flake - Age of Aquariums - Prodac Tropical Fish Flake 2kg Bucket
  3. The Bad New:- Well it had to finish and the bad news is that it is over and just can not run a special for a while, otherwise it is not a special. Good News:- We have dropped the price - again!! - and it is going to be a everyday buy at under $100 with your discount. The only thing better than a special is when the price is a everyday low price. Thanks to those that did get it when it was on special and thanks to you this is the reason that we will continually have it at this price so thank you for the support.
  4. Hi All. Great price today on a fantastic Algae wafer - Age of Aquariums - Ocean Nutrition Algae Wafers 2kg Bucket Ben
  5. When was the last time you saw Sera Flora 2kg for under $100? Have done a deal and will be receiving stock on Thursday - Limited stock so get into it. There is one left in stock right now and getting more on Thursday. Order now and as soon as it hits we will be sending it out. If you order other items too - it will all go out together. We had it at $135.00 which was cheap to start with and we have dropped the price to $122 and when you get the Sera discount and then the QLDAF discount you will end up paying $98.82.:clap2: Sera Flora Vegetable Diet 2Kg / 10L [MENTION=1483]Hellboy[/MENTION] [MENTION=3782]pandapete[/MENTION]
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