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Found 18 results

  1. Just a reminder to everyone that we have a working bee set down for the 2nd May to finish getting ready for the show. As you can see from the below list, there is a heap of things to get finished so we will be there most of the day. We will need as many helpers as possible even if it only for few hours, so if you are able to get there please do so. Some of the things that need to get done are; 1/ Finish fixing the fencing around the ATM machine. Install Good neighbour fence and cut and weld wire gates. 2/ Painting the old Beer & Wine section and installing Betta stand in the cupboards. Inside cupboards flat black the same as the betta stands and outside the same blue as the show stands. Also paint around ATM to match. 3/ Finish building the BEtta Stands for the smaller mobile stand. 4/ Build sides and backs onto the mobile Betta stands and put doors on bottom at the back of one. 5/ Also cut and fit clear acrylic front panels to these stands. 6/ Work out the layout for the barrier fence and cut and modify as needed. 7/ Build new stands for empty tanks behind show stands at southern end. 8/ Rebuild drainage pipes for draining tanks under these new stands. 9/ Cut new fronts for show stands - need some new 2 and 3 foot fronts. 10/ Paint new fronts and touch up rest of stands. 11/ Seal end of building new 3 phase entry. On top of all of this Cary is totally redoing all the electrical for the show stands. Graeme
  2. A big THANK YOU to all those concerned (you know who you are) for putting on the Treasure Hunt yesterday. We had an awesome time and met great people and won lots of prizes kindly donated by the sponsors. Steve's sausages were the best according to my daughter The food was plentiful and yummy. Will definitely be doing it again next year.....thank you to the clubs and sponsors, your efforts were well received and appreciated
  3. Queensland Federation of Aquarium Societies Invites you to participate in the; “2nd Q.F.A.S. Great Treasure Hunt” Saturday 21st JUNE 2014. The “Great Treasure Hunt” is all about having fun and enjoying the company of other aquarium enthusiasts. You will be travelling to a number of different aquariums shops, both north and south of the city. For lunch there will be a sausage sizzle in a park where there will also be some activities. Finishing off the day everyone will meet at a final destination for BBQ dinner and presentation of prizes. PRIZES ? Yes there will be prizes, lots of them, last year we had over $1000.00 worth. There will be prizes awarded for all sorts of things including; the person with most Treasure’s collected off the list, the most correct answers and heaps of others. Each of the shops you will visit has kindly donated at least one prize. There will be two groups, those starting on the north side of Brisbane and those starting on the south side of Brisbane. Each group will start at the location furthest out and work their way in to a central location for lunch. After lunch each group will swap sides of town and travel to the furthest location out, then work their way back to a different location for the presentation and dinner. At every location you will be asked to complete an activity to obtain your next clue envelope. Each envelope contains directions to follow that will tell you how to get to your next location. You should read these carefully before setting off to the next location. This is a Treasure hunt and you will need to collect some Treasure’s along the way. The list of Treasure’s you need to collect is enclosed in the first clue envelope. This can be obtained after completing the activity at the first location. There will be at least one Treasure, you need to collect, at every location you visit. Make sure you have a digital camera (most mobile phones now have built in cameras) as you will require one to collect some of the treasures. Yes they are photos. You can travel by yourself but it is recommended to work as a group of at least two (2), it is up to you. Along the way your instructions will contain some simple questions, which you will need to record on an answer sheet, so read the questions carefully and watch out for the answers While travelling around we have allowed enough time for you to spend at least 30 minutes at each shop so take your time and have a good look around. You never know you may find that bargin (Treasure) you have been looking for. Travelling time between each location will vary from 15 minutes to just over 30 minutes. At no stage will you asked to travel on any toll roads, or tunnels. The starting time is up to you but if you start any later than 10:00am you will not be able to spend time having a good look in each shop and you may miss lunch which will only be available between 11.30am and 1.30pm in the park. The BBQ dinner will start at 5.00pm and be followed by the prize presentations. If you are interested and wish to participate just email gday@firstclassaccounts.com before 11.00pm on the Wednesday 18th June 2014, giving your name and your suburb and how many will be in your group for catering purposes. You will receive your first set on instructions by return email on Friday night 20th June 2014. Note - this event is open to anyone who wishes to participate, not just affiliated aquarium club members. This is NOT a race so PLEASE do not speed.
  4. Meeting will start at 8.00 pm at Bar Jai Hall 178 Alexandra Road Clayfield The program schedule for the night: Spawnings ,Losses ,Acquisitions and Fish for sale. Dave will give a talk on his first fish tank. This is something we are keen to do more of in the future and is scheduled for around 5-10 minutes let somebody on the committee know or put it in the suggestion box (on the front table). Nev will be showing us how to make a tank filler from copper pipe and hose fittings, Dave will show how to build one from plastic pipe and hose fittings.These allow you to fill your tank without having to hold the hose and also not stir up the tank as you fill it. Bill will also have the new Apple I-Pad books from Ad Konings to show us. The final program for the night is old fish cures and their efficacy. This will be a multi person presentation. Also with our Auction next weekend all paper work and stickers will be available. Everyone is Welcome
  5. hey guys so just thought i would chuck this up, getting my new marine setup all together and running just a thread to keep track of the progress in my tank, and hopefully you guys can chuck a little advice on how to make it look... better? haha heres the photos i will be buying a sump hopefully this week, which will be a three chamber system, and be a home for a fuge, protein skimmer, filter sock(s) heater and my return pump will need to get the tank drilled first which will be done hopefully sometime next week house stays at a pretty constant temp, but will be buying a small chiller just as a safeguard (its a great excuse when you dont have much mun) and then on top of that will be buying all sorts of crazy reactors for calcium, phosban and carbon (did i miss any? you get the point). The tank is being helped to cycle by 6L of pre cycled matrix that has come straight out of a running tank that has been taken down now. added 10kgs of liverock yesterday arvo, as well as a Galaxea spp. which i absolutely love! plan of keeping it with other corals slightly diminished when i found out how aggressive they are, and not good with other corals in a certain radius. i will just place it in a direction where the sweepers will be blown away from other corals? or when the tank is fully matured and im ready to chuck some more corals in i will just find another home for the galaxea. Not sure what stocking is going to be yet, it is still on the cards. the tank is 36x24x28 (all in inches, dont even know which system to follow anymore) will be upgrading lighting in the next coming weeks stay posted, any suggestions appreciated (edit: otto internal is only in the tank to remove fine particular waste, and serves as the only mechanical filtration. until i get my sump and filter socks this will stay in the tank. forgot to mention the tank had an ammonia spike today, as what goes with the addition of liverock into the tank on monday, will be keeping a close eye on the levels and hope for a short winter... ahem i mean cycle!)
  6. Hi All, Would anyone have an opinion on what the following second hand tanks are worth? I am buying from a friend and just want to make sure we both get a fair deal. Tank 1 – 6ft tank - 183 x 46 x 60cm This tank brand new: $305. Second hand?? Condition: Quite a bit of grit, scratches, some chips and no glass covers. Tank 2 – 3ft tank – 91 x 38 x 25cm This tank band new: $89 Second hand?? Condition: Some grit & scratches, some chips and no glass covers.
  7. So I'm starting to get worried about having my 250 litre tank upstairs in my house, will it be ok, it's in the corner of the house. What's the heaviest tank you have had on the 2nd floor of your place?
  8. Hi All, Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Aquarworld 150w Heater Ben
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. hey guys nice royal degree just dont no how much he is ill post a pic hes great fish and beautiful the photo has no edits i have been acused for it before
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. After many months of special care and attention, my bocourtis decided to lay eggs today (thanks to all the hot weather) and while I am very excited that they have had their first batch of eggs, I am pretty bumbed out about the Male deciding to hoover up all the eggs the Female laid. I got the whole thing on tape, so there is no second guessing as to who is the culprit in this botched affair. I have about 20 eggs left and don't expect they are fertilised. I'm looking for advice - has anyone else been able to tame the bad habits of a badly behaved south american male and turn him from an egg eater into an egg fertiliser? I have another male bocourti I might end up trying .... I am just not sure if I should give this male another chance (knowing full well he is likely to repeat his greedy ways) or whether I should get the younger male in there when the female comes off heat and pray to god she doesn't smash him. So what say ye forum?
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. I have the chance to buy a 5ft tank with a metal stand in used condition . Is $150 too much to pay. The stand is nothing special and the tank is in ok condition. It is not for sale on this website but i may post it for a friend if i pass it up.
  16. I'm about to buy a 2nd hand tank, but i want to make sure that its not going to leak ... Can i empty and dry the tank and then go over all corners with silicon ontop of the existing silicon? I have heard that silicon wont stick to old silicon, so i will make sure that i use a decent amount to get it onto the glass on both sides ... Will this help or am i just wasting time? Hamza
  17. just stripped the two girls first one had a huge mouthfull of maybe 30 fry and the second had maybe 12 eggs with tails just a couple of questions for tang fish these fry are tiny and so are the number of fry considering the size of the fish is this normal and just how rare are these guys I bought mine off ziggy and havent seen any around peter ps if your interested in fry let me know theyre a long way off but im curious to see if should continue breeding or sell the parents I know these guys are expensive hopefully i can sell at a reasonable price
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