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  1. Ok so after being screwed around by an ebay seller and being sent a 60cm light instead of the 90cm one I ordered I am tossing up between the worx 90cm http://www.thetechden.com.au/Pet_Worx_90cm_LED_Light_6500k_36w_p/ba11.htm And the blue planet 90cm track lighting http://www.thetechden.com.au/Blue_Planet_90cm_Tracking_System_POD_LED_Light_p/ei182.htm I like the idea of being able to add more pods and different colors but I don't know how many more I would have to buy to get it where I want it. They are similar in price for the base unit. Has anyone has any experience with either of these lights Or recommendations for other lights around the same price range or cheaper? It is for a 36×18×24 deep tank that I was hoping to have a couple of easy plants in. Also if anyone is selling a decent 3ft led light at a reasonable price let me know. Cheers
  2. I scaped this on the 4/4/16. I moved some decor and plants from the 4ft planted into this tank. Still got a bit of maturing to do and growing in Currently home to neons (i added another 10 today), cardinals, ember tetras, dwarf loaches & peppermint BN
  3. Hi all, As some of you may know, after 3 years of breeding a variety of Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids I sold off what remained of my breeder and fry at the end of 2014 as I was finishing my last year of school and moving off to University and college the following year. Now being halfway through 2015 I am studying a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Marine Science, at the University of Queensland and living in a college room that’s around 3m by 4m in size, not ideal for my old 6ft tanks. I have to admit I had more then a few looks over the forum to see what has been going on and what’s getting around. However 6 months was as long as I could last without a tank and sure enough after some searching around on gumtree and identifying some space behind my bed, I’m back. For the last weeks we have been on our mid-year UNI break and during that time I bought a nice 3ft display tank with a nice varnished stand and hood. With some extra time up my sleave, I decided I would make a DIY 3D background for it. I found a Youtube channel called the ‘The King of DIY’ by a guy named Joey living in Canada. He has some awesome videos on all sorts of DIY aquarium projects, including how to make a DIY 3D background, and I would highly suggest a look. So after that I decided that’s what I wanted to do and set out to get my materials and equipment. Materials - 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm sheet of Styrofoam - 10kg bag of cement from bunning - Selleys aquarium and window silicone. Equipment - Silicon gun - Wooden spoon (for mixing cement) - Bucket (to mix cement in) - A variety of sharp knives for carving - Wire foam cutter (or the cheap mans option which I used is a filleting knife or Stanley knife as their sharp and thin so foam doesn’t go everywhere when your cutting) - Large paint brush for general use - Small paint brush for edges and hard to reach places - Cloth (to wipe cement off glass) - Its handy to grow your nails out a bit first to I found because you can scrape and thin out the Styrofoam adding a more natural look and saving time. After I gathered everything up the first thing I did was measure up the inside of my tank and workout how I could most effectively use the foam sheet I bought. It worked out that I had enough foam to do the whole back of the tank and one of the sides; which would both be up against the wall in one of the corners in my room. Since my tank is relatively small and thin I opted to go for Styrofoam that was 50mm thick as I wanted it to bulge out a bit, but not too much as it would take up to much of my tank space. The tank I got has a centre bracing across the top which made things a lot more difficult then they needed to be. This is because without it I could have basically slid the whole thing in one piece but because of the bracing I had to cut 8 individual pieces in order to fit them in and then re-assemble it inside the tank. The reason I needed 8 is because I need 3 sheets for the back wall and 1 for the side wall, then an additional 4 for the base. This is because I wanted the background to gradually taper off into the centre of the tank. I made sure to leave an extra centimetre or so while setting it all out as I would loose some length while cutting the Styrofoam. After I had all my individual pieces cut out I tested all my measurements out by assembling the block in the tank which is crucial to do throughout the process to make sure it all fits perfectly and you can make alterations. After making necessary adjustments I set it all up on my building table and decided to draw a rough outline of the shape I wanted on the wall and making sure it looked like everything looked like one piece. After that I begun carving with a few different knives until I found one I liked most. I found by the end that its important to be aggressive in the amounts you take off at the start otherwise you’ll be spending days carving. I think all up I would’ve spent about 10-12 hours of just carving out my background and making sure the structures matched up on one piece to the next. Sounds like a lot of time but to be honest with some good music going at the same time I found it very enjoyable and relaxing. I do however have a lot of admiration for those who make backgrounds for 6-8ft tanks as I’d hate to think how many ours that would take.
  4. Hey guys the main focus of this thread will be the planted tank but will include pics of the little fronts every now and then! The planted tank has been running for a month now and slowly kicking into gear. The scape is not 100% complete as I have some random plants in there just seeing how they go. Still sorting out the piping and going to install some glass inlets/outlets soon. Fronts tank: 4*2*2.5ft high. 9 Ikola 5-7cms 3 Random Peacocks 3 Clown loachs 1 Albino Pleco 1 Sailfin Pleco. fx5 filter 1ft t5 light (they like darkness) Planted tank: 3*1.5*1.5ft 2*canisters Ehiem 2213 running a 200w inline heater. Fluval 206 running a Sera in-line reactor. Pressurised Co2 system running at 3bpm. 4*39w t5 globes. (3*plant grow, 1*10000k) currently 5 hours a day. (Only just increased from 2 to 4 bulbs) Ferts: None atm Substrate is 2toned diy on the bottom and capped with sand and then ADA Amazonia 1 and a half bags. Fish list: Cherry Shrimp 2* royal whips 3* L134 To get fish: Pair of rams Pair of Red Breasted Acaras Maybe some smaller tetras if I only get one pair. The scape I am going for is a jungle of crypts at the back left (raised) then down the slope that the driftwood creates into a field of hc (that is slowly growing). Most of the stem plants will probably end up going or being moved. Then on the right side have a little "island" to break the hc carpet up with some more crypts, blyxa and a feature sword. The peg will be going shorty so don't worry haha. Let us know what you guys think and any times on the setup would be helpful Cheers Damo.
  5. Hi all, i just planted a tank and thought i would keep it low tech and after the miraculous changes i seen in my marine tank thread i figured I would start another thread for this. It's 3x15x18 with 2 internal filters, one has dacron, sponge and torf pellets. The other dacron, sponge and macropore. 90cm petworks led. Plants are val, cryptocoryne wendtii brown and another i can't remember lol. I also have some small bits of Sydney Mini fissidens. The mangrove has anubias nana on the branches and another anubias type on the centre section. Enjoy Cheers mick
  6. Hi All, i am looking for a 3ft light that anyone wants to get rid of i will buy one if it is under $150. Kind Regards, Cameron
  7. Hi all, just took a progress pic of the new tank. It's 3x15x18, has aqua one 1250 cannister and needs some texas holey rock. Currently has a colony of n.similis and I will add some top to mid swimmers later. Cheers mick
  8. Hi all, Im just getting back into aquariums after not having one for about 3-4 years, and I'm having a bit of trouble working out what to put in a 3ft tank. I'm going to be getting a (90cmx45cmx45cm or 36"x18"x18") this is the biggest tank i can fit into my place, I have not had a tank this small before, my last 2 where a 4ftx2ftx2ft and a 5ftx2ftx2ft. So im trying to work out what i will be putting in the new tank, was going to go Rainbow's but it looks like most of them need a 4ft minimum tank size. Then was thinking peacock cichlids but looks like they need a 4ft tank as will. I know working out what fish to keep is a personal thing, but i would really like some help on what types of fish species to start looing into. thank for any help you can offer Chris
  9. So I've finally started my new scape using the black basalt rocks i got ages ago. Im using Ista Shrimp Soil ( from the always friendly and helpful "the age of aquariums") and some smaller "drift wood" sections i collected yonks ago (There roots from some hard wood tree that a flood pulled up) I've cleaned and soaked the roots and pressure cleaned the rock. so fare I've just hard scaped and put a little water in to get it most for when i get around to dry starting moss. Im not 100% sure what's going to be in it or what plants/ moss ill use atm the only defiants are peacock and sydney fiss along with my 19 yellow males and the lone female lol ( its doing my head in what are the odds of 19/1 m/f) so fare ive used 28L of substrate, ive used sponge to elevate the scape and save money on soil. How it sits atm a few different angles I've got a sponge filter ill be raping in peacock for the top back left thats about he only thing not in the tank in the pics that is there now. Im using the same lights from my 2.5ft atm but ill be aiming to put a leds over it (when im aloud to spend again )
  10. Hi guys, Finally relatively happy with this recent scape so time to share some pics It is the first time using Amano's 2:3 hardscape ratio and imo worked out pretty well. Also creating a lot of depth in this tank has been quite successful too. Some specs: Dimensions: 3ft x 38cm x 38cm Filtration: 450L/H power filter Lighting: natural sunlight Heating: nil Substrate: Aggregate Sand & natural river sand Hardscape: Large & small river rocks, goldvine driftwood Flora: -Microsorum pteropus 'philippine' -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Vesicularia montagnei (christmas moss) -Anubias nana -Anubias barteri var. nana -Vallisneria nana -Anubias afzelli -Hemianthus micranthemoides -Ludwigia repens -Ludwigia arcuata repens -Taxiphyllum sp. (peacock moss) -Bolbitis heudelotii -Subwassertang -Crypt wenditti 'green' Fauna: -Leopard endlers -'Wild' endlers -3 x M. parkisoni rainbowfish -2 x M. splendida inornata 'Flat Rock Creek' -4 x Hypseleotris compressa Some fishy pics Enjoy, John
  11. Just wondering if anyone had a 3ft sump they wanted to sell doesn't need to have a pump or heater but would be good if it did and as much media as possible would be great
  12. Hello I have a 3ft tank and was just wondering if I could turn into planted tank with guppies ( is it big enough etc) any help would be much appreciated like what sort of plants or guppies. Thanks a lot
  13. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone could quote me on getting a 3X2x1.5 (LxWxH) tank made? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if I posted in the right section. Please move it if I have. I have a 3ft fish tank (92cm L * 35 W* 40 H) and decided to purchase my first canister filter. I currently have 2 HOB filters running (AquaOne clearview 400 and AquaClear 30). The water is not that clear and the filters aren't doing that good of a job so I have decided to upgrade to a canister. I currently have 3 goldfish and 6 small white clouds in the tank. I probably overstocked it but they have been doing fine. I have had the tank set up for 4 months now. I have been researching for over a week now and have a few filters in mind: Eheim 2217 Fluval 306 Aqua one canisters (Aquis 1200, Advance 1250, Nauitlus 800 or 1400) SunSun 302/the ebay canister Aqua Nova NCF-1200 Every one of those canisters (except the sunsun) you can find parts easily. Currently I prefer either the SunSun, Aqua Nova or Aqua One canister. They seem great value. But is it worth spending the extra $ and going for an eheim? Or should I buy a less powerful canister (Aqua One nautilus 800 or similar) and continue using 1 of my HOBs?? I also have an AC/DC air pump connected to a sponge filter in the tank. Please give me recommendations on filters that you guys are using and what could potentially work for me. Thanks
  15. Hey guy's found this tank on gumtree for only $20 dollars, and I went to go pick it up the tank and it looked like crap so when I got it home I filled it up with water and wiped all the algae and mould off with a old t-shirt. well after that I didn't like it and painted the stand black, and added some black corner edging. I just have to trim it down a bit! and all I have to do now it get black paper for the back of the tank and them I can start a planted tank so I've spent 30 bucks on it all up and find that pretty good thanks Blake
  16. Hi All, I am wanting to buy a 3ft Wooden tank hood. If you have anything for sale let me know... Thanks Phil
  17. Just wanting people to throw some ideas at me for a catfish that will grow to around the 3 ft mark. That will live with some GG and friends. There was one a petcity a while ago that grew to around 2 ft mark was about $280 from memory. It looked cool but for the life of me can't remember what it was called. So any cool catrfish throw their name at me and I can research a bit.
  18. Hey Guys, Not sure if this is the appropriate section, but I was trolling eBay and found this ad.. 4 X 3ft fish tanks | eBay Just thought I'd post it up in case anyone in Brisbane is interested. They're not mine, but there is no reserve and currently sits at $0.99! Anyway, happy bidding if you check it out and are interested Cheers.
  19. Just wondering what would be better? I would like a 3ft tank as I already have a 4ft. I was looking at one that's around 250 litres/66 gallons which is in the middle of the 55-75 gallon recommendations I've read for a single Oscar. Would this be suitable or would a 4ft tank that holds a similar amount of water be better? Cheers
  20. Hey all, I have a 3ft 250litre tank that I'm looking to rescape. Looking for some ideas and wanting to do this as cheap as possible. I have no idea what I want or where to start so I'm throwing it out there. Does anyone else have an African chiclid tank they can share with me? Or any ideas of something you may have thought of previously? It's not a lot of room to work with but I currently have just brown and red lava rocks with a cream substrate. Looking at adding plants and maybe some more colourful not so aggressive chiclids that work with what I've got, 1 or 2 fontosa has been recommended.... Fish 8 humpheads 1 Pleco (not sure what type but have been told its not common) 2 electric yellows 1 red forest jewel Couple of other catfish, not sure what type have obtained over time. 2 blue dolphins (looking at selling) 1 fat and happy red tailed shark I want to add 2 fontosa's and a few electric blues and yellows
  21. Hello, I have set up over the past three months my first community tropical tank (usually I do coldwater). Please tell me what you think! It is stock with black widow tetra, two angelfish, a small three spot gourami, two kribensis and one peppermint bristlenose.
  22. Hi all, Had a bit of spare time recently (due to shutting down my 8ft display and now having no fishies left). I have set up an old 3 ft tank with two sponge filters just to keep my Anubias alive until I eventually get another display setup. I am guessing that will be close to 12 months away... Anyway, I was in need of a stand for this tank so decided to build my own. After reading lots of articles on the net, I decided on a basic, sturdy design and went for it. I used construction grade pine (MGP10) in 90mm x 35mm size. The total cost for timber was $26.40. I'll add some pics to show the rough stages. Please keep in mind, this stand build was more a conceptual practice run for when I get my next display. I didn't bother with a really nice finish or filling in screw holes etc. It was the construction and design functionality I was looking at. I intend to use this same design for my 6x3Wx2 when I eventually get it. However, I'll include another vertical support (front and back) at the midpoint of the stands length. Anyway, pics to follow...
  23. These are some of the pics I got.... The first picture has a cherax destructor then the full tank,then my princess cichlid, then my angel fish. BC
  24. My cherry shrimps new tank feedback welcome
  25. heres a couple of pics from my 3ft tank its 3x18x2 currently its holding 12x demasoni 3x clown loaches 1x pakistani loach 3x orange spot bristlenose 2x cuckoo cats all the fish are juvies except the 2 cuckoo cats
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