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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this model of aquazonic miracle lighting. I stumbled upon the 45cm model on a website but that's the only site I have seen the 45cm model for sale. It is very cheap also $34 each which seems far too cheap. Has anyone else come across the 45cm model? This would work out very good for me if I ran 4 of these units above my 8 x 4. Fingers crossed it's not a mistake. I spoke to the owner of the shop and he tells me it is the miracle lighting model.
  2. Hey All, Here are some updated pics from my Cube that i just snapped on my phone (Sorry........!) as I trashed my camera. Will try to work out how to upload a video that i just took on my phone......... (advise appreciate on how to upload?!?!) hope you like. Old Thread http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/45cm-cube-i-suppose-you-could-call-nanopond-s-90130/ No Co2 (sorry 'bout the sunlight hence the No Co2), Spotted Blue Eyes (Wild Caught thanks to Dave at Aquagreen), Halfbeak & two Otto's.
  3. Hey All, Being that I have a 45cm cube at home doing absolutely nothing I have decided to do what I'd probably call a Nanopond, The location of this tank is in my entry way in the house, this spot gets a beautiful amount of sunlight for an hour or two in the morning then again from 1 pm till the sun goes down. So my idea is, putting a pond style plant from a Nursery in the tank which this will allow it to grow obviously out of the top of the tank. This will be potted in a terracotta pot with a sealed bottom. Then I plan to build up the substrate to the base of the plant in a slope style giving maximum are below the water surface for some Pacifc Blue Eyes (Or something else that's just as cool that will survive) or something. Was looking at those mini canisters that suit like 50-100ltr tanks and was also thinking (if need be) an inline heater to keep the temp around 24-26 degrees. With this tank I do not want to run any Co2 at all as I want to use our natural settings/light to give the plants the growth it needs, if need be I can use Florish (or something similar) to feed the plants. So if anyone has any ideas they can throw at me with help towards this, especially if you are a cabinet maker and can build me a cabinet, your help would be greatly appreciated. Here's a mock up sketch of what I am thinking. Thanks in Advance and will keep you updated on the build!!
  4. Hi guys, Just a quick update. I thought I would revive this old tank once again as it was sitting in the spare room collecting dust and cobwebs and my plants have grown too big for one tank so thought hey, I have lots of cool lava rock and its now in again thanks to Amano using it lots lately so lets make a mountain scape in it if possible. Got cracking on a 10 min scape as I was pressed for time and just wanted the rocks in there so they were not on my floor getting in the way and it actually turned out half decent considering I will probably tear it down for a better attempt! Here it is: Cant wait to get this scape finalised it will contain mini pellia, hc, hairgrass, flame moss, weeping moss, fissidens, erios, and peacock moss
  5. Hi guys, I will update this properly soon but as for now here it goes. Proper pictures will follow as well as a progress of the aquascape itself as fine tuning is to be made. Still have a lot of planting to do later on tonight and rearranging of the mid and background section until I am satisfied. I guess in a sense you could call this a nature garden aquascape as it does follow that trend and it is especially what I wanted from this tank and especially love the bolbitis hanging out of the tank Anyways peoples constructive criticism of the scape welcome Adam
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